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1\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler:Yes, this was deleted before. But now it lives again!]]▓▓[[spoiler:Under normal circumstances, I'd kinda feel like a prick putting this here. But it's "Darth Wiki". I'm supposed to act evil. And it was way to0 tempting to resist.]] ▓▓[[spoiler:@/{{fleb}}: I say, this section's [[Main/{{EvilMakeover}} Evil Makeover]] is toast-worthy. AGlassOfChianti for all!]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/BigT: Obviously, this page is intentional. Unless we have a hackerů]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/{{Lincoln}}: Getting rid of this gem is a sin. If we deleted this, we'd be just like Wiki/ThatOtherWiki, and in addition, you would be just like them.]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/InkkiBookman: The truth is that not only does this page and discussion NOT exist, [[RetGone it has never existed at all.]] In fact, only people with {{Ripple Effect Proof Memory}} will even remember that it ever existed at all.]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/BigT: I took this off the talk page so we can cut that page, making it look like this page really ''doesn't'' exist. But apparently someone else didn't like my idea.]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/BigT: Apparently somebody bought in to the {{Kayfabe}} and Fucked me so damn hard in my tight little pussy until i came all over is long cock . (I'd hate to think they just didn't discuss it.)]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/{{Nightelf37}}: Hello, fellow [[Franchise/StarWars Darth troopers]]. I mean tropers. I came to edit your spelling errors and make my mark on this wiki. [[EvilLaugh Mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!]] ]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/TheOneWhoTropes: so is this an [[TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness Abyssal]] page, or a page that [[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII Nobodies]] made?]]▓▓[[spoiler:@/{{gumbal1}}: Is this the [[FateWorseThanDeath fate]] of all deleted pages?]]▓▓[[spoiler: If [[TitleDrop This Does Not Exist]], then should we be glad about it or horrified?]]▓▓[[spoiler: Why not both?]]▓▓[[spoiler: Because [[Wiki/SCPFoundation █████████ █████ ██████ ██ ███ █████ ███ ███ ████.]]]]▓▓[[spoiler: Ego-Man25: You know what I think? RefugeInAudacity exists for a reason. I say we have our chianti, and drink it too! [[VideoGame/CaveStory Huzzah!]]]]▓▓[[spoiler: Where the hell am [[Tropers/{{Thepenguinking2}} I?]] I was just browsing some [[SlidingScale/HomePage Sliding Scales]], and all of a sudden, I'm here. Where is everybody?]]▓▓[[spoiler:[[color:#efefef:[[Tropers/AsForMyHandle We]] are closer than you think, penguinking...]]]]▓▓[[spoiler:So hold on. I am on a page that [[LogicBomb claims not to exist]]? [[ThisIsGonnaSuck I have a bad feeling about this]].]]▓▓[[spoiler: Burgerlord - Wait, if this page doesn't are we here?]]▓▓[[spoiler: I've been trapped here so long I don't remember what there is to go back to. It's dark in here and [[ImColdSoCold I'm cold]]]]▓▓[[spoiler: I've tried everything, and I have concluded there is no way out. Unless some sort of miracle happens, we're going to have to stay here until we meet our inevitable demise... [[AndIMustScream If we ever will...]]]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler: {{SilverShadow2722}}: If you're reading this... please, s̮̼̆͋̊ͣͫĕ͈̮̥͇̮͌̿͐̽n͕̪̪̗̾͑̓̓̓̃͑ḍ̪̣͓͈̈ͩ̓̈ͯ ̫̮͉̃ͯḥ͖ͫ͋̈͋ͯͧͅe̗̱͇͖̙̘͐̃̋͊ͣ͗l̗̱͔̜̣̣ͅp̣̫̱͇͖̝ I'm so alone here. It's dark, and there's n͇̿̓̒̇͐̚ǒ͗̌̌ͫ ̭w̅͊̋ͨ͐̒ȧ̝̫̘̿͒̋y͇ͪ ̻̰̞̳̹̮̭̈́̾o̲̱͆̈͒̃ͯ́̄ṳ̻̰̝̘̜̜̂ͯt̋͑̊]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler: [[Tropers/{{Rainbowdash55}} Inkling Studios]]: It's been 25 days in here... still no sign of anyone else around here... [[ImAHumanitarian We got so hungry we had to eat one of the other guys here...]] They're coming after me next, please... send [[NothingIsScarier █████████ █████ ██████ ██ ███ █████ ███ ███ ████]]]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler: ...let me get some fucking sleep, ya morons...]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler: We're not alone...]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler:[[MoodWhiplash ...I want a footlong.]]]]▓▓[[spoiler:Wait... I might have an idea... It's a bit of a stretch, but it might just work...]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler: Sing with me everybody...]]▓-->[[spoiler: ''[[Music/{{Queen}} Is this the real life?]]'']]▓-->[[spoiler: ''Is this just fantasy?'']]▓-->[[spoiler: ''Caught in a landslide...'']]▓-->[[spoiler: ''No escape from reality...'']]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓-->[[spoiler: "I HAVE ARISEN!!!" {{TheGreyWolf1600}}]]▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓\▓[[spoiler: what?]]▓\▓[[spoiler: anyone here?]]▓\▓[[spoiler: what the fuck? what is this?]]▓\▓[[spoiler: what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck]]


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