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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²->''"I knew absolutely nothing about acting, and had to be taught everything. Some people are born naturals and know how to walk, talk and hold themselves. I didn't and had to learn everything."''²²Richard David Briers [[UsefulNotes/KnightFever CBE]] (14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013) was a much loved British actor, most famous for his role as Tom Good in ''Series/TheGoodLife''. Briers had a long and prolific television and stage career and occasionally appeared in high profile Hollywood films such as the 1994 film version of ''Film/MaryShelleysFrankenstein''. Equally at home in sitcoms and Shakespearean roles, he was a favorite of Sir Creator/KennethBranagh, not only was he a member of Branagh's Renaissance Theatre Company, but he played some role in nearly all of Branagh's film beginning with ''Henry V'' up until ''Theatre/AsYouLikeIt''.²----²!!Works featuring Richard Briers with pages on this wiki include:²²* ''Series/EverDecreasingCircles''²* ''Series/TheGoodLife''²* ''Film/{{Henry V|1989}}''²* ''Film/MaryShelleysFrankenstein''²* ''Series/MonarchOfTheGlen''²* ''Advertising/MorrisTheCat'' (voice)²* ''Film/MurderSheSaid''²* ''WesternAnimation/{{Great}}'' (voice)²* ''WesternAnimation/{{Roobarb}}'' (voice)²* ''WesternAnimation/WatershipDown'' (voice)²²----


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