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1[[quoteright:298:]]˛˛Jagex Games Studio is an independent UK-based game publishing and development company. It was started in 1999 by Andrew and Paul Gower. Jagex is best known for its first and most successful game, the Java-based {{MMORPG}} ''VideoGame/RuneScape''.˛˛Their official website can be found [[ here]].˛˛!! Works created or published by Jagex:˛˛[[index]]˛* ''Castle [=GamesDomain=]'' (1999): An online hub with a slew of multiplayer board games for players, from classic games like checkers and chess to original games like ''Cyber Wars'' and ''Treasure Crypt''.˛* ''VideoGame/RuneScape'' (2001): A browser-based {{Freemium}} {{MMORPG}}, and according to ''Literature/GuinnessWorldRecords'', the #1 most popular free {{MMORPG}} in the world.˛* Website/FunOrb (2008): A {{Freemium}} WebGame portal with a wide variety of casual Java games spanning many genres.˛* ''Videogame/WarOfLegends'' (2010): A persistent-world empire-building game developed by {{Ultizen}} and published by Jagex.˛* ''Videogame/{{Undercroft}}'' (2010): One of several Jagex [[IOSGames iPhone Games]], but the only one that isn't a port of a Website/FunOrb game.˛* ''Videogame/{{Herotopia}}'' (2011): A kids' Flash {{MMORPG}} developed by {{Herotainment}} and published by Jagex.˛* ''Videogame/EightRealms'' (2011): An empire-building game with many mechanical similarities to ''WarOfLegends''. Notably written with an HTML engine and designed to be playable on an iPad.˛* ''VideoGame/AceOfSpades'' (2012): A FirstPersonShooter that allows players to destroy and build the environment a la ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}''.˛* ''VideoGame/TransformersUniverse'': A ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' MMO. Cancelled.˛* ''VideoGame/StellarDawn'': A sci-fi MMO still in development. Website [[ here]].˛* ''VideoGame/BlockNLoad'' (2015): A FirstPersonShooter that plays very similarly to ''Ace of Spades'' with buildable and destructible environments.˛[[/index]]˛----


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