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1%% Please don't add moments from leaks until the episodes have aired. Promos are okay, though.²²''Steven Universe'' has a ''very'' strong continuity. There are many story arcs and references to earlier episodes, and sometimes things that happened ages ago will be brought back into the spotlight. Outside of broken items magically being fixed again, the missing Mr. Universe shirt in "Bismuth", and contradicting summer/fall seasons in seasons 3 and 4, this show has very few continuity errors.²----²!!Examples:²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:General]]²* Cookie Cats are discontinued in episode 1, but they are referenced frequently throughout the rest of the series.²* Steven's cheeseburger backpack. He gets it in episode 3, and it never stops being an item that he carries around with him all the time. In one of the season 2 shorts, Steven gets a Hot Dog Duffel Bag, which then appears in full-length season 3 episode "Same Old World" and several after that.²** Items that Steven owns in general--his jacket, his stuffed animals--are firmly reoccurring.²* Early on in the show, Steven would go to Funland, but in "Serious Steven" he was "banned from all the rides, FOREVER!" The inside of Funland is never seen again...until Mr. Smiley gives him a second chance in season 3 because he was too tired to actually enforce any rules. (Due to having not seen a bed in six days).²** Additionally, Mr. Smiley mentioned enforcing "another" lifetime ban in response to Peridot's behavior towards him, so it's not like he forgot about the first one altogether.²* Greg has the same consistent affectionate nicknames, such as 'stuball,' that he uses for Steven.²* In this world, chips are always known as 'chaaaaps.'²* Peridot's [[ Twitter account]] only started posting in mid-2016 (after "Too Short to Ride" premiered), but the account itself was created in January 2015 - the same month [[Recap/StevenUniverseS1E36WarpTour "Warp Tour"]] (her first appearance) aired.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 1A]]²²[[AC:Cat Fingers]]²* Peedee has received a promotion after the events of the previous episode.²²[[AC:Bubble Buddies]]²* In "Gem Glow," a FreezeFrameBonus showed a glow bracelet in the freezer. It makes a reappearance in this episode--Steven was saving it for Connie all this time.²²[[AC:Serious Steven]]²* The reason Steven is going on this mission is because he did well on the Lunar Sea Spire mission from "Cheeseburger Backpack."²²[[AC:Tiger Millionaire]]²* Purple Puma makes his(?) proper debut after being shown in "Cat Fingers."²²[[AC:Steven's Lion]]²* Ronaldo plugs his blog to Steven yet again after "Cat Fingers." If you look closely at his laptop screen, you can see the picture he took of Steven and his shapeshifted fingers from that episode.²* At the end of the episode, Garnet's comment that "we kept Amethyst" is treated like a joke, but actually becomes an important call-forward to the information we learn about her backstory in "On the Run."²²[[AC:So Many Birthdays]]²* In "Arcade Mania," Onion had so many prize tickets that he was able to buy a moped. In this episode, we see him hacking open the skee-ball machine and [[BrickJoke stealing tickets from it]]...explaining how he got so many in the first place.²²[[AC:Onion Trade]]²* Onion's previously-won moped is used to run over a bunch of ketchup packets and then blow up.²²[[AC:Steven the Sword Fighter]]²* After being first shown with her sword collection in "Together Breakfast," we get a little expansion on Pearl's swordfighting skills.²²[[AC:Lion 2: The Movie]]²* Dogcopter is introduced after a poster for the movie was previously seen in the background.²²[[AC:Beach Party]]²* The Hologram-Pearls make a reappearance.²²[[AC:Rose's Room]]²* In "Together Breakfast," Rose's Room had been seen for a split second; Steven was sliding down a pipe, and it abruptly switched from the scary, dark-red setting to a peaceful background of pink clouds (the room's leitmotif was even playing in the background). Now that room has been properly explained.²* The fake Connie tells Steven that "It was incredible!" These were some of the first words Connie spoke to him after they escaped from the giant sea worm monster in "Bubble Buddies."²* Frybo is back at Beach Citywalk Fries, and Steven is terrified of him.²²[[AC:Joking Victim]]²* On the wall of the storeroom in the Big Donut, one of the posters Steven made in "Tiger Millionaire" can be seen.²* After Lars befriended the cool kids in episode 14, he's seen hanging out with them again.²²[[AC:Steven And The Stevens]]²* Some past locations are seen from previous episodes due to time travel:²** One of the final scenes in "Gem Glow," when Steven throws up from eating too many Cookie Cats (though here, it's because he's bewildered by the sight of a bunch of fighting Stevens).²** A scene from Rose's Room. As the Stevens continue to fight, the Steven from the episode itself parachutes down in the distance.²** The last one is a call-forward to when the ocean went missing in "Ocean Gem."²²[[AC:Monster Buddies]]²* The episode is focused around the Mother Centipeedle from "Gem Glow."²²[[AC:An Indirect Kiss]]²* Like what he learned to do in "Lion 2," Lion let Steven and Connie ride on his back.²²[[AC:Mirror Gem]]²* The show keeps time--it's now the beginning of summer.²* Pearl's silly item-summoning ritual from "Lars and the Cool Kids" returns.²* Mayor Dewey is driving his promotional van again, and he refers to Steven as "car wash kid" ala "Cat Fingers."²²[[AC:Ocean Gem]]²* This episode continues directly from "Mirror Gem," so of course it has all the continuity of the previous episode attached.²* Greg tries to play a CD in his van just like "Laser Light Cannon."²* During the exposition about corrupted Gems, scenes from previous episodes are shown, including Steven's attempts to befriend and then bubbling Centipeetle.²* Amethyst becomes Purple Puma again.²* As she's fighting the water clones, Pearl exclaims "I hate fighting me!," a reference to the Holo-Pearl from "Steven the Sword Fighter."