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1George Mann is a British author, known for his {{Steampunk}} series and his work in the ''Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse''. He has also edited several short story collections of science fiction and detective stories.²²!!Works by George Mann:²* ''Literature/TheAffinityBridge'' and sequels²* ''Literature/TheGhost2010'' series²* ''Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse''²** ''Literature/NewSeriesAdventures''²*** ''Paradox Lost''²*** ''[[Recap/NewSeriesAdventuresEnginesofWar Engines of War]]''²** ''Comicbook/DoctorWhoTitan: Twelfth Doctor''²*** ''Comicbook/DoctorWhoSupremacyOfTheCybermen'' (with Cavan Scott)²** ''AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho''²*** ''Companion Chronicles: The Pyralis Effect''²** ''VideoGame/DoctorWhoLegacy''²*** "Bigger on the Inside"²* ''Franchise/SherlockHolmes''²** ''The Will of the Dead''²** ''The Spirit Box''²** ''The Reification of Hans Gerber'' (Creator/BigFinish audio)²* ''Time Hunter''²** ''The Severed Man''²** ''Child of Time'' (with David J. Howe)²²!!Tropes asociated with George Mann:²* CanonWelding: According to the timeline at the back of the ''Newberry & Hobbes'' short story collection, not only is ''Ghosts of Manhattan'' in N&H continuity, but so are ''Paradox Lost'' and the Sherlock Holmes novels.²* CharacterOverlap: Professor Archibald Angelchrist in ''Newman & Hobbes'', ''The Spirit Box'', ''Paradox Lost'', and "The Albino's Revenge" (a short story starring Sexton Blake's archenemy Zenith the Albino) and secret agent Peter Rutherford in ''Newman & Hobbes'', "The Albino's Revenge" and ''The Ghost''.²* {{Steampunk}}: Since a lot of his work is set in the N&H universe or something very like it, most of it has the technology of that world. In the ''Ghost'' series, it's edging into {{Dieselpunk}}, but even in the twenties, cars still run on coal.


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