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1[[quoteright:300:]] 께Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd. is a Chinese animation studio in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. They released their first series, ''Animation/HappyFamily'', in 2004, but they really became popular when they released ''Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf'' in 2005 and made it their CashCowFranchise.께They've also made some other shows since then. Their shows are all comedic, {{Animesque}}, and aimed at kids. While ''[[Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf Pleasant Goat]]'' is popular in China, their other shows are mostly obscure, unsuccessful ShortRunners. All of their works, including ''[[Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf Pleasant Goat]]'', are almost completely unknown in the West. 께[[Creator/AlphaGroupCoLtd Alpha Group Co., Ltd.]] purchased Creative Power Entertaining in 2013.께Creative Power Entertaining has a [[ channel]] on Website/YouTube with English content and Chinese content. They have a Chinese website [[ here]] and an English website [[ here]][[note]]Their older English website is [[ here]][[/note]]. 께NeedsWikiMagicLove?께----!!Works by Creative Power Entertaining:[[index]]* ''Animation/HappyFamily'' (2004)* ''Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf'' (2005)* ''Animation/CookieMaster'' (2008)* ''Animation/PlanetOf7Colors'' (2009)* ''Animation/LegendarySoccerKid'' (2010)* ''WebAnimation/FunAlliance'' (2016)[[/index]]께----!!"Let our tropes entertain you!":* {{Animesque}}: They tend to have an animesque style in their works. * InconsistentDub: They're a bit inconsistent with how they translate their slogan. They can't decide between it being "Let's bring more laughter to the world with our colors!" or it being "Let our colors entertain you!", though the latter is used more often. * KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Their English dubs cannot be found in their entirety.* LineToGod: They interact with their English-speaking fans quite frequently on Website/YouTube. They're willing to answer questions about their shows. * OfficiallyShortenedTitle: They've abbreviated themselves as CPE.* OneHitWonder: None of their works have taken off in the same way that ''Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf'' has. * ShortRunners: Their shows tend not to last more than one or two seasons. The only exception is ''Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf'', which is a LongRunner. * {{Slogans}}: They always use the motto, "Let our colors entertain you!", especially on their website. Sometimes it's, "Let's bring more laughter to the world with our colors!", though they haven't exactly made the ''entire world'' laugh... * SuddenNameChange: They used to be known as Creative Cartoon Network before they changed their name to Creative Power Entertaining. They might have changed their name to avoid confusion with the American Creator/CartoonNetwork.


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