²* Steven heals Lapis' cracked gem (a concept first introduced in "An Indirect Kiss") with the healing powers he got from the same episode.²* Connie rescues Steven using the portal-roar trick she saw Lion do in "Lion 2."²* Pearl asks Greg about his catchphrase from "Laser Light Cannon," "with the pork chops, and the hot dogs."²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 1B]]²²[[AC:House Guest]]²* Greg's broken leg from last episode is dealt with, as is his van.²* Greg messes up Steven's new healing powers and causes Steven to lose the ability for a long time.²²[[AC:Space Race]]²* In Greg's exposition over the old barn, he mentions that his aunt and uncle (the previous owners of the barn) were big pack rats, and he comments that his family might have a problem. He's referring to his own hoarding problems, as seen with the shed from "Laser Light Cannon."²²[[AC:Secret Team]]²* All the rooms seen from "Together Breakfast" make a return.²* Garnet calls Kiki/Jenny "pizza daughter," which is probably a reference to her treatment of them from "Beach Party."²* Garnet beats Pearl and Amethyst with the long, shapeshifted arms that she used to save Steven in "Steven and the Stevens."²²[[AC:Keep Beach City Weird]]²* Ronaldo is obsessing over some of the remnants of previous episodes' adventures:²** The cliffside of the Temple is full of holes from the drill monsters in "Arcade Mania."²** Some rubble from the Red Eye ("Laser Light Cannon") is still stuck in the boardwalk.²** Some leftover blossoms from "Lars and the Cool Kids" are still floating around town.²²[[AC:Fusion Cuisine]]²* Because Steven healed her eyes in "An Indirect Kiss," Connie leaves her glasses off while hanging with him, but keeps them on in front of her parents.²²[[AC:Watermelon Steven]]²* Rose's plantkinesis is brought up again after being implied and seen in "An Indirect Kiss."²²[[AC:Lion 3: Straight to Video]]²* The replacement of Cookie Cats, Lion Lickers, are brought up again from their brief mention in "Gem Glow." Steven still thinks they're gross.²* Steven has a dream involving Dogcopter (seen in the last Lion-focused episode).²* Lion's mane also contains Rose's sword, which Steven and Connie used once before, also in "Lion 2: The Movie." There are many items in Lion's mane, all of which either come into play later on or have their origins explained in later episodes.²* Steven goes to The Big Donut to play the videotape because it's the only place he knows that has a VCR. He and Sadie watched a tape on it back in "Joking Victim."²* Steven does not watch the tape at home because he is still grounded from TV after "Fusion Cuisine".²* Steven high-fives Lars' chest, a ritual started in "Lars and the Cool Kids."²²[[AC:Warp Tour]]²* Steven has the water gun from "Ocean Gem."²* More places are seen as Steven leads the Gems around through the warp system:²** The Geode from "House Guest," which is still sealed shut with Greg's duct tape.²** The Sky Spire, where Steven Junior, Steven's goat friend from "Giant Woman," now has kids.²** The Galaxy Warp from "Space Race."²* Again at the Galaxy Warp, Peridot shows up and surveys the area. She finds the exact same "Crying Breakfast Friends" sticker that Steven placed there in "Space Race" and takes it for further study.²* Garnet summons the giant gauntlets from "Garnet's Universe."²²[[AC:Alone Together]]²* At the end of "Giant Woman," Garnet mentioned that Steven would be able to fuse. Here they are at the beginning of the episode, practicing just that.²* Sadie and Lars are arguing before Stevonnie comes in--their relationship is still beat up after "Island Adventure."²²[[AC:The Test]]²* This episode is a direct reference to "Cheeseburger Backpack." Turns out that the mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was just a test, and Steven is upset that he only got 75% on it.²* The episode itself starts with the Lunar Sea Spire, which Steven forgot at the house, falling out of the closet.²* The Gems' tests are reminiscent of the challenges Steven went through in "Serious Steven." Pearl's room has a music tile puzzle, just like the pyramid did in the second room, and swinging blades that are almost identical to the ones from before. Garnet's in particular has spike plates slamming up and down and a room full of fire and lava.²* Pearl gives us a direct rundown of Steven's powers so far:²-->'''Pearl:''' The point is that he's come so far. He can make Rose's bubble! And he's pulled out Rose's shield twice. But he's lost his healing powers. We have to give him another ''success''. He can't lose his confidence like that again.²²[[AC:Future Vision]]²* MC Bear Bear returns from "Mirror Gem."²* Garnet shows off her heat-resistant powers again when Lars spills hot coffee all over her.²* Cookie Cat's interplanetary backstory comes up again ("I never considered you would be evil!")²* Steven is wearing his biking helmet from "Bubble Buddies."²²[[AC:On the Run]]²* Steven is now a bookworm due to being grounded from TV for a thousand years.²* The Gems are coming home with even more of the Flask Robonoids from "Warp Tour."²* Steven rides in Jenny's pizza car again so he and Amethyst can get a lift out of Beach City.²* Pearl and Amethyst bring back some of their moves from "Watermelon Steven," such as the spear energy bursts and the spindash attack.²²[[AC:Horror Club]]²* Ronaldo's setup in the lighthouse ("Keep Beach City Weird") returns.²* Compared to previous episodes, Steven's powers and the way he handles them are a lot more powerful and mature. This is around the point where he starts coming into his own.²²[[AC:Winter Forecast]]²* This episode marks even more passage of time, as it is now winter.²* As Connie mentions, Steven is still grounded from TV.²* As he's trying on clothes, Greg puts on the outfit that he wore during Fusion Cuisine. Steven points out that the Maheswarans will think he only has one fancy shirt, which is true.²* The waffle iron Greg kept in his van from "Laser Light Cannon" is put into use cooking eggs in the middle of a snowstorm.