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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²An InteractiveFiction writer. Also known as Zarf.²²Besides his works, he's also known as the creator of a Cruelty Scale of Interactive Fiction, a version of which can be seen on the page for UnwinnableByDesign.²²!! His works include:²²[[AC:Video games]]²* ''VideoGame/SystemsTwilight'' (1994)²* ''VideoGame/AChangeInTheWeather'' (1995)²* ''VideoGame/SoFar'' (1996)²* ''VideoGame/SpiderAndWeb'' (1998)²* ''VideoGame/{{Shade}}'' (2000)²* ''VideoGame/TheDreamhold'' (2004)²* ''VideoGame/HadeanLands'' (2014)²²[[AC:Other]]²* TabletopGame/{{Werewolf}} (1997)²* Website/LeftFootLivingReview (1995-2003)²----


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