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1A series of mixed media by web artist and troper APatchworkScholar, better known as Mochagatari. ²The series stars 15-year-old Tate Conner, an [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Ordinary High School Student]] that is, for the most part, content with his average life in Oregon with his mother and little sister. ²²But then a girl randomly appears in his bedroom. ²²The girl turns out to be Mocha Genjitsutouhi, a [[DimensionalTraveler dimensional traveler]] from the mystical world of Mousouzen. Mystified by his inability to believe she's really who she is, she whisks him away to the magical world of [[FantasyKitchenSink Mousouzen]], a dimension filled to the brim with supernatural and fantastic settings and creatures. After some rocky starts, Mocha and Tate become friends, and he becomes Mocha's travelling partner through the dimensions. The duo take on not only adventures in other worlds but villains and other problems inhabiting Mocha's own dimension. And that's not counting the weirdness that is her coworkers.²²The series was conceived on New Years Day, 2015, and has been a work in progress ever since, eventually expanding into a WIP [[ExpandedUniverse Expanded Universe]]. The story also ties in regularly with two other series in the same universe, ''Nine Tales: the Lantern, the Fox, and the water Dragon'', ''Confictionery!'' and ''Ebb Tide''.²²!!!Tropes include:²* AbhorrentAdmirer: Madeline.²* AbsurdlySharpBlade: Fern’s Hanasaku sword. Which makes sense, since it is blessed.²* AbusiveParents: A couple of these.²** [[spoiler:Chai]]’s parents were emotionally abusive and essentially used her as a tool and source of prestige, never giving her any attention beyond that. This is of course what led to her AttentionWhore tendencies.²** [[spoiler:Then there's Quentin’s parents, who hardly seemed to want him at all and even allowed him to be framed for murder.]]²* ActionGirl: Most of the girls in the series are!²* AdorablyPrecociousChild: Mocha as a child.²* {{Adorkable}}: Quite a few characters, but Mocha and Barwyn qualify most.²* AdventureDuo: Mocha and Tate.²* AdventureFriendlyWorld: Mousouzen is a pretty nice fit to the word utopia, at least in the sense that everyone is decently friendly and accepting to one another (including the political figures, who see each other as family) even with humans and monsters living in the same place. However, there are enough evil, crazy or mischievous people or unruly supernatural forces to keep the heroes and deities busy.²* AdventureTowns: Most of the locations in Murikuni.²* AerithAndBob: Some characters’ names are quite extravagant versus others: names like Mocha, Sekai, and Asterisk are next to names like Tate, Quentin, and Millie.²* AffablyEvil: Chai could technically be considered this, considering she really has no beef with anyone except Mocha and a lot of her schemes end up dragging in people.²** [[spoiler:Quentin has become like this for the latter half of the series.]]²* AffectionateNickname: Quentin is a large source of these, being TheNicknamer and also just being too lazy to call anyone by name. Most notable are “Coffee Cup”/”Coffee Beans” (Mocha), “Agent Harte” (Vermillion) and “Star-Eyes” (Asterisk).²** Mocha sometimes refers to Tate as “Taters”, especially while teasing him.²** [[spoiler:While initially calling Quentin “Circus Freak” as an insult, Vermillion started calling him such as a term of endearment.]]²* AfterTheEnd: Mousouzen was born after the destruction of the Original City.²* TheAgeless: Most of the deity characters (plus Nova and the dragons) never age.²** Vermillion is also stated to be unable to age at all.²* AIIsACrapshoot: Mocha’s A.I. from one episode, which tries to take over the facility.²* AlasPoorVillain²* AlienBlood: Vivace’s blood is a glittery orange.²* AlienGeometries: Nova.²* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Nova and Vivace.²* AllLovingHero: Mocha to the extreme. She truly does believe that everyone has a good side, no matter who they are. [[spoiler:This reaches to Quentin and, near the end of the story, Chai, which inspires both to become better people as a whole.]]²* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Mocha was outcasted as a kid for her uniquely strange tendencies.²* AlwaysChaoticEvil: Demons. [[spoiler:Later subverted; technically demons were more necessary [[LawfulEvil Lawful Evils]] until Fitzwilliam took over and caused an uprising.]]