²* The shooting star from "Monster Buddies" returns. Not only that, but the Gems were trying to use it to blow up the galaxy warp, playing off of the events at the end of "Warp Tour."²* In the end, the episode turns out to be dedicated to Garnet's future vision, just like the episode of the same name. Continuing off of that one, Garnet is still trying to help Steven understand what she sees every day.²²[[AC:Maximum Capacity]]²* The storage shed from "Laser Light Cannon" returns, along with all the items previously seen in it. Greg discovers the picture frame that Steven broke the first time he had ventured inside.²* Amethyst turns into Purple Puma again.²* Steven is thrilled when he finds a box of new books to read.²* Following his promotion from "Frybo," Peedee is working the counter.²* Greg's previously established fear of shapeshifting is explained in this episode - Amethyst used it to upset him in the past, and does so again in this episode.²* Steven refuses to watch Lil' Butler as he is still grounded from TV from "Fusion Cuisine".²²[[AC:Marble Madness]]²* Steven now has Connie in on his quest for reading, and when she shows him ''Unfamiliar Familiar,'' he lets out the same cry of "BOOOKS!" as he did in the last episode.²* One of the locations the Plug Robonoids arrive in is the desert from "Steven's Lion."²* The Kindergarten returns, and Amethyst still looks uncomfortable to be there.²* Steven says "funky flow," just like "Bubble Buddies."²* Peridot is back with Steven's Crying Breakfast Friends sticker.²* Peridot also references the Red Eye from "Laser Light Cannon," which was apparently a scouting device to look for Gems on the planet.²²[[AC:Rose's Scabbard]]²* Some items from inside Lion's mane--specifically, Rose's sword and the flag with her emblem on it--return.²* The armory from "Lion 2: Straight to Video" is back, and Steven tells Pearl that he's been here before. He also calls up the weapons and armor by poking himself in random places, the way Connie did the first time they visited. Some of the weapons he brings up are the light cannons from episode 2.²* Steven's bike and helmet from "Bubble Buddies" appear again. Steven had them stored in Lion's pocket dimension.²* When Steven is retrieving the flag to cheer Pearl up, he takes a deep breath first--as seen in "Lion 3," there's no air in Lion's mane.²²[[AC:Open Book]]²* This episode is a continuation of the Steven-reads-Unfamiliar-Familiar subplot from "Marble Madness."²* Rose's room returns, and so does the tiny pink floating whale. He gives her a high-five again.²* Steven is also still visibly nervous at being in the room, warning Connie that they should "keep it simple" and not overload the room with requests.²²[[AC: Shirt Club]]²* Steven is wielding the T-shirt cannon from inside Greg's storage shed (seen in "Laser Light Cannon").²²[[AC: Story for Steven]]²* The concert where Greg met Rose, first mentioned in "Laser Light Cannon" is finally seen in this episode. She really was the only one to show up!²* Rose's large "Mr. Universe" t-shirt seen inside Lion's mane in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" appears, and we learn that Greg gave it to her free of charge. ²* In the back of Greg's van we see many red t-shirts with a gold star on them, these later become Steven's shirts. ²* This episode marks the first appearance of Vidalia, who becomes one of the recurring residents of Beach City in later episodes. Her relationship with Marty is also implied here.²* In the van, we see a picture of Steven with his cat fingers in the background.²²[[AC: The Message]]²* During "Ocean Gem" Greg mentioned he got an idea for an album cover when he saw Lapis sucking the ocean into space. Here we see he's drawn up and colored a draft for it, and is working on a song about the adventure. ²* The Wailing Stone, first seen in "Rose's Room" makes a return.²* This marks the first reappearance of Lapis Lazuli since Ocean Gem, and it is revealed that she made it all the way back to Homeworld. ²²[[AC: Political Power]]²* Pearl is seen tinkering with some of Peridot's robots, trying to figure out how they work. ²* The Crystal Gems are trying to prepare themselves for the Homeworld gems to return to Earth. Steven even notices the Quartzine Trio hidden under a tarp.²²[[AC: The Return]]²* This episode continues the arc about the Homeworld gems returning to Earth. ²* The laser light cannon from its debut episode returns, along with the Quartzine Trio debuting in Lion 2, named in Rose's Scabbard, and foreshadowed in the last episode. The four cannons form a quartet.²** While on the subject of Laser Light Cannon, this episode contains many parallels to that episode:²*** The episode starts with Steven eating fry bits.²*** Once the threat in the sky makes itself known, Steven meets the gems on the beach where they're observing with a telescope.²*** Steven has an awkward car ride with his father²*** The threat in the sky causes the lighting to change more and more as it gets closer²*** Some motifs return like the cannon's when it fires. The beginning of "Return to the Beach/Jasper" is reminiscent of the music that plays in the climax of Laser Light Cannon.²* Greg mentions that Rose and her rebellion were trying to prevent something "bad" from happening to the Earth, seemingly calling back to the episode "On The Run".²* Opal returns since her debut episode.²* We see both Lapis Lazuli and Peridot again, along with Jasper, a new Homeworld gem.²²[[AC: Jail Break]]²* This episode continues immediately after The Return. ²* This episode marks the first appearance of Ruby and Sapphire. ²* Garnet's status as a fusion is finally revealed after several hints along the way, including:²** Ruby and Sapphire's silhouettes being seen very briefly in "Fusion Cuisine"²** Garnet stating fusion is easy for her in "Alone Together"²** Garnet's third eye and her having two gems, unlike the other gems.²* Steven has a black eye from being head-butted by Jasper at the end of the previous episode.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 2]]²[[AC: Full Disclosure]]²* This episode can be seen as a third part to The Return and Jail Break's arc.