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1Buddah Records (later known as Buddha Records) was an American record label formed in 1967 out of Kama Sutra Records, which was distributed by Creator/MGMRecords. Buddah Records first became known for bubblegum pop acts like 1910 Fruitgum Company and Ohio Express. After bubblegum's popularity declined around 1970, the label branched out into other genres. Buddah was very successful - they released over 100 charting singles, with one-fifth of their releases charting at their peak. They would distribute records from other independent labels like Creator/{{Charisma|Records}}, Curtom and T-Neck Records. They stopped releasing new music in 1983. The label's catalogue was sold to BMG in 1993, and is currently handled by Creator/SonyMusicEntertainment.
3!!Buddah Records artists with TV Tropes pages:
5* Music/CaptainBeefheart
6* Music/{{Chic}}
7* UsefulNotes/DwightDEisenhower (Buddah released the biographical album ''A Decent Man...'' in 1969)
8* Music/{{Genesis}}*
9* Music/{{Isis}}
10* Music/TheIsleyBrothers (T-Neck)
11* Music/WaylonJennings
12* UsefulNotes/MartinLutherKingJr (Buddah released the biographical album ''A Man of Love'' in 1969)
13* Music/GladysKnight and the Pips
14* Music/CurtisMayfield (Curtom)
15* Creator/MontyPython*
16* Creator/JoanRivers
17* Music/ShaNaNa
18* Music/VanDerGraafGenerator*
19* Creator/JackWild
21[=*=]Through Buddah's distribution label with Charisma