²* AllWomenAreLustful: Higanbana, Black Velvet, and Fukuhina.²* AlphaBitch: Chai Kyomushugi. [[spoiler:Though she later mellows into a LovableAlphaBitch.]]²* AlternateIdentityAmnesia²* AlternateUniverse: Anti-Mocha and Nega-Mocha’s world. Anti-Mocha’s universe involves Mocha being a psychopath from the beginning and killing Asterisk to make the world her own; Nega-Mocha’s universe has her start out like in canon but Tate’s death brings her into a psychotic depression.²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Why Chai despises Mocha.²* AmbiguousDisorder:²** Mocha is sometimes implied to have some sort of mental anomaly, given her extremely bizarre thought patterns and delusional views of her relationships with others. On the other hand, it’s sometimes brushed off as pure eccentricity.²** It's very hard to place whether Quentin has a specific mental disorder or not. He's very lacking in empathy but still is capable of forming relationships, ruling him out of being a direct sociopath. It's implied that he's bipolar, however.²* AmbiguouslyBrown: Mocha and her mother Sayo. ²* AmbiguousGender: Martini the Octopus has no clear gender, despite their feminine hair and body shape and distinctly male voice.²* AmbiguouslyHuman: Mocha, technically.²* AmbiguousTimePeriod: It’s clearly the New Millennium in Reality, but it’s never directly specified what year or time period Mousouzen is in (times specifying dates only give the day and month, never the year, and years are given in quantities, i.e. “2 years ago”).²* AmusingAlien: Vivace.²* AnAesop: Everyone must learn to accept change, both good and bad.²* AnachronismStew: The futuristic Keikaku neighbors the steampunkish Kagari.²* AnAxeToGrind: Quentin is particularly fond of using axes in fights. ²* AndTheAdventureContinues: How the series ends. [[spoiler:Tate is now the new Asterisk, Mocha becomes head scientist of Keikaku, Vermillion and Quentin marry, and Mocha chooses Choux Kojinshugi as her new understudy...]]²* {{Animesque}}: While the series mostly runs on cartoon conventions, the sci-fi, action and magical aspects allude to anime such as [[Manga/SgtFrog Sergeant Keroro]], [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya]] or [[Anime/SpacePatrolLuluco Space Patrol Luluco]].²* AnotherDimension: Where the series takes place.²* ApocalypseHow: Anti-Mocha attempts to create a Class Z during her VillainousBreakdown.²* ApologeticAttacker: Barwyn.²* TheApprentice: How the Choosing works. ²* ArchEnemy: Chai considers Mocha this. [[CaptainOblivious It's not mutual.]]²* ArcSymbol: The asterisk stays prominent throughout the series as a symbol of Asterisk herself, as well as symbol of renewal (as the asterisk reset the world twice). It’s especially prominent in the Disappearance arc, as it gets into the wrong hands and reveals who Asterisk used to be.²** There’s also the television, which shows up predominantly with .txt as a symbol of consciousness.²* ArcWords: “The Asterisk guides the way.”²* AristocratsAreEvil: The Kyomushugi and Reinhart families, both being rich and greedy people that often give the heroes strife with their schemes to uphold their names.²* ArtifactOfDoom: Half of the premise is Mocha’s job of retrieving these. ²* ArtificialHuman: Kiseki and Macchiato.²* ArtificialOutdoorsDisplay: The City of Keikaku has a digital projective force field.²* TheAtoner: [[spoiler:Quentin and Chai after their reformations.]]²* AttentionWhore: Chai Kyomushugi. Although slightly understandable given her [[AbusiveParents experiences.]]²* AuthorAppeal: The series was created for two reasons: one, Mochagatari wanted a completely original series to work with instead of making multiseries-crossovers; and two, because she wanted an original universe filled with all the monsters, settings, and creatures she liked.²* AttractiveBentGender: Macchiato is considered this for Mocha.²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: All the gods are rather docile, but all kick MAJOR ass when it’s necessary.²* AwesomeButImpractical: Vermillion’s [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Sleep Paralysis]] [[WaveMotionGun hypercannon.]] It is the most powerful weapon in her arsenal, but Vermillion reserves it for ''total war'' because it could wipe out continents if used incorrectly. This, of course, makes it [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome totally awesome]] when it’s finally used against Anti-Mocha’s army in the ''Disappearance'' arc.