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1--> ''Disclaimer: this has been written by a troper, '''but is about his own work.''' It was therefore originally conceived as a TroperWorks article, if only said namespace's status didn't permanently change to "Not used anymore". If you don't want to read [[ShamelessSelfPromoter something from a troper about his own stuff]], you might as well get the hell away. '''[[MainPage Here is the "Leave" button.]]''' Yeah, I'm aware this isn't a porn site. But this kind of stuff is just as despised.''²²[[OverlyLongGag Awfully]] LongTitle, [[LampshadeHanging I know.]]\²[[TemptingFate Guess what?]] ''[[UpToEleven The rest is even worse.]]''²²This needs a bit of an introduction first, though. Given the length of the title, the only probable means you came here in the first place is the currently only link present on this wiki, that is, the one on '''[[@/AlexSora89 my Contributor's Page.]]''' Most of this very page used to be a part of the former, which I moved here because it was one helluva WallOfText. AndThatsTerrible. So I created a page entirely dedicated to... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin well, to my Original Quests]] created in ''[[VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia [duodecim] 012 Final Fantasy]]''. With that said, and keeping in mind this is a [[TroperWorks Troper Work]] we're talking about (if you still wonder why, evidently you haven't [[ReadTheFreakingManual read the freaking disclaimer]] you can still see above), we can move on.²²----²²!! Excerpt taken from [[@/AlexSora89 my own page:]]²²----²²I'm currently planning to use the new "Quest editor" - or whatever it was called - in ''[[VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy]]'' to create some {{fan fic}}s in playable form, with the first two ideas of mine being, namely, a "MissingEpisode" of ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko''[[note]](in which Jeremie uses ''Dissidia'' - the game itself - as a basis for virtualisation, and as a result the Lyoko warriors' avatars end up being characters from ''Dissidia'' who best fit them, both in personality and combat. And this is as much as I'm willing to spoil.)[[/note]] and not-comedically-abridged versions of the numbered Final Fantasy titles.[[note]]You can tell this isn't such a crazy idea if you consider that, aside from actual characters that appear "as themselves", Square has deliberately chosen the newcomers almost only because of this feature, like a summoner like Yuna can work fine as Final Fantasy IV's Rydia, or Kain Highwind and Laguna Loire acting/posing as Cid Highwind and Barret Wallace respectively, and so on]].[[/note]] I've actually started creating one, just as a simple way to test out the "Quest editor" mode, called [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Test Quest"]] which, during development, [[DoingItForTheArt evolved into]] something more original[[note]]Simply put, I, as the narrator, get interrupted by [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Kefka]] during my first lines of dialogue, since starting by saying "after the thirteenth cycle" (that is, after Dissidia's Kefka got KilledOffForReal) prompted Kefka to [[FridgeLogic think about how he could possibly be reborn]], only to realise that, thanks to the resulting SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}}-esque MediumAwareness, he's in one of the things he loathes the most: [[SelfDeprecation a bad fanfic.]] Add a WesternAnimation/DuckAmuck-like conflict between me and Kefka, and HilarityEnsues.[[/note]]. If I somehow manage to overcome the limits of the Quest Editor[[note]]such as dialogue length limit, impossibility to add event cutscenes and to change either BGM or scenery halfway through a scene, and the BGM list for cutscenes not including battle music[[/note]], the tentative title of the Abridged Final Fantasy series is scheduled to be "FF[insert number] Mini (English[[note]]they would eventually be released in Italian too, obviously.[[/note]] [part X of Y])", where "part x of y" means they'll be in episodic format.²²Toying with said Quest Editor resulted in the first episode of an ''actual'' "abridged Final Fantasy" being completed before the "LostEpisode of WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko", resulting in "[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV FF4]]mini 1/?", where the question mark temporarily stands for the number of episodes (meaning that I still don't know how many of them are required in order to tell VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV properly). I've considered that the limited length of the title that can be given to a quest would make writing a simple "[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII FF7]][[Anime/FinalFantasyVIIAdventChildren AC]]mini ?/?" impossible, so, given the GainaxEnding of VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII I've decided to simply include Advent Children in the abridged version of the former. I don't know if I can do the same with VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV, considering that while AC is a movie with a few iconic battles (easy to transform into one single quest as the last part of [=FF7mini=]), [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIVTheAfterYears Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]] is a lot longer, despite sharing the presence of Alt costumes related to it with AC).²²Four episodes of ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV FF4mini]]'' are completed so far, respectively covering:²* Part 1 - covers the story from the opening/beginning (the return to Baron) until [[spoiler: the destruction of Mist.]]²* Part 2 - covers the story from Cecil [[spoiler: taking Rydia to Kaipo]] until the introduction of Yang.²* Part 3 - covers the story until the moment [[spoiler: Cecil becomes a Paladin.]] [[GameplayAndStorySegregation (Story-wise, at least.)]]²* Part 4 - covers the story from the return to Mysidia [[spoiler: as a Paladin]] until the moment [[spoiler: Kain tells Cecil that he and Golbez will release Rosa only if they give the last remaining crystal in exchange.]]