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1[[foldercontrol]]²²!!The Robinsons²[[folder:Flone / Becca Robinson]]²!!Flone / Becca²The Robinsons' middle child and their only girl, the story is told from her P.O.V.²----²* AllLovingHeroine: She loves all animals (even the ones she is [[EekAMouse afraid of]]) and is always happy to make new friends.²* BigSisterInstinct: Towards Jack, as she acts very protective of him.²* CharacterNarrator: The story is narrated by her.²* FlowerInHerHair: She is always wearing a flower on her hair.²* GirlyGirlWithATomboyStreak: She has girly interests and fantasizes of being a princess, but she also loves to climb trees and have a lot of physical activity.²* NaughtyIsGood: She is very far from being a prim and proper girl, and constantly disobeys her parents, but she is a good girl too.²* YouthfulFreckles: She is shown to possess them on the close-ups of her face.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Ernest Robinson]]²!!Ernest Robinson²The father of the family, a doctor and a loving family man who decides to emigrate to Australia alongside his family.²----²* BadassBeard: He always sports a full beard and he's very tall and imposing.²* NiceGuy: He's always nice and polite to everyone almost to a fault, and he always tends to assume the best from people.²* TheStoic: He never loses his calm and composure, even in the face of overwhelming odds.²* WalkingShirtlessScene: He is seen frequently shirtless while doing hard manual work.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Ana Robinson]]²!!Ana Robinson²The wife of the family and the mother of Becca, Fritz and Jack.²----²* EekAMouse: She is afraid of mice, lizards and small animals.²* FarmersDaughter: ImpliedTrope, it's mentioned that she grew up in a farm, and thus learned how to plant crops, grow vegetables and cut down trees. All which become invaluable skills during the family's stay on the island.²* MamaBear: She will stop at nothing to protect her children from a pack of jackals.²* PrimAndProperBun: She always wears her hair in a bun.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Franz / Fritz Robinson]]²!!Franz / Fritz Robinson²The Robinsons' eldest son, a teenager who at first was hesitant to move to Australia with his family.²----²* BigBrotherBully: DownplayedTrope, he constantly teases Becca, but he also cares for her deeply.²* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards Becca and Jack as he is very protective of them.²* IChooseToStay: At the beginning he is given the choice of coming with his family to live in Australia or remaining in Bern and pursue his dream of becoming a musician. He initially decides the latter, but at the very last minute he jumps on the boat to join his family.²* IWillWaitForYou: [[spoiler:In the final Episode, Emily announces her intention to become a nurse, and that she'll travel to England to study there. Fritz and her convene on writing each other frequently and that he'll wait for her when she returns in two years]].²* ShipTease: He and Emily have a lot of this.²* SheIsNotMyGirlFriend: Becca teases him with this about Emily.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Jack Robinson]]²!!Jack Robinson²The youngest child of the Robinsons. Jack is a cheerful young boy that loves to collect stuff.²----²* BoysLikeCreepyCritters: He loves to collect bugs and lizards on the island, which scares both his mother and Becca when he shows them.²* CheerfulChild: He always has a cheerful disposition.²[[/folder]]²!!Animals²[[folder:Brewster]]²!!Brewster²A St. Bernard who was the captain's dog, it joins the Robinsons when they are marooned on the island and becomes their dog.²----²* BigFriendlyDog: Jack was initially afraid of him but later they become friends.²* EvilDetectingDog: It alerts the Robinsons whenever the pack of jackals is nearby.²* TheyHaveTheScent: It acts as a tracker dog whenever someone gets lost.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Mercedes]]²!!Mercedes²A baby [[ cuscus]] found on the island who gets adopted by the family.²----²* LineOfSightName: When deciding a name for it, the family first thinks of the French word for Wednesday, ''mercredi'', but Jack then settles for "Mercedes".²* MonsterIsAMommy: Its mother was shot and killed by Fritz who mistook her in the dark for a dangerous animal, the next morning they find its baby wandering in the camp and decide to adopt it.²* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: He's undeniably adorable.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Eric and Bates]]²!!Eric and Bates²A female goat and her kid who are found on the island, the mother becomes the Robinsons' source of milk.²----²* DisappearedDad: When they first find them, the family wonders if the father goat is nearby too but they never encounter it. Eric Bates's diary does mention that the father was also present on the island.²* ShooTheDog: When the family starts making plans to leave the island, they decide to leave the goats, much to Becca's chagrin; so they try to leave the goats where they first found them but they always follow them back home.²* WeNamedTheMonkeyJack: They are named a while later after they are found, when the family finds the diary of Eric Bates who mentions the mother and father goat on it. So Becca decides to name them in memory of him.²[[/folder]]²!!Other Castaways²[[folder:Mr. Morton]]²!!Mr. Morton²An old British sailor who is marooned on the island alongside Tom-Tom sometime after the Robinsons.²----²* TheDrunkenSailor: He constantly complains of not having any booze on the island, and once he even drinks the alcohol used as an anti-septic by Mr. Robinson. ²* GrumpyBear: He's is the contrasting character with the upstanding and idealistic Robinsons. ²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He acts coarse and rude with the Robinsons at first, but he saves Becca a few times, and also he tries to take his chances alone in the ocean in the hopes that he can bring more people to rescue the Robinsons and Tom-Tom.²* ParentalSubstitute: For Tom-Tom, since he took him under his care after the latter's parents were killed.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Tom-Tom]]²!!Tom-Tom²A [[UsefulNotes/AustralianAborigines native Australian]] boy who is marooned on the island alongside Mr. Morton.²----²* NativeGuide: He teaches the Robinsons how to hunt more effectively, how to prepare more meals with the native plants of the island, and how to tame wild animals. At one point Mr. and Mrs. Robinson discuss how Tom-Tom is much better prepared to survive on the island than they can ever be.²* TokenMinority: He's the only non-white character seen on the series.²* WhiteMansBurden: He has been living with Mr. Morton since his parents were killed by white settlers, which is why initially upon learning that the Robinsons were headed to Australia to settle there, he becomes angry and refuses to talk to them. It's not until Becca teaches him that not all white people are bad he opens up and becomes good friends with her. Later the Robinsons start teaching him math and how to read.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Eric Bates]]²!!Eric Bates²A castaway who lived and died on the island before the Robinsons arrived.²----²* ApocalypticLog: His diary, which details his shipwreck, how he arrived to the island and tried to be rescued, and later how he became sick and became too weak to move.²* DueToTheDead: The Robinsons give him a proper burial, and Mrs. Robinson vows to make his story known.²* DyingAlone: He died thousands of miles from another human being. Fritz laments how he died alone in the end.²* PeekABooCorpse: The Robinsons find his skeleton in the dark while exploring a cave, which greatly scares Becca and Fritz.²* PostHumousCharacter: He's been dead for a long time before the Robinsons arrived. ²[[/folder]]²!!Others²[[folder:Emily]]²!!Emily²A British teenage girl who was bound with her family to Australia, she becomes very close friends with Fritz.²----²* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend: Says this world-for-word while blushing when Mr. Morton congratulates Fritz for finding such a good girl.²* {{Shiptease}}: She has a lot of this with Fritz.²* SoleSurvivor: [[spoiler:It's revealed that she was the only passenger that was rescued from the shipwreck]].²[[/folder]]


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