²* AxCrazy: Most of the villains.²* BadassAdorable: Mocha and Vivace.²* BadassArmy: The Monochrome Army.²* BadassCrew: The Members of Irou.²* BadassNormal: Tate, post-''Disappearance'' arc.²* BadBoss: Quentin parodies one in regards to how he treats his performers.²* BashBrothers: Vermillion and Mocha. ²* BatterUp: Takakazu's main weapon is a baseball bat, which he found in a closet while trying to help Mocha. He later gets an upgraded one.²* BeachEpisode: Ironically titled “The Obligatory Beach Episode”.²* BenevolentArchitecture: The entirety of the City of Keikaku, as well as World City.²* BenevolentBoss: Sekai is kind, attentive and motherly to the Members of Irou.²* BetaCouple: Barwyn and Leng Jing, at least in the main cast.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: A lot of the characters are decently nice, but also have the power and skill to beat you senseless.²* {{BFG}}: Some of Vermillion’s weapons, such as her sniper rifle. They're almost as big as her.²* BigBad: Wicker is the main villain of the series. [[spoiler: [[TheManBehindTheMan Or is he?]]]]²* BigBrotherMentor:²** Barwyn for the younger members of the team, or at least he tries to be.²** Macchiato also takes up this role occasionally.²* BigBrotherInstinct: Despite Barwyn's own fears, he strives to act as a brother figure to the kids in the agency and his own sister, whether it be protecting them or giving them advice.²* BigEater: It’s usually in background gags, but Vermillion eats a lot, and she seems to spend a chunk of her free time baking. She also manages to finish off five bowls of noodles when the gang heads to Yuzhou.²* BiTheWay: While Mocha does show interest in boys, she is heavily implied to have a crush on Chai (hence her delusion about their relationship).²* BlackComedy: Surprisingly, this show loves dark jokes or poking fun at a dire (but wacky) situation the characters fall into. ²** Fitzwilliam and Quentin’s characters both run on this kind of humor as well.²* BlackEyesOfCrazy: Calliope has these.²* BlueAndOrangeMorality: A good percentage of Mousouzen. Due to the nature of some monsters (such as vampires, yuki onna, or demons) some might have very skewed morality compared to the other characters. Youkai in particular are guilty of this.²* BigGood: Asterisk.²* BigScrewedUpFamily: Quentin describes his family as this.²* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:Asterisk ceases to exist and Tate gives up his existence in his home dimension to protect Mousouzen. But the Storyteller can go home, Mocha becomes a legendary scientist in Mousouzen, Vermillion and Quentin get married and even have kids, and Mocha starts the story over by choosing Choux Kojinshugi as the next Visitor.]]²* BlackEyesOfEvil: Calliope has these, and Fitzwilliam gains these when he shifts into demon form.²* BlobMonster: Wicker. He can also turn other people into blob monsters.²* {{Bokukko}}: Vermillion, as part of her rough-and-tumble personality.²* BoobsOfSteel: Vermillion, being full-figured and quite badass.²* BootsOfToughness: Vermillion wears red combat boots to accentuate her militaristic nature.²* BornOfMagic: It’s strongly implied that witches are made of magic.²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Quentin’s magnum opus is hypnotizing people and assimilating them into his circus, as props or as performers.²* BrotherSisterTeam:²** Barwyn and his little sister Callie.²** Also Mocha and Macchiato.²* BrutalHonesty:²** Takakazu, as a strict realist, tends to be very blunt with people (especially with the spacy people like Mocha).²** Vermillion never holds back in regards to telling people how it is, which sometimes makes her come off as mean or controlling. However, most of the time she’s right in what she says.²* ButtMonkey: Barwyn, whom is routinely picked on for his ExtremeDoormat tendencies and gets hurt once an episode.²* {{Calvinball}}: The Annual Mousouzen Cross-Country Car Race Chase, a “make your own rules” road race.²* CannotSpitItOut: One of Vermillion's flaws is her inability to deal with her feelings for people positively, which is addressed in her character arc. She eventually accepts how she feels towards others and openly tells Mocha, Tate, and Quentin that she loves them.²* CanonWelding: Several short stories and miniseries were released to blend together the series with its companions, such as A Conversation Between Siblings and Fallen Down to illustrate the Cleos mentioning the events of Nine Tales to Mocha and Fallen’s losing his throne to Fitzwilliam.