²* This entire episode deals with the aftermath of the previous two, including a montage of flashbacks.²²[[AC: Joy Ride]]²* Steven finally gets ungrounded from television, having been grounded since "Fusion Cuisine".²* Amethyst mentions that Steven only recently broke them out of space jail.²* The gems are still cleaning the beach from the events of "Jail Break".²* Steven mentions to the cool kids how he's afraid to talk to the Gems about Rose Quartz since he feels they blame him for her not being around. This is likely due to the events of "Rose's Scabbard".²* Peridot's escape pod from "Jail Break" appears again, but is smashed up from the landing.²²[[AC: Love Letters]]²* Jamie returns after a long absence since "Ocean Gem" - he's been out of state to pursue his acting career.²* For the first time since "Jail Break", Garnet's status as a fusion is brought up - Steven has told Connie off-screen (probably in "Full Disclosure").²²[[AC: Reformed]]²* Steven remembered how it took Pearl two weeks to come back after she got poofed in "Steven the Sword Fighter".²²[[AC: Sworn to the Sword]]²* Garnet and Amethyst emerge from Amethyst's room, presumably still searching for The Slinker - the corrupted monster from the previous episode that they weren't able to catch.²²[[AC: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies]]²* This episode features the events of "The Return" and "Jail Break" from the point of view of the Beach City citizens.²²TO BE ADDED²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 3]]²[[AC:Super Watermelon Island]]²* Mask Island is seen again.²* The Watermelon Stevens from 45 episodes ago re-appear, and seem to have inhabited Mask Island with their own little community!²* The Watermelon Stevens still explode into melon slices when they are killed.²* There is a huge statue of Baby Melon in the centre of the Watermelon community, who sacrificed himself in "Watermelon Steven".²* This episode wraps up the Malachite story arc.²* The Cluster is still an imminent threat that emerges at the end of the episode.²* Alexandrite is seen again, and is still having trouble holding herself together.²* Steven uses his astral projection ability in this episode, as shown in "Chille Tid".²* The hole in the wall of the barn is still there from "Message Received".²²[[AC:Gem Drill]]²* This episode picks up directly where Super Watermelon Island left off, with the Cluster emerging.²* The gems are still stuck on Mask Island following the destruction of the warp pad during the Malachite vs Alexandrite brawl.²* Peridot says "Wow thanks" in this episode after Steven says he loves her. This is a callback to Log Date 7 15 2.²* Peridot calls ears "head-holes". Her 'peri-phrasing' word for "ears" is revealed.²* The hole in the wall of the barn is still there, now covered with a tarp.²* Peridot states she still has feelings for Homeworld, but is now settling in with the Crystal Gems.²²[[AC:Same Old World]]²* Peridot tells the events of the previous episode.²* Peridot wishes to fix the hole she made in the wall in "Message Received".²* Lapis makes the fart noise she made in "Mirror Gem".²* Steven is using the Hot Dog Duffel Bag again.²* Lapis is once again confused by Steven's nicknames for her.²* Steven and Lapis fly to Empire City, which was mentioned in "Story for Steven" as the world's version of New York City.²* This episode shows a flashback of Lapis' past, stating that she was found at the Galaxy Warp, lining up with what Pearl said in "Mirror Gem".²* It's now autumn - time is passing.²²[[AC:Barn Mates]]²* This episode picks up right where Same Old World left off.²* Lapis Lazuli still resents Peridot for her actions in "Jail Break".²* Peridot mentions how she's changed since she last met Lapis, and refers to her calling Yellow Diamond a clod.²* Camp Pining Hearts is mentioned again.²* Peridot is still calling Lapis "Lazuli", as she did in Catch and Release.²* Peridot's tape recorder returns, but is smashed in this episode.²* The Cluster drill hole is still there - and has been filled with water.²* Lapis rejects Peridot's lake gift because of her encounter with Jasper as Malachite.²* Peridot has now started to learn human names for anatomy, calling noses noses instead of scent sponges.²²[[AC:Hit the Diamond]]²* The Crystal Gems use alias that are either missing letters or are shortenings of their name - Pearl = Earl, Amethyst = Amy, etc. Lapis's alias? Bob.²** It should be noted that Steven called Lapis "Bob" in "Ocean Gem".²* This episode picks up right where Barn Mates left off.²* Jasper is still missing, and Homeworld are looking for her.²* Peridot mentions how she called Yellow Diamond a clod again in this episode.²²[[AC:Steven Floats]]²* Steven is happy to be back from the barn after living there for some time.²* Steven having the power to float has been hinted at for a long time, as Rose had the power as well.²* Amethyst shapeshifts into Purple Puma again.²* Steven mentions the feelings with his mother are complicated, due to what's happened previously on the show about her.²²[[AC:Drop Beat Dad]]²* The friction between Sour Cream and Yellowtail is brought up again, specifically Yellowtail disapproving of DJ-ing.²* Marty returns in this episode, and Steven remembers how awful Marty was from "Story for Steven".²²[[AC:Mr. Greg]]²* Greg is still rich, after he received his enormous check of $10 million at the end of the previous episode.²* Empire City returns again from "Same Old World".²* The "Pepe's Burger" jingle is to the tune of Greg's "Comet" song in "Story for Steven".²** Greg states that he was playing "Comet" when he met Rose for the first time, as seen in "Story for Steven".²* Pearl is still unable to get over the loss of Rose.²* This episode continues the plot thread of the Pearl-Rose-Greg love triangle.²* Pearl references the state of the barn in this episode, hot off the heals of a lengthy arc centered around that location that has just concluded at the time of this episode.²* The first seasonal error occurs in this episode. In "Same Old World" it was fall, but in this episode it's stated to be summer again.