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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛˛'''Colin Arthur O'Donoghue''' (born January 26, 1981) is an Irish actor and musician. He is best known for his role portraying Captain Killian "Hook" Jones in the TV Series ''Series/OnceUponATime'' and for portraying Michael Kovak in the ''Film/TheRite''.˛˛----˛!!Works that he has appeared in:˛* ''Rebel Heart'' (2001) as Rowe˛* ''Home for Christmas'' (2002) as Norman Quested˛* ''Call Girl'' (2003) as Brendan˛* ''Love Is the Drug'' (2004) as Peter˛* ''Proof'' (2005) as Jamie˛* ''Fair City'' (2005) as Emmet Fitzgerald˛* ''24/7'' (2006) as Nick˛* ''Series/TheClinic'' (2006 — 2008) as Conor Elliott˛* ''Wild Decembers'' (2009) as ''Young Guard''˛* ''Series/TheTudors'' (2009) as Duke Philip of Bavaria˛* ''The Euthanizer'' (2009) as Ben˛* ''Film/TheRite'' (2011) as Michael Kovak˛* ''Identity'' (2011) as John Bloom˛* ''Storage 24'' (2012) as Mark˛* ''Series/OnceUponATime'' (2012 — 2018) as Captain Hook/Killian Jones and Wish Hook/Rogers˛* ''The Dust Storm'' (2016) as Brennan˛* ''Carrie Pilby'' (2017) as Professor Harrison˛* ''WesternAnimation/{{Trollhunters}}'' (2018) as Douxie˛* ''What Still Remains'' (2018) as Peter˛* ''Heartstings'' (2019) as JJ Sneed˛* ''The Right Stuff'' (2020) as Gordon Cooper˛˛˛----˛!!Tropes˛* ActingForTwo: He played Captain Hook/Killian Jones for six seasons before playing the Wish Realm version for most of Season Seven.˛* FakeAmerican: He's played an American character in some of his works.˛----


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