²* CelestialBody: Nova and Selena both have hair and body parts seemingly made out of stars.²* CelibateHero: Despite Micha frequent ShipTease with Tate, Mocha isn’t stated to have a love interest and seems to have had brief crushes at best. However, she was stated to have had a crush on Chai as a child, which built up her delusion that they were best friends²* CerebusRollercoaster: The series rapidly changes gears between dark situations and comedy.²* CerebusSyndrome: As of ''Disappearance'', the series got slightly darker.²* ChainsawGood: Fitzwilliam uses a monochromatic, magical chainsaw.²* CharacterDevelopment:²** As the series has gone on, Barwyn has gotten significantly better at facing his fears and standing up for himself, and by the time the final Wicker arc settled most of his scaredy-cat traits were gone.²** Vermillion's character arcs focused on her hard-hearted character, challenging her to get past her traumas regarding Fitzwilliam and be open and sure of herself and her feelings. By the end of the series, while she’s still a notable snark, she’s much more openly loving and friendly to people.²* CheerfulChild: Sammy Owenchester. [[CrazyJealousGuy When he's not plotting against Tate, that is.]]²* TheChewToy: Barwyn.²* CessationOfExistence: What happened to the original creator of Mousouzen. [[spoiler:Supposedly.]]²* ChekhovsGun: [[spoiler:Anti-Mocha’s taser comes in handy later, as Tate uses it to short out the cage holding the real Mocha.]]²* ChildhoodFriends: Mocha and Chai, if you could call them that.²* ChivalrousPervert: Quentin is very fond of chasing after Vermillion's skirt but does legitimately respect her and most women.²* ChristmasEpisode: There have been a handful focusing on different characters.²* CityOfAdventure: The City of Keikaku.²* ComedicSociopathy: All over the place, the explanation being that everyone is aware of the ToonPhysics that affects the world enough that they're less inclined to worry about serious injury when pulling off gags or stunts.²* CoolBigSis: Vermillion, once she [[DefrostingIceQueen defrosts.]]²** Mocha is seen as this by Sammy.²** [[spoiler:Chai also molds into this after her reformation.]]²* CosmicKeystone: Asterisk’s soul, the aforementioned asterisk.²* CovertPervert: Revealed when she gets drunk in one episode, as she immediately starts rambling dirty stories to the kids and Quentin’s comment later gives the impression she has a lot of secret kinks.²* CrappyCarnival: Quentin’s circus, quite literally.²* CreepyChild: Calliope, a childlike and amoral demon.²* CrystalLandscape: Diamond Cove.²* CulturedBadass: Quentin. Very powerful and a noted performer.²* CuteAndPsycho: Madeline.²* CuteGhostGirl: Fang the Ghost.²* DarkIsEvil: The Demons have strong dark motifs.²* DefrostingIceQueen: Vermillion at first. She's very rude and icy to Tate for a portion of the story before warming up to him and equating him to Mocha in how much she cares for him.²* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Asterisk, .txt, and Fitzwilliam all have monochromatic color schemes (with only bits of red or yellow).²* DemonicPossession: Subverted; Takakazu had actually switched bodies with Quentin instead of being possessed by him, but he compares it to a possession due to Quentin’s stark differences in personality.²* DidntWantAnAdventure: Barwyn. All the time.²* DistantFinale: [[spoiler:The series finishes up with a few shots of life several years after Fitzwilliam and .txt’s defeat and Asterisk’s death, showing Tate making an era of peace as Asterism, Mocha’s new position in Mousouzen, the Storyteller’s happy life at home, Vermillion and Quentin’s child, and the arrival of Choux Kojinshugi at her new school.]]²* DisappearedDad: Tate and Mocha share a lack of fathers, as Tate’s parents are divorced and Mocha’s mother is single.²* DistaffCounterpart: Macchiato to Mocha, being an OppositeSexClone.²* DistressedDude: Commonly Barwyn.²* DitzyGenius: Mocha is the ''poster child'' of this trope. She’s listed as an [[TeenGenius academic prodigy that entered the scientific field and is working for the highest authority in the country at the age of 16]], but is also an [[CaptainOblivious oblivious]] [[NiceGirl sweetheart]] with [[CloudCuckooLander delusions and a great misunderstanding of how people work.]]