²²[[AC:Too Short to Ride]]²* Peridot mentions her old limb enhancers.²* Steven's cat fingers briefly return in this episode.²* Steven appears to have more control over his shapeshifting after several false starts.²²[[AC:The New Lars]]²* Steven's astral projection ability is used again in this episode.²²[[AC:Beach City Drift]]²* This episode can be seen as a sequel to "Alone Together". Kevin returns.²* Steven is still incredibly resentful of Kevin for his actions in "Alone Together", and tells Greg what happened in that episode.²²[[AC:Restaurant Wars]]²* Ronaldo's girlfriend is the cashier from the cinema all the way back in "Lion 2: The Movie". ²** She's also still voiced by Deedee Magno Hall, Pearl's voice actress.²²[[AC:Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service]]²* Steven apologizes after entering Kiki's mind, after he saw Lars' reaction to this in "The New Lars".²²[[AC:Monster Reunion]]²* This episode is FULL of continuity nods.²* Steven's Master of Ceremonies Bear Bear is back after a long absence.²* Steven saying that he's lost too many good bears could be a reference to the fact he's on at least his 4th incarnation of that bear. Pearl stabbed it in "Mirror Gem".²* This episode continues an old plot thread - the Centipeetle and her union with Steven.²* There are TONNES of callbacks to "Gem Glow" and "Monster Buddies".²* Garnet's future vision is actually mentioned in this episode.²* Steven still uses the puppy eyes trick to win Garnet over, like he has done in several earlier episodes.²* The Chaaaaps are still bubbled next to the Centipeetle.²* Steven's healing spit returns in this episode, after being missing since "House Guest".²* Steven isn't able to fully heal the Centipeetle, similar to how Rose was never able to heal the monsters.²* Steven jumps really high in this episode to get the Centipeetle's bubble down, using the power he gained in "Steven Floats".²* Centipeetle's backstory includes the diamond authority symbol with only three diamonds on it.²* One of Centi's drawings also shows the Lunar Sea Spire, which was last seen in "Cheeseburger Backpack".²* Steven sings the Chaaaaps jingle again, referencing him feeding Centipeedle chaaaaps in "Monster Buddies".²** This leads Steven and Centi to bond over Chaaaaps agsin.²* Steven mentions the time Peridot did the diamond salute in "Message Received", and tries to do it himself.²* Centi's backstory also ends with a flash of light, like the end of Lapis' backstory in "Same Old World",confirming that this flash of light sent from the diamonds corrupted the remaining gems on Earth.²** This also lines up with Greg saying that Rose was only able to save her closest friends (from the light), during his conversation with Steven in "The Return".²* The box of crayons has a picture of the Crying Breakfast Friends on it.²* The ancient gem ship from "Friend Ship" re-appears in this episode.²* It is revealed that gems have a language of their own - something that has been hinted at for a LONG time.²* At the end, the Centipeetle has returned to her fully corrupted form, the one first seen in "Gem Glow".²²[[AC:Alone at Sea]]²* Greg is still filthy-stinking rich from the money he got in "Drop Beat Dad".²* Lapis Lazuli is still afraid of the ocean after her encounter with Jasper.²* Greg mentions the time Lapis Lazuli attacked Greg and broke his leg in "Ocean Gem".²* Jasper returns in this episode, and begs Lapis Lazuli to be Malachite again.²* Jasper states that Malachite could fly, as was seen in "Super Watermelon Island".²²[[AC:Greg the Babysitter]]²* Greg points out that he always sings a song at the start of his flashback episodes. He has indeed - he sang "Comet" in "Story for Steven", and "What Can I Do?" at the start of "We Need to Talk".²* The book Passions of Xanxor from "Maximum Capacity" returns again.²²[[AC:Gem Hunt]]²* Pearl sings a line from "Do it for Her" to Connie.²* Although Connie previously tagged along on a mission in "Ocean Gem", this is her first mission since her training started in "Sworn to the Sword".²²[[AC: Crack the Whip]]²* The events of the showdown in "Gem Hunt" are mentioned by Connie.²* Connie is still training with Pearl.²* Sadie sings the Pepe's Burger jingle briefly, which was last sung in "Mr.Greg".²* The two corrupted gems first introduced in "Gem Hunt" appear.²²[[AC: Steven vs. Amethyst]]²* Amethyst still has her new form after being poofed by Jasper in the previous episode.²* Amethyst is still extremely depressed over being beaten by Jasper.²* Steven states he frequently forgets to use some of his powers, which lines up with things we've seen on this show before.²²[[AC: Bismuth]]²* The arrival of Bismuth was hinted all the way back in season 1 episode "Lion 3: Straight to Video", when Steven first entered Lion's mane, and we could see Bismuth's gem in a bubble. Fans speculated for two years about what or whom that mysterious bubbled object was.²* Steven states that all the new gems he's met before have tried to kill him, in reference to Peridot, Lapis and Jasper.²* Steven uses his spiked bubble ability, which he only learned he had in the previous episode.²²[[AC: Beta]]²* Amethyst still has her upgraded whip from Bismuth.²* Camp Pining Hearts is mentioned again, and Peridot and Lapis are both watching it.²* Peridot remembers what music is from "It Could've Been Great", but did not know what art is.²* Peridot still thinks all clothes are called "shirts".²* Peridot and Lapis' "Meepmorps" contain callbacks to many different episodes about their experiences at the barn:²** The broken tape recorder from "Too Far" through "Barn Mates" appears.²** A work that is a load of toilets, to remind Peridot of when she lived in Steven's bathroom.²** An aquarium made out of the hole Peridot made in the wall in "Message Received", including her doll she won in "Too Short to Ride".²** A section of Camp Pining Hearts about being trapped, with some mirrors (although Lapis denies it relates to her entrapment).²** Lapis kept a baseball bat after the events of "Hit the Diamond".²** Lapis kept the leaf that Steven gave her in "Same Old World".