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1The company was founded in 1986 by Gary R. Benz and focused on making reality shows and documentaries such as ''Series/{{Intervention}}'' and among others for television networks worldwide such as Creator/{{TLC}}, Creator/DiscoveryChannel, Creator/AAndE, Creator/{{AMC}}, Creator/TheWeatherChannel and Creator/NationalGeographicChannel and is a content partner in free ad-supported [[ Tubi TV]] streaming service that makes its reality and documentary shows Main/RereleasedForFree viewing.²²It also distributes third-party reality and documentary television programs and even films internationally.²²The website is [[ here]]²----²!!Shows created/produced by GRB Entertainment include:²[[index]]²* ''[[ Anatomy of Disaster]]'' (known as ''Earth's Fury'' in the United States)²* ''[[ Aftermath with William Shatner]]''²* ''AXN: Action TV'' (co-produced with [[Creator/SonyPicturesTelevision Columbia TriStar Television]])²* ''Cinema Secrets''²* ''[[ Expeditions to the Edge]]''²* ''[[ Extreme Contact]]''²* ''[[ Full Force Nature]]''²* ''[[ Growing Up Gotti]]''²* ''[[ Impact TV]]''²* ''[[ Incredible Frontiers]]''²* ''[[ Inferno]]''²* ''Series/{{Intervention}}''²* ''[[ Invasion Iowa]]''²* ''[[ Kaboom!]]'' (known as ''Blast Masters'' in the United States)²* ''[[ Mega Movie Magic]]''²* ''Movie Magic''²* ''[[ Next Action Star]]''²* ''[[ Now See This]]''²* ''[[ Outdoor Outtakes]]''²* ''[[ Princes of Malibu]]''²* ''[[ Rangers: Cops in the Woods]]''²* ''[[ Sea Tek]]''²* ''[[ Showdown of the Unbeatables]]''²* ''[[ Storm Warning!]]''²* ''[[ Stuntmasters]]''²* ''[[ Super Swank]]''²* ''Travel Scams and Rip-Offs Revealed''²* ''[[ The Ultimate Stuntman: A Tribute to Dar Robinson]]'' (The company's first production)²* ''[[ Ultimate Special Effects]]''²* ''Untold Stories of the ER''²* ''[[ War Dogs]]''²* ''[[ What Went Wrong?]]'' (known as ''Without Warning'' in the United States)²* ''[[ World of Wonder]]''²* ''[[ The World's Greatest Stunts]]''²* ''World's Wildest Daredevils''²[[/index]]


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