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1[[quoteright:350:]]²->''" a younger man, I’d sworn never to become a TV detective."''²²Michael Kitchen (born 31 October 1948 in Leicester, England) is an English actor, best known for his role as Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle in the Creator/{{ITV}} drama series ''Series/FoylesWar''. He also played the role of Bill Tanner in two ''Film/JamesBond'' films, ''Film/{{GoldenEye}}'' and ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough''. ²----²!!Film roles²* ''Film/DraculaAD1972'' (1972) as Greg²* ''Film/OutOfAfrica'' (1985) as Berkeley²* ''Film/TheRussiaHouse'' (1990) as Clive²* ''Film/JamesBond'' film series (1995; 1999) as Bill Tanner:²** ''Film/{{GoldenEye}}'' (1995)²** ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough'' (1999)²* ''Literature/MrsDalloway'' (1997) as Peter Walsh²* ''Film/MyWeekWithMarilyn'' (2011) as Hugh Perceval²²!!Television roles²* ''Series/ZCars'' (1971, two episodes) as Royal Hall ²* ''Series/TheBrontesOfHaworth'' (1973) as Branwell Brontë²* ''Series/TheProfessionals'' (1979, one episode) as Duffy²* ''Series/{{Minder}}'' (1989, one episode) as Maltese Tony²* ''Series/{{Lovejoy}}'' (1992, one episode) as David Herbert ²* ''Series/InspectorMorse'' (1992, one episode) as Russell Clark²* ''Series/TheYoungIndianaJonesChronicles'' (1993, one episode) as Lloyd George²* ''[[Series/HouseOfCardsUK To Play the King]]'' (1993) as the King²* ''Series/TheHangingGale'' (1995) as Captain William Townsend²* ''Series/ATouchOfFrost'' (1993, one episode) as Jonathan Meyerbridge²* ''Series/HarryEnfieldAndChums'' (1997, one episode) as David the director²* ''Literature/OliverTwist'' (1999) as Mr. Brownlow²* ''Literature/TheRailwayChildren'' (2000) as Father²* ''Series/FoylesWar'' (2002–15) as Detective Chief Christopher Foyle²----


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