²* Amethyst is still upset about losing to Jasper, but has now become obsessed.²* The Beta Kindergarten is shown to be a rush-job, as was hinted in "It Could've Been Great" when Peridot said Beta was far less impressive than the Prime Kindergarten.²* Lapis still doesn't want to even hear Jasper's name mentioned after her previous encounters with her.²* Peridot has gained some more control over her metal power since their debut in "Too Short to Ride", though she's still not very good at it.²* Jasper's corrupted army appears at the Beta Kindergarten, including the snow monster from "Gem Hunt".²²[[AC: Earthlings]]²* This episode picks up where Beta left off.²* Amethyst is still determined to beat Jasper in a fight.²* Jasper's army includes gem mutants and even the Water Bear monster from "Love Letters" (or one that looks identical to it, since corrupted gems of the same type look the same). Note also how in "Love Letters", the monster was never poofed or bubbled.²* Peridot still attempts to use her metal powers, and still struggles with it.²* This is the episode where Pink Diamond is finally mentioned for the first time. In many other episodes, we've seen some Diamond Authority symbols include the pink diamond, and some that exclude it, implying something happened to Pink Diamond. This episode also confirms that Rose did something to Pink Diamond.²** This episode also confirms that Jasper originally belonged to Pink Diamond originally.²* At the very end, the Rubies from "Hit the Diamond" have returned to the Barn.²²[[AC: Back to the Moon]]²* This episode picks up where "Earthlings" left off.²* This episode reveals what actually happened to Pink Diamond - Rose shattered her.²* Steven is extremely shocked that Rose would shatter Pink Diamond due to his confrontation with Bismuth.²²[[AC: Bubbled]]²* This episode picks up where "Back to the Moon" left off.²* Steven uses his healing powers again.²* Steven and Garnet talk about Rose shattering Pink Diamond, which he learned in the previous episode.²* Following the ejection of the Rubies into space, the gems now own the Roaming Eye.²²%% Steven vs Amethyst²%% Bismuth²%% Bubbled²%% The Kindergarten Kid²%% Gem Harvest²%% Know Your Fusion²%% Tiger Philanthropist²%% Last One Out of Beach City²%% Beta²%% Earthlings²%% Back to the Moon²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 4]]²[[AC: Kindergarten Kid]]²* The gems are still poofing and bubbling the remainder of Jasper's army in the Beta Kindergarten.²* Continues the notion that corruption is not present on Homeworld, and Peridot (being new to Earth) has no idea about the nature of corrupted gems.²* The Crewniverse actually appear to have ret-conned Peridot's resistance to poofing.²** It should be noted that before Garnet poofed her back in "catch and release" Peridot had been hit by a strong electric shock from her(Garnet)and then slammed into the ground very hard, and that an electric shock (also courtesy of Garnet) was strong enough to poof a gem mutant in "when it rains".²** It should also be noted that we have yet to receive an exact value on how strong Garnet is. There's nothing to suggest that she definitely ''isn't'' strong enough to poof a Peridot, so this isn't ''necessarily'' a retcon.²* Interestingly, the gems appear to have all dropped their Bismuth upgrades, Amethyst included. Possibly because of what Bismuth did to Steven, although it's never explained.² ²[[AC: Know Your Fusion]] ²* The episode has so many callbacks that it's called out InUniverse by Sardonyx.²* When Steven and Amethyst ask Pearl and Garnet if they know who defeated Jasper, Garnet replies [[MathematiciansAnswer "Peridot"]]. Technically, she's right, as Peridot was the one who poofed Jasper at the end of the fight in "Earthlings".²* Garnet gets so excited she starts screaming and shaking Pearl, her facial expression similar to her reaction when Steven first fused with Connie during "Alone Together".²* A clip from the season 1 episode "Giant Woman" showing off Opal's skills is played for the audience, and Sardonyx wonders if Smoky Quartz has her aiming ability. ²* All the other fusions Amethyst has been a part of are also given call backs, including Sugilite and Alexandrite. ²** Smoky is tested for the strength of Sugilite shown off during "Coach Steven". When they fail, Sardonyx says that maybe they're just strong ''In the Real Way'', singing it like Pearl's song from that episode. ²** Sugilite's voice clips from the episode are used, and Sardonyx wonders if they have to pay her [[Music/NickiMinaj voice actress]] for it.²** Smoky is also tested for having a BreathWeapon like Alexandrite does, first seen in the season 3 episode "Super Watermelon Island".²* Sardonyx's mug has "I love EC" written on it, a reference to Empire City in a similar vein to "I Love NY".²* Smoky Quartz shows insecurities similar to the ones explored in Steven and Amethyst during "Steven Vs Amethyst", frequently putting themself down and calling themself useless. ²* This isn't the first time we've seen a room in the temple grow unstable and dangerous to those inside it. Unlike "Rose's Room" its not due to the room being overloaded, but instead it's due to the gem it belongs to no longer existing. ²²[[AC: Buddy's Book]]²* The librarian can be seen reading a copy of ''Passions of Xanxor'', which has appeared twice in the show so far ("Maximum Capacity" and in "Greg the Babysitter").²* Buddy is imagined to look like Jamie by Steven and Connie in their flashbacks, referencing the episode "Historical Friction" where we first learned about how Beach City was founded via a play, in which Jamie played the role of Buddy. ²** Buddy also recognizes Pearl and Garnet when he encounters them, remembering how they saved the ship and allowed William Dewey to claim land near Beach City. ²* In Steven and Connie's re-imagining of the "old" version of the gems, they're wearing the outfits they wore in the painting seen in "Too Many Birthdays"²* The sketches in the journal show many places Steven and the gems have gone during the series, including the Strawberry Battlefield, The Sea Spire, the Temple, the communication hub, the Prime Kindergarten, and more.