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1In a world in which no one can be trusted and everything doesn't matter, people are reduced to paranoid messes. They may or may not be followed by Him, who is out to take every one of your weaknesses and expose them to the world. There is no motivation, no passion; only fear and gloom.²²The only way to stop it is to uncover one's secrets. But that would be quite difficult.²²!!Tropes applying to the series²* {{Adorkable}}: The titular character.²* BadassBeard: The titular character has one.²* BeautyMark: The Mole²* BecameTheirOwnAntithesis²* BreakTheCutie²* CharacterTitle²* [[ADogNamedDog A Mole Named Mole]]²** MeaningfulName: The Mole is a [[TheMole mo]][[BeautyMark le]].²* GreyAndBlackMorality²* LargeHam: The titular character.²* TheMole: The Mole, [[CaptainObvious of course.]] Given that it infiltrates the titular character's face.²** [[spoiler:ReverseMole: The Mole fights crime.]]²* NoNameGiven: The actual protagonists.²* PrematurelyBald: The titular character. Constantly PlayedForLaughs.²* RunningGag: [[spoiler:spoiler: the mole fights crime.]]²* SanitySlippage: Expected, due to the InUniverse ParanoiaFuel.²* [[spoiler:{{Spoiler}}: The mole fights crime]]²* VillainProtagonist: Possibly²* YoungerThanTheyLook: The titular character is losing his hair and has a lengthy beard, yet he is only 39.²


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