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1[[quoteright:220:]]˛[[caption-width-right:220:''"I've been lucky. I don't for a minute take for granted the good fortune I have had. You don't like to get ideas above your station, especially a boy from the south side of Glasgow."'']]˛˛Anthony Curran (born 13 December 1969) is a Scottish actor. A highly prolific character actor, Curran is forever popping up in television, film and theatre in a variety of roles. ˛˛A Sci-Fi and Fantasy mainstay, he's perhaps most recognised for his roles in ''Film/UnderworldEvolution'' and his critically acclaimed portrayal of Vincent van Gogh in ''Series/DoctorWho''. He also starred on Creator/{{Syfy}}'s ''Series/{{Defiance}}'' as Datak Tarr.˛----˛!!Film Roles˛* 1994: ''Film/ShallowGrave'' as Travel Agent˛* 1999: ''Film/TheThirteenthWarrior'' as Weath the Musician˛* 2000: ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' as Assassin #1˛* 2001: ''Film/PearlHarbor'' as Ian˛* 2002: ''[[Film/{{Blade}} Blade II]]'' as Priest˛* 2003: ''Film/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'' as Rodney Skinner (The Invisible Man)˛* 2006: ''Film/{{Underworld}}: Evolution'' as Markus Corvinus˛* 2008: ''Film/TheMidnightMeatTrain'' as The Driver˛* 2011: ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTintin'' as Lt. Delcourt˛* 2013: ''Film/ThorTheDarkWorld'' as Bor˛* 2018: ''Film/OutlawKing'' as Angus [=McDonald=]˛˛!!Television Roles˛* 1997: ''Series/ThisLife'' as Lenny˛* 1999: ''Literature/GreatExpectations'' as Orlick˛* 2002: ''Series/UltimateForce'' as Sergeant Pete Twamley˛* 2005: ''Series/NightStalker'' as Damon Caylor˛* 2010: ''Series/TwentyFour'' as Lugo˛* 2010: ''Series/TheMentalist'' as C.D.C.A Agent Dean Harkin˛* 2010: ''Series/DoctorWho'' as Vincent van Gogh˛* 2010: ''Literature/ThePillarsOfTheEarth'' as King Stephen˛* 2011: ''Series/BoardwalkEmpire'' as Eaominn Rohan˛* 2012: ''Literature/{{Labyrinth}}'' as Guy d'Évreux˛* 2013: ''Series/{{Defiance}}'' as Datak Tarr˛* 2016: ''Series/{{Daredevil|2015}}'' as Finn Cooley˛* 2016: ''Series/{{Elementary}}'' as Joshua Vikner ˛* 2019: ''Series/SEALTeam'' as Brett Swann˛˛!!Videogame Roles˛* 2011: ''[[Videogame/ModernWarfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3]]'' as James [=MacMillan=]˛----


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