²** [[spoiler:In the latter half of the series, Quentin turns out to be this, being a [[RenaissanceMan versed entertainer]] that can sing, dance, act, and perform magic and acrobatics, as well as has a rather good knowledge of chemistry and biology and can fluently speak French...though personality-wise he’s a [[AxCrazy psychotic]] [[{{Keet}} goofball]] with [[NoSocialSkills lacking social skills.]]]]²* DorkKnight: The main characters.²* DragonsUpTheYinYang: The Elemental Dragons.²* DreamLand: There is one, and it takes the form of an Acid Trip Dimension as a whole. However, its appearance varies depending on the person. As of now, Fitzwilliam mostly camps there, and while Vermillion has duties in the waking world she can shape the dream world to her liking.²* DreamWalker: Vermillion, Calliope and Fitzwilliam are capable of entering other people’s dreams, and is even how Vermillion manages to protect the Members of Irou from the villains’ mind games using her skill.²* DreamWeaver: Vermillion is one when not functioning as a soldier.²* EdibleThemeNaming: All of Mocha’s school associates have food themes: Mocha herself (cafe mocha), Chai (chai tea), Millie (bananas foster), and Sammy (sandwich cookies)²* TheEeyore: Barwyn tends to be this, as while he has a hopeful philosophy he’s the most melancholy out of everyone in the team.²* EldritchAbomination: Wicker.²* ElectricTorture: Anti-Mocha gleefully inflicts this on the real Mocha.²* EmeraldPower: Barwyn’s chameleon powers were product of touching a mine of magical emeralds.²* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Tate over the course of the series, as he gets exposed to more of Mousouzen’s [[ToonPhysics unique physics.]]²* EnergyWeapons: Vermillion’s weapons are all plasma-based rather than using normal metal bullets.²* EnfantTerrible: Calliope.²** Sammy is a bit of a milder example, being [[{{Yandere}} intensely clingy of Mocha to the point of trying to get rid of Tate]] but otherwise not doing much evil.²* EveryoneIsASuper: Practically. Mocha says that everyone in Mousouzen has at least the potential to unlock some sort of personal power.²* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: Princess Marina, who rules the Deep Sea.²* EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods: Martini, an octopus person from the wharf.²* EvilCounterpart: Chai Kyomushugi is this to Mocha.²* EvilIsPetty: Chai.²* EvilIsSexy: Black Velvet and Higanbana.²* EvilMeScaresMe: Mocha with Anti and Nega.²* EvilSoundsDeep: Wicker has a notably deep, hissing voice.²** Averted with Fitzwilliam, who has a high and silly-sounding voice despite being one of the series’ most dangerous and abhorrent antagonists.²** Double subverted with Quentin. While his usual tone is smooth and jovial (if a little off-sounding) his real voice more lower and scratchier.²* FantasticNatureReserve: Morimori, a dark magical forest.²* FantasticRacism: While it doesn’t upset the balance of the general society, there is a notable bias in the more fantastical folk towards humans and people from Reality like Tate, as Mousouzenians tend to believe that [[HumansAreWeird humans are a silly race that doesn’t seem to have any fun due to their groundedness.]]²* FantasyCounterpartCulture: Some areas of Mousouzen reflect areas of Earth:²** Keikaku seems to be a hyperfuturistic version of New York or Tokyo.²** Morimori was based on the forests of Japan, while the neighboring city-state of Yuzhou is based on Shanghai, China.²** Quentin’s homeworld seems to be modelled on Victorian England.²* FantasyKitchenSink: Mousouzen.²* TheFashionista: Chai, [[spoiler:which becomes especially apparent after she joins the team.]]²* FieryRedhead: Vermillion.²* FightingYourFriend: Technically in the final battle between Tate and Anti-Mocha. Subverted in that [[AxCrazy Anti-Mocha is anything but Tate’s friend.]]²* FlowerMotifs: Higanbana and red spider lilies, which is actually what “higanbana” means.²* FluffyCloudHeaven: Aozora, a [[BlueIsHeroic blue and white]] cloud city that is supposed to resemble Heaven. Made more obvious by it being ruled by Aoi, an archangel.²* FogFeet: Fang has a ghost tail instead of feet.²* ForScience: Mocha does quite a few things for the sake of science.²** Nega-Mocha claims this is her only motivation anymore after failing to resurrect Tate.²* FreakLabAccident: What happened to Dr. Rey.²* FriendlessBackground: Mocha didn’t have many friends as a kid, as according to her everyone thought she was crazy.