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1[[quoteright:327:]]˛˛A Dystopian comic book series by way of FantasticScience.˛˛Humans, through the discovery of a new energy source called The Ether, have found they are capable of Magic. As civilization moves from the Digital Age to this new Magic Age, corporate and federal entities are concealing what they know, seeing an opportunity for a new level of control and unprecedented monetary gain.˛˛Meanwhile, a class war is brewing in the urban underworld known as The Hex; where the have-nots have found themselves after years of injustice and oppression. It also serves as a haven for the magically inclined, a place where they can operate in secret. One such woman is Elanor Kent, a young witch living in the Hex and apprenticing the eccentric Vera, a very powerful witch. Though she aspires to master the many facets of magic, she finds herself practicing the basics and running Vera's errands. However, when one seemingly ordinary task places her in the crossfire of a black market warlock and a demonic mercenary, the excitement she had hoped for becomes all too real and all too dangerous...˛˛----˛!!This comic provides examples of:˛˛* DeathByOriginStory: Elanor's entire family is murdered by a demon who possessed her older sister.˛* DemonicPossession: Seems to happen quick often. One of the main characters is a demon possessing a corpse.˛* CoolOldLady: Vera.˛* CuteAndPsycho: Faye wears a lot of pink and even has pink hair, and gets her kicks from killing and torturing people.˛* MegaCorp: This is a dystopian after all. So far the one that has been given the most focus is, and seems to be the most powerful, is Omega Corp.˛* {{Magitek}}: By way of SufficientlyAnalyzedMagic. Apart from studying to use magic people can also get body upgrades, and/or tools that use magic.˛* PowerOfTheVoid: Where Witches and Warlocks get their magic.˛* ShipTease: Between Eleanor and Osrick.˛* SuperpoweredEvilSide: Elanor has one. Sometimes she can tap into increadible power without it effecting her much, but she can become DrunkOnTheDarkSide.


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