²** The sketches also show something Steven is not familiar with, resembling a cage-like legged structure. ²* Buddy himself visits many of the places during the episode, notably the Strawberry Battlefield and the Prime Kindergarten, with his encounter with Rose happening as he looks for the Sand Castle in the desert.²** While in the Kindergarten, Amethyst once again references the long period of time she spent there by herself, and talks to the rocks there like old friends. ²** Continuity ERROR - Amethyst appears as she does currently, however in Story for Steven, amethyst has a much younger form with short hair and this is much later than Buddy's Book.²* Rose is seen with seven lions in the desert near where Steven first met Lion, possibly hinting at Lion's origins. They're all just as tame as Lion is to Steven. ²** Buddy attempts to stick his head inside the mouth of one of the lions, much like Steven did when he first met Lion in "Steven's Lion". Though Steven did it for a joke, but Buddy did it to commit suicide, kid's show style.²* This episode actually has a continuity ERROR in the season changes - it's somehow still September like it was in "Same Old World", despite the 25 episodes between them.²²[[AC: Mindful Education]]²* This episode confirms that unstable fusions can hallucinate - as visualised when Stevonnie became unstable in "Alone Together" and "Beach City Drift".²* Steven's hallucination sequence features several callbacks to recent events - poofing Bismuth, releasing Eyeball into space, watching Jasper corrupt, and his mother shattering Pink Diamond.²* Steven uses his floating abilities.²* The ground Steven and Connie land on after falling off the Sky Arena looks like the ground Ruby and Sapphire landed on after they jumped off the arena in "The Answer".²²[[AC: Last One Out of Beach City]]²* The sign for the entrance to Ocean Town states "No longer on FIRE". In "Political Power" it was hinted that a major riot happened there.²²[[AC: Onion Gang]]²* Continuity ERROR - It's early fall AGAIN. ²²[[AC: Steven's Dream]]²* Greg has a classy new watch - he is still rich.²* Andy appears again from "Gem Harvest".²* This episode continues the Rose-shattered-Pink Diamond plot thread.²* Buddy's journal appears again.²* Greg mentions how he used to be good at fence-jumping, as he did in "Story for Steven".²** The fence also has a "Keep Out" sign, with "Please" in Rose's handwriting below it, as did the fence in "Story for Steven".²* The size of the diamonds appears to have been retconned - unless some deceptive perception was in play, "The Answer" and "Message Recieved" make the pearls hight somewhere around the diamonds knees, but now the diamonds are big enough to wrap one hand ''around'' the pearls if they really wanted to.[[note]] and as seen in "That Will Be All", have a pearl ''stand on the hand''.[[/note]]²²[[AC: Adventures in Light Distortion]]²* This episode picks up where "Steven's Dream" left off.²* The Roaming Eye makes another appearance - the Gems have owned it since "Bubbled".²²[[AC: Gem Heist]]²* This episode picks up where "Adventures in Light Distortion" left off.²* Ruby mentions how Blue Diamond hates fusion, remembering her experiences shown in "The Answer".²²[[AC: The Zoo]]²* This episode picks up where "Gem Heist" left off.²²[[AC: That Will Be All]]²* Picks up right where "The Zoo" left off.²* Skinny and Carnelian - two gems that were mentioned in "Beta" - actually appear in this episode.²²[[AC: The New Crystal Gems]]²* Steven returns with Greg after getting him back from the human zoo, and is still wearing his zoo outfit.²* We see Steven's call from "Adventures in Light Distortion" again, from Connie's perspective.²* Connie remembers when Lapis almost drowned her in "Ocean Gem", but Lapis can't remember Connie.²* The sentient Pumpkin from "Gem Harvest" returns.²* Peridot is showing Lapis Steven's bathroom, as she lived there in "Catch and Release" and "When it Rains".²** She is even seen flushing herself down the toilet again, as she did in "Catch and Release".²* Peridot's ferrokinesis ability is getting stronger - she is now able to lift trucks.²* Greg references his times at the Zoo.²²[[AC: Storm in the Room]]²* The gems are still out fixing the car wash after the mess Lapis and Peridot made in the previous episode.²* Steven still has his zoo outfit on, which he changes out of in this episode.²* Connie is returning home after living in Steven's house for a while, as seen in the previous episode.²* Connie and her mom are still on better terms after "Nightmare Hospital", and trusts Connie more.²* Steven mentions that it's been a long time since he last visited Rose's Room. Indeed, it's been '''50 episodes''' since Steven briefly passed through the room in search of Peridot's gem!!²* In quite possibly the most intense moment of the season, Steven lists everything he's learned about Rose Quartz:²** Rose poofed and bubbled Bismuth away because Bismuth wanted to shatter gems (Bismuth), but then Rose herself went and shattered Pink Diamond (Back to the Moon), leaving Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl distraught (Three Gems and a Baby et al).²* Cloud Rose reminds Steven of the VHS tape from "Lion 3: Straight to Video".²* Steven mentions how he only gets a picture of Rose from what everyone else tells him - which is true.²* Dr. Maheswaran mentions Dr. Stromberg and his incompetence again, like in "Nightmare Hospital".²²[[AC: Rocknaldo]]²* At the beginning, Steven is talking about how he's still relieved to be back on Earth after his recent space adventure.²²[[AC: Tiger Philanthropist]]²* This episode is basically the sequel episode to Tiger Millionaire, and so contains many call-backs.²* Amethyst mentions how she no longer feels insecure about herself, due to her encounter with the Famethysts in "That Will Be All".²²[[AC: Room for Ruby]]²* Garnet mentions how Steven was almost killed by Eyeball in "Bubbled".²* Steven rattles off everything the Crystal Gems have done to the Rubies so far since their first encounter.