²²Due to the editor forcing cutscenes to be punctuated by battles, this is going to be one hell of a PragmaticAdaptation, with flashbacks and whatnot (including [[spoiler: the destruction of Mist]]) ending up being playable battles [[PlayerPunch (whatever t]][[ControllableHelplessness he price)]], with Feral Chaos' general (and somewhat generic) monstrous apperance leading him to be used as a stand-in for any monstrous creature[[note]]no need to fear, Feral Chaos never appears as the SNKBoss he's supposed to be[[/note]], alongside [[CreepySexy Cloud Of Darkness]] and, in the case of [[spoiler: Baigan]], [[HumanoidAbomination Neo Exdeath]].²²----²²After completing what you've just read about, I've worked more on my quests: first, I've re-formatted ''all'' of the text from the four completed parts of [=FF4Mini=], and as a result the whole script completed so far fits the message boxes nicely. However, before completing the fifth, I created three more quests because I wanted to create something more "original" than previous quests, and because I generally wanted to become more skilled at creating quests.²²The resulting independent quests are as follows:²* ''"Ciccidia!"'' - a quest about - and starring - [[labelnote:Faith]](my girlfriend, as you might remember from [[@/AlexSora89 my own Troper page]])[[/labelnote]] as she falls asleep and dreams about fighting in the actual game as Yuna. It's a RevengeFic of sorts ''for her personal life'', in that the player-controller Faith/Yuna gets to [[CatharsisFactor beat the snot out of people who often hurt her, represented by other Dissidia characters.]] Due to the fact this quest is more about Faith than it is about Dissidia itself[[note]](by the way, the [[PunnyName punny title]] is a {{portmanteau}} of the nickname I call her with, "Cicci", [[CaptainObvious and "Dissidia")]][[/note]], it's the first quest I've written in Italian; and due to the subject covered, it won't become available in Internet, and this description isn't going to go in any more detail.²* ''[[Franchise/KingdomHearts "KH: Cloud"]]'' - I wrote this one in order to celebrate the European release of [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]]'s Kingdom Hearts {{DLC}} costume, and it's in fact my first quest to actually ''require'' all [[labelnote:three]] (Cloud's, Sephiroth's and Squall's)[[/labelnote]] DLC costumes as well as Aerith. That's mainly because I wanted to take full advantage of every DLC I own, but there's more to it than that. The quest is admittedly a deliberate WildMassGuessing moment (the opening summary reads, "A [[LampshadeHanging possible]] origin for the Kingdom Hearts version of Cloud"), and it "reveals" that Cloud used to live in Radiant Garden alongside [[labelnote:Squall]] (who wasn't [[ThatManIsDead "Leon"]] yet at the time)[[/labelnote]], Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid. The quest chronicles Cloud's story from his first "Dive into the heart" ([[spoiler: where he meets [[EnemyWithout Sephiroth]] for the first time]]) until his departure from Radiant Garden [[spoiler: when he starts chasing the [[EnemyWithout escaped-from-his-body Sephiroth]] outside Radiant Garden [[ForegoneConclusion although we all know they'll meet again and again throughout the KH series]]]]. Future quests I've planned, related to this one but still enjoyable on their own, are the predictably titled ''"KH: Squall"'' and ''"KH: [[lablenote:Sephiroth]] (actual title; the limit of the length will still force me into cutting it short)[[/labelnote]]"''. Both will simultaneously follow ''"KH: Cloud"'', taking place at the same time, and while Squall's will chronicle his story as he and the others deal with the [[TheHeartless Heartless']] invasion (with [[spoiler: Squall actually [[ThatManIsDead giving up his former name]] at some point]]), Sephiroth's will be about his first time at Olympus Coliseum, [[WildMassGuessing "explaining"]] both [[spoiler: Zack's disappearance at the end of ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep'']] and [[spoiler: Sephiroth's own [[BonusBoss Bonus Bo]][[BossBattle ss Battle]] in [[{{VideoGame/KingdomHeartsI}} the first Kingdom Hearts]]]].²* ''"KH Legends!"'' - yet another instance of me taking full advantage of the DLC costumes, this one also requires the three KH DLC outfits, too. The game has an ExcusePlot consisting of [[{{Disney/Hercules}} Phil]], represented in the dialogue by [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV a pig]] avatar picture (which is quickly given a LampshadeHanging), hosting a tournament that gives the [[Characters/DissidiaFinalFantasyWarriorsOfCosmos Warriors of Cosmos]] (and the [[Characters/DissidiaFinalFantasyWarriorsOfChaos Warriors of Chaos]] as well) an opportunity to face the Franchise/KingdomHearts[[TheVerse -verse]] counterparts of Cloud, [[labelnote:Squall]] actually called [[ThatManIsDead "Leon"]] this time around[[/labelnote]] and Sephiroth. This is the first of my quests to feature free choice over the {{player character}}s, hence the aforementioned ExcusePlot in order to [[JustifiedTrope justify]] the chance for any character to fight Cloud, Squall and Sephiroth in their KH attire, as well as the chance to record the fight itself. The fact choosing to play as any of the three characters in his KH outfit would result in the opponent - if it's a MirrorMatch - wearing the normal outfit is outright stated in the disclaimer included within the "Quest Summary" caption: as in ''"KH: Cloud"'', said caption reads "All 3 'KH Gear' DLC costumes are required", but while that quest adds [[AndZoidberg "and Aerith"]], this one says "(opponents ONLY)".²** Outside of the Franchise/KingdomHearts-centric context, this quest is actually part of a planned, more general ''"___ Legends!"'' series, made of tournaments in which freely chosen characters get to fight more iconic ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' characters. [[color:white: The brief scene present at the end of ''"KH Legends!"''²²There's also the ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' fanfic mentioned at the beginning of the article, and it's still planned, but I'm not going to write it at the moment; this case of ScheduleSlip is kinda [[JustifiedTrope justified]] because it's meant to keep the fifth part of my abridged ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'' from being a victim of ScheduleSlip instead.


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