²* FrillsOfJustice: Vermillion is a hardcore military officer fighting for justice, and also wears lolita-esque dresses.²* FunctionalMagic: Magic in Mousouzen is split into three categories: stage magic, sorcery, and natural magic. Stage magic is pretty much the small-fry, ordinary magic trick, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. (Quentin claims that sometimes it’s less magic and more knowing how to manipulate the eye.) Sorcery is actual spell magic, and is the bending and manipulation of natural magic. Sorcery involves spells and incantations, and is used for battle, utility, and craft. Natural magic is the natural supernatural magic that is part of nature itself, though it can be manipulated. Witches usually work with sorcery and natural magic. ²* FuturisticSuperhighway: In Keikaku.²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Glowing eyes are almost certainly a sign of bad news in this series. Quentin’s eyes glow [[RedEyesTakeWarning red]] when he’s murderously enraged, Fitzwilliam’s eyes glow when he’s shifting, all characters’ eyes glow when [[BrainwashedAndCrazy possessed or being controlled]], and Wicker’s eyes glow like lamps.²* GodIsGood: Asterisk.²* GoodIsNotNice: Vermillion, for how firmly she is on the good guys’ team, is the least friendly out of the main cast.²* GracefulLadiesPreferPurple: Quentin’s sisters, similarly to himself, wear purple and are shown to be quite wealthy and graceful.²* GreatBigBookOfEverything: Mocha’s Book of Ultraviolet.²* GreatBigLibraryOfEverything: The Keikaku Library and Heaven’s Library.²* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler:.txt.]]²* GreenThumb: Sylvan, being a spirit of nature, can control plants.²* TheGrimReaper: Belladonna.²* HeroSecretService: Pretty much the Members of Irou’s job description.²* HiddenAgendaVillain: [[spoiler:.txt.]]²* HiddenBuxom: Vermillion's dress usually kind of hinders it, but as shown when she wears her party dress or Hartebreaker costume, her breasts are large.²* {{Hologram}}: Dr. Rey has been turned into this as a result of a Freak Lab Accident.²* HorribleJudgeInCharacter: Mocha, as sweet as she is, tends to put trust in people who she probably shouldn’t.²* IntergenerationalFriendship: Mocha tends to get along well with adults and has several friends who are older than her. But then again, [[AllTheOtherReindeer she was rejected by people her own age.]]²* ItAmusedMe: Quentin’s motivation for a lot of things.²* InvoluntaryShapeshifting: Barwyn shapeshifts into a chameleon kaijin whenever he’s feeling extreme fear. Which is often.²* IronButtMonkey: No matter what happens to Barwyn, he never dies. He’s fallen off cliffs, left to tigers, used as bait time and time again and still lives.²* {{Keet}}: Macchiato, Quentin, and Sammy.²* KidDetective: Mocha tries to be one in several episodes, with some emphasis on "tries".²* KidHero: Mocha and Tate are only 16 and 15 respectively.²* KnifeNut: Barwyn is actually a heroic example; due to his aversion to guns but [[ImprobableAimingSkills impeccable aim]], his signature weapons tend to be darts or throwing knives.²* LadyInRed: Vermillion.²* LaughingMad: Quentin, most prominently.²* LethalLavaLand: The Obsidian Mine, an underground world filled with underground volcanoes.²* LevelAte: The Kingdom of Dulcis, a land made out of food and sweets.²* TheLostWoods: Morimori, a large forest and magical nature reserve.²* LoveAtFirstPunch: Quentin falls in love with Vermillion after she promptly beats him for brainwashing Mocha and Tate.²* {{Lunarians}}: The inhabitants of Lunar City.²* NamedWeapons: Sleep Paralysis, Vermillion's hypercannon. As revealed in a Gatari & Friends update, her twin handguns are codenamed by her as Valve and Aorta (referencing the areas of a human heart), her hand cannon as Artery, and her rifle as Valentinix 360.²* SharpDressedMan: Always dresses in a fancy suit. Even when he's casual, he still dresses in a neat dress shirt and tie.²* SuperStrength:²** Not explicitly stated, but Vermillion does have the ability to lift weapons and cannons bigger than her and use them (even twirl them) with ease, and she is occasionally shown being able to lift large stones or rubble with little problem.²** Quentin has massive strength due to some things he did while he was starting the circus. He once saves Mocha and Tate by stopping a train with one hand.²* SweetTooth: Vermillion loves sweet stuff, particularly cake.


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