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1[[quoteright:300:]]²²Tara Fitzgerald (born 18 September 1967 in Cuckfield, England) is an English actress. In addition to being a renowned and critcally acclaimed theatre actress, she's a regular face in British film and television and plays the role of the fanatical Selyse Baratheon on HBO's smash hit ''Series/GameOfThrones''.²²----²!!Associated Tropes:²* EnforcedMethodActing: While playing Ophelia in Hamlet opposite Ralph Fiennes, she would take to the stage with scissors during the 'mad scene' and cut at her own hair. During one performance, she accidentally hacked away part of her ear and did the rest of the scene with blood streaming down the side of her face and the rest of the cast thinking she was [[DyeingForYourArt taking the mad thing a bit far]].²* EnglishRose: Played these frequently in her early, Main/CostumeDrama-filled career. Several of her characters appeared to be this at first, but swung towards SpiritedYoungLady, if not outright becoming TheFlapper or a GoodBadGirl.²* MsFanservice: In virtually her first scene in her first acting role, in the otherwise gentle and wholesome Irish comedy ''Hear My Song'', Tara leaps naked out of bed when her lover does everything possible to [[CanNotSpitItOut not quite exactly say]] "I love you". She would go on to perform nude in a great number of roles in the first decade or so of her career, quite often for [[FanService no very good reason]].²²²!Theatre²* 1995 ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' as Ophelia²* 1999 ''Theatre/{{Antigone}}'' as Antigone²* 2000 ''Theatre/AStreetcarNamedDesire'' as Blanche Du Bois²!Film²* 1994 ''Film/{{Sirens}}'' as Estella Campion²* 1996 ''Film/BrassedOff'' as Gloria²* 2001: ''Film/DarkBlueWorld'' as Susan²* 2014 ''Film/ExodusGodsAndKings'' as Miriam²* 2015 ''Film/{{Child 44}}'' as Inessa Nesterov²* 2019 ''Film/TheKing'' as Hooper²!Television Roles²* 2006 ''Literature/JaneEyre'' as Mrs. Reed²* 2007 ''Series/WakingTheDead'' as Dr. Eve Lockhart²* 2014 ''Series/TheMusketeers'' as Marie de Medici²* 2013-2015 ''Series/GameOfThrones'' as Selyse Baratheon²* 2017 ''Series/{{Strike|2017}}'' as Tansy Bestigui²* 2020 ''WesternAnimation/TangledTheSeries'' as Zhan Tiri²²----


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