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1[[quoteright:300:]] 께Joel Edward [=McHale=] (born November 20, 1971 in Rome, Italy) is an American actor, writer, comedian, and producer. He is best known for his DeadpanSnarker persona in stand-up, acting, and hosting gigs.께Prior to his breakthrough roles in acting, he was perhaps best known as the host of Creator/{{E}}'s [[LongRunner long-running]] pop culture {{clip show}} ''Series/TheSoup'', which he also served as a writer on. After eleven years, the series ended in 2015. 께Nowadays, he's probably most associated with his role as Jeff Winger on Creator/{{NBC}}'s ''Series/{{Community}}'', opposite the likes of Creator/ChevyChase, [[Music/ChildishGambino Donald Glover]], Creator/YvetteNicoleBrown, Creator/DannyPudi, Creator/AlisonBrie, and Creator/GillianJacobs. 께Outside of ''The Soup'' and ''Community'', he's appeared in the horror film ''Film/DeliverUsFromEvil'', the revival season of ''Series/TheXFiles'', and Creator/{{CBS}}' ''Series/TheGreatIndoors''. In 2018 he hosted ''Series/TheJoelMcHaleShowWithJoelMcHale'', a short-lived weekly topical talk/sketch series on Creator/{{Netflix}}.께----!! Selected filmography:* ''Series/AlmostLive'' (1996-99) (cast member)* ''Series/TheSoup'' (200415) {{as himself}} (host)* ''Film/SpiderMan2'' (2004) as Mr. Jacks* ''Film/{{The Informant|2009}}'' (2009) as FBI Agent Robert Herndon* ''Series/{{Community}}'' (200915) as Jeff Winger * ''Film/SpyKidsAllTheTimeInTheWorld'' (2011) as Wilbur Wilson* ''Film/WhatsYourNumber'' (2011) as Roger* ''Film/{{Ted}}'' (2012) as Rex* ''VideoGame/LEGODimensions'' (2015) as X-PO and [[AsHimself himself]]* ''Film/DeliverUsFromEvil'' (2016) as Butler* ''Series/TheXFiles'' (2016) as Tad O'Malley* ''Series/TheGreatIndoors'' (201617) as Jack Gordon* ''Film/AFutileAndStupidGesture'' (2018) as Creator/ChevyChase* ''Series/TheJoelMcHaleShowWithJoelMcHale'' (2018) {{as himself}} (host)* ''Series/SantaClaritaDiet'' (2018) as Chris* ''Film/TheHappytimeMurders'' (2018) as Special Agent Campbell* ''Film/AssassinationNation'' (2018) as Nick* ''Series/{{Stargirl|2020}}'' (2020) as [[ComicBook/{{Starman}} Sylvester Pemberton / Starman]]* ''WesternAnimation/MortalKombatLegendsScorpionsRevenge'' (2020) as Johnny Cage께----!! He provides examples of:* SpiritualSuccessor: ''The Joel [=McHale=] Show'' is basically a revival of ''The Soup'' under a different name.----


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