²* Steven reminds Garnet of the story she told him in "The Answer".²²[[AC: Lion 4: Alternate Ending]]²* Steven is watching the VHS tape from Lion 3 at the beginning of this episode.²* Steven briefly mentions the time he went to Asia in "Steven's Dream".²* Locations relevant to Rose are visited again when Steven tries to find out what the key opens, including the secret armory, Rose's Fountain (both of which haven't been seen since season 1), and Rose's Room.²²[[AC: Doug Out]]²* Steven's space adventure is mentioned again at the beginning by Steven and Connie.²²[[AC:The Good Lars]]²* Lars is revealed to be an excellent chef, which was hinted at way back in "Island Adventure".²²[[AC: Are You My Dad?]]²* Steven sings "Hey Mr. Postman" again for the first time in 124 episodes.²* Onion, Sadie and Lars are missing following their captures being teased at the end of the previous two episodes.²²[[AC: I Am My Mom]]²* This episode picks up where "Are You My Dad?" left off.²* There is a direct flashback to "Marble Madness" in this episode, where Steven listed the names of various humans to Peridot, and now Homeworld is after the names he listed.²* Steven summons his spiked bubble again for the first time since "Bismuth".²* Rose shattering Pink Diamond is brought up again.²* Jamie states he's over Garnet now, as a reference to "Love Letters" when he fell in love with Garnet and was rejected.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 5]]²[[AC: Stuck Together]]²* This episode picks up where "I Am My Mom" left off.²* Gem Destabilisers appear again for the first time since "Jail Break".²* Lars is, of course, still on Aquamarine's ship, since he failed to evacuate at the end of "I Am My Mom".²²[[AC: The Trial]]²* This episode picks up where "Stuck Together" left off.²* Steven states he knows the punishment will be worse than imprisonment in a white room, based off his previous experiences with Homeworld Gems.²* Steven thinks The Breaking Point introduced in "Bismuth" was used to shatter Pink Diamond.²²[[AC: Off Colors]]²* This episode picks up where "The Trial" left off.²* Lars' ability to cook is brought up again.²²[[AC: Lars' Head]]²* This episode picks up where "Off Colors" left off.²* In an amazing continuity detail, when we see Rose's tree in Lion's mane again, Steven's shirt from "Bismuth" is hanging on the top branch, and the branch Steven broke in "Bismuth" is still broken. And of course, Bismuth's gem is missing.²* After what happened in "The New Lars", Steven apologises for using powers on Lars without his permission.²* Lars mentions the events of "The New Lars" when he says "You're going to possess me again?!"²²[[AC: Gemcation]]²* Steven is still waiting for a call from Connie after the events of "Dewey Wins".²* Pearl covers her mouth while trying to talk about the Diamonds, just as she did in "Back to the Moon" and "Adventures in Light Distortion".²²[[AC: Raising the Barn]]²* Onion has Steven's straw hat from "Watermelon Steven".²²[[AC: Back to Kindergarten]]²* Peridot is once again living in Steven's bathroom.²* Steven repeats his morning routine from "Catch and Release" - brushing his teeth, washing his face and cleaning his ears.²* Amethyst mentions the Amethyst guards from "That Will Be All".²* You can see Amethyst's favorite rocks (Sitting rock, Climbing rock) from "On the Run"²* Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot take the same route to the kindergarten from "On the Run".²²[[AC: Kevin Party]]²* Steven is wearing the shirt Connie gave him for his birthday.²* One of Kevin's friends asks "Who invited the seven-year-old?", referencing roughly when Steven stopped aging.²* Steven and Connie reconcile after the events of "Dewey Wins".²²[[AC: Lars of the Stars]]²* This episode picks up from the events of "Lars' Head".²* Lars' skull gauges return as part of his parents' care package.²* Stevonnie is labeled as An Experience, referencing what Garnet said in "Alone Together".²* Stevonnie is able to drive a car, just like they did in "Beach City Drift".²²[[AC: Jungle Moon]]²* This episode picks up right after "Lars of the Stars".²* Stevonnie uses Connie's survival knowledge from "Gem Hunt".²* Stevonnie grows stubble, just like Steven started to at the end of "Steven's Birthday".²* The Moon Base is identical to the one orbiting Earth.²²[[AC: Your Mother and Mine]]²* Garnet shapeshifts into Steven after first doing it in "Keep Beach City Weird".²* The art style of Garnet's story in "The Answer" is used again, with Estelle still voicing every character.²²[[AC: Pool Hopping]]²* Future Vision is once again explained using water as a metaphor.²* Vidalia's painting hobby from "Onion Friend" reappears.²²[[AC: Letters to Lars]]²* The whole town is shown to be preparing for Homeworld Gems since the events of "I Am My Mom".²* Dewey reopens the Big Donut, which had been closed since "Sadie Killer".²²[[AC: Can't Go Back]]²* Ronaldo is on telescope duty from "Letters to Lars".²* Steven still calls Lapis and Peridot's sculptures "meep-morps".²* Peridot has gotten much better at controlling her metal powers.²* The orb from "It Could've Been Great" returns, and is finally revealed to be an observation device.²²[[AC: A Single Pale Rose]]²* Steven has flashbacks to "Back to the Moon", "The Trial", and "Your Mother and Mine" while trying to piece together what happened to Pink Diamond.²* Pearl's phone reappears. Amethyst says she's had it for a month.²* Pearl's gem contains several items from older episodes, including the Mystery Girl's phone number from "Last One Out of Beach City", the Gem Sloop from "Cat Fingers", the Sea Pals from "Love Letters", and the Pearl Points from "Steven vs. Amethyst".²* It's explained why Pearl covers her mouth when talking about Pink Diamond.²²[[AC: Now We're Only Falling Apart]]²* You can see Amethyst's rocks (Sitting rock, Climbing rock) in the background, including the rock she says she kicked into two rocks but here it is still whole.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Shorts]]²TO BE ADDED²²[[/folder]]²----


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