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1[[quoteright:241:]]² ²-> ''"Adam's hysterical! Such a sweetheart. I love him so much; just always want to pinch his cheeks. He always makes me laugh."''²-->-- '''Sarah Hyland'''²²Adam Patrick Devine (born November 7, 1983) is an American actor, comedian, voice actor, singer, screenwriter and producer. He is known for creating and starring as Adam Demamp on the television show ''Series/{{Workaholics}}'', Bumper in the ''Film/PitchPerfect'' film series, Andy in ''Series/ModernFamily'', Mike in ''Film/MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates'' and Noah in ''Film/WhenWeFirstMet''. ²²Not to be confused with Creator/AdamLevine.²²----²!! Notable filmography:²* ''Series/{{Workaholics}}'' (2011 -- 2017) as Adam Demamp²* ''Film/PitchPerfect'' franchise as Bumper:²** ''Pitch Perfect'' (2012)²** ''Pitch Perfect 2'' (2015) ²* ''Series/ModernFamily'' (2013 -- 2018) as Andy²* ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa'' (2013 -- 2017) as Pizza Steve²* ''WesternAnimation/PennZeroPartTimeHero'' (2014 -- 2017) as Boone²* ''Film/{{Neighbors|2014}}'' (2014) as Former Delta Psi Member²* ''Film/TheIntern'' (2015) as Jason²* ''Film/TheFinalGirls'' (2015) as Kurt²* ''Film/MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates'' (2016) as Mike ²* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegoBatmanMovie'' (2017) as Franchise/TheFlash²* ''Film/WhenWeFirstMet'' (2018) as Noah²* ''[[Film/GameOverMan2018 Game Over, Man!]]'' (2018) as Alexxx²* ''WesternAnimation/{{Vampirina}}'' (2018) as Poltergeist Pat²* ''Film/IsntItRomantic'' (2019) as Josh. ²* ''Film/MagicCamp'' (2019) as Andy²----²!! Tropes associated with his works and career:²²%%²* TheCastShowoff: Sings and dances in several of his roles.²* CelebrityResemblance: He's joked on his stand-up about how people often compare him to "a young Creator/MattDamon or Creator/MarkWahlberg".²* DyeingForYourArt: He worked out substantially for his role in ''Film/MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates'', due to the fact that he would have to play Zac Efron's brother. ²* LargeHam: His characters tend to be loud and prone to singing.²* OlderThanTheyLook: A lot of characters he portrays are almost a ''decade'' younger than his actual age. ²* PrettyBoy: Has some gorgeous pretty-boy looks, including some irresistible dimples, which show off in his roles. ²* SelfDeprecation: His stand-up mostly consists of mocking his height and personality.²* TeensAreShort: In conjunction with his baby-face looks, this is how he successfully plays a lot of characters significantly younger than his actual age.²* ThoseTwoActors: Played LoveInterests with [[Creator/RebelWilson Rebel Wilson]] four times. ²----


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