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1[[quoteright:350:]] Keith Ian Carradine (born August 8, 1949 in San Mateo, California) is an American actor who has had success on stage, film and television. With his warm baritone and tall frame, he's a distinctive actor who has become well-known for his roles in film and television, particularly as Tom Frank in Creator/RobertAltman's ''Film/{{Nashville}}'', Wild Bill Hickok in the Creator/{{HBO}} series ''Series/{{Deadwood}}'' and FBI agent Frank Lundy in ''Series/{{Dexter}}''. In addition, he is a Golden Globe and Academy Award winning songwriter. As a member of the Carradine family, he is part of an acting dynasty that began with his father, Creator/JohnCarradine and includes his brothers Creator/DavidCarradine and Creator/RobertCarradine.²!Film Roles²* 1971 ''Film/AGunfight'' as the Young Gunfighter²* 1971 ''Film/McCabeAndMrsMiller'' as Cowboy²* 1973 ''Film/EmperorOfTheNorth'' as Cigaret²* 1974 ''Film/ThievesLikeUs'' as Bowie²* 1975 ''Film/{{Nashville}}'' as Tom Frank²* 1977 ''Film/TheDuellists'' as D'Hubert²* 1978 ''Film/PrettyBaby'' as Bellocq²* 1978 ''Film/SgtPeppersLonelyHeartsClubBand'' as Our Guests At Heartland²* 1980 ''Film/TheLongRiders'' as Jim Younger²* 1981 ''Film/SouthernComfort'' as Pfc. Spencer²* 1984 ''Film/ChooseMe'' as Mickey²* 1984 ''Film/MariasLovers'' as Clarence Butts²* 1985 ''Film/TroubleInMind'' as Coop²* 1990 ''Film/TheBachelor'' as Dr. Emil Grasler²* 1996 ''Film/2DaysInTheValley'' as Detective Creighton²* 1997 ''Film/AThousandAcres'' as Ty Smith²* 1998 ''Film/{{Standoff}}'' as Zeke Clayton²* 1999 ''Film/TheHuntersMoon'' as Turner²* 1999 ''Film/OutOfTheCold'' as Dan Scott²* 2007 ''Film/TheDeathAndLifeOfBobbyZ'' as Johnson²* 2008 ''Film/LakeCity'' as Roy²* 2011 ''Film/TheFamilyTree'' as Reverend Diggs²* 2011 ''Film/CowboysAndAliens'' as Sheriff Taggart²* 2013 ''Film/AintThemBodiesSaints'' as Skerrit²²!Television Roles²* 1972-1973 ''Series/KungFu'' as Middle Caine²* 2003 ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheNewAnimatedSeries'' as Jonah Jameson²* 2004 ''Series/{{Deadwood}}'' as Wild Bill Hickock²* 2007 ''Series/CriminalMinds'' as Frank Breitkopf²* 2007-2009 ''Series/{{Dexter}}'' as Special Agent Frank Lundy²* 2008 ''Series/{{Numb3rs}}'' as Carl [=McGowan=]²* 2009 ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' as Matthew Harding²* 2009 ''Series/{{Damages}}'' as Julian Decker²* 2012 ''Series/Missing2012'' as Martin Newman²* 2014 ''Series/{{Fargo}}'' as Lou Solverson²* 2014-present ''Series/MadamSecretary'' as President Conrad Dalton²!Videogame Roles²* 2012 ''Videogame/HitmanAbsolution'' as Blake Dexter


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