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1!The Republic of Texas²²[[foldercontrol]]²²!Leadership²²[[folder:President Sanchez]]²!!President Victoria Sanchez²²The current President of the Republic of Texas.²----²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Comes across as this during her talk with Greer.²* TeethClenchedTeamwork: With Abram Fleet, although they both maintain appearances of co-operation for the benefit of others. The rumour is, however, that they don't get along very well at all.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:General Fleet]]²See [[Characters/ThePassageRepublicOfTexas Army of the Republic of Texas]]²[[/folder]]²²!Oilers²²[[folder:Dan Karlovic]]²!!Daniel 'Dan' Karlovic²²The foreman in charge of the oilers.²----²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Karlovic is grumpy and sarcastic, but is otherwise a decent man.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: All things considered, he's a pretty good boss who's sympathetic to his workers.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Michael]]²See [[Characters/ThePassageFirstColonyApostles First Colony Apostles]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Lore DeVeer]]²!!Lore [=DeVeer=]²²An 'oiler' who forms a passionate relationship with Michael.²----²* ActionGirl: Lore is perfectly capable with a gun, and is very helpful [[spoiler:invading the Homeland.]]²* AllWomenAreLustful: She's very flirty and has a passionate sexual relationship with Michael.²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* TheLadette²* LovableSexManiac: She's very flirty and lustful, at one point starting to have sex with Michael while he's still asleep.²%%* {{Tomboy}}²%%* WrenchWench²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Ceps]]²!!Juan "Ceps" Sweeting ²²An 'oiler' and friend of Lore and Michael.²----²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* HeroicSacrifice²%%* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Ed Pope]]²!!Ed Pope²²An 'oiler' who mentored Michael.²----²* MarriedToTheJob: The job is pretty much all he has. The idea of retiring is abhorrent to him.²* TheMentor: To Michael when he first started as an oiler.²%%* ScarsAreForever²[[/folder]]²²!Army of the Republic of Texas²²[[folder:General Fleet]]²!!General Abram Fleet²²The General in charge of the Army.²----²* OldSoldier: Since he's the one in charge, after all, he has the experience that comes with a long life.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He's similar to Vorhees in this way.²* TeethClenchedTeamwork: With President Sanchez, although they both maintain appearances of co-operation for the benefit of others. The rumour is, however, that they don't get along very well at all.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Vorhees]]²!!Brigadier General Curtis Vorhees²²An intelligent and fair-minded leader within the Army of the Republic of Texas.²----²%%* ColonelBadass²* BaldOfAwesome: Like all other members of the Expeditionary.²%%* CommandingCoolness²%%* DarkAndTroubledPast²* DroppedABridgeOnHim: [[spoiler:After some set-up, he dies off-page against the Virals.]]²%%* AFatherToHisMen²%%* HiddenDepths²%%* HonorBeforeReason²%%* KnightInSourArmour²* TheMourningAfter: He's still motivated by the loss of his wife and children, and even earlier than that, his brother.²%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Apgar]]²!!Colonel Gunnar Apgar²²An Officer of the Expeditionary.²----²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* HiddenDepths²%%* JerkWithAHeartOfGold²%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Henneman]]²!!Major Alexander Henneman²²An Officer of the Expeditionary.²----²%%* PerpetualFrowner²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Peter]]²See [[Characters/ThePassageFirstColonyApostles First Colony Apostles]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Alicia]]²See [[Characters/ThePassageFirstColonyApostles First Colony Apostles]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Satch Dodd]]²!!Satch Dodd²----²%%* CruelAndUnusualDeath²%%* HollywoodAtheist²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Muncey]]²!!Corporal Muncey²²The cocky, jokey radio technician for the Army of the Republic of Texas.²----²%%* BaldOfAwesome²%%* ClassClown²%%* CommunicationsOfficer²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* DyingAsYourself²%%* FaceDeathWithDignity²%%* GoOutWithASmile²* MercyKill: [[spoiler:From Alicia.]]²%%* LargeHam²[[/folder]]²²!Kerrville Orphanage²²[[folder:Caleb Jaxon]]²!!Caleb Jaxon²²The child of Theo and Mausami.²----²%%* CheerfulChild²%%* DeadGuyJunior²%%* SomeoneToRememberHimBy²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Sister Peg]]²!!Sister Peg²²A Nun at the Kerrville Orphanage.²----²%%* {{Jerkass}}²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She's so good at keeping the orphaned children in line that soldiers who left her care 30 years ago are still completely terrified of her. In reality though, she's just a big softie.²* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For Sister Arnette, Lacey's superior at the convent.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Sister Catherine]]²!!Sister Catherine²²A Nun at the Kerrville Orphanage.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Amy]]²See [[Characters/ThePassageTwelve Amy & The Twelve]]²[[/folder]]²²!The Trade²²[[folder:Tifty Lamont]]²!!Tifty Lamont²²An infamous gangster and a one-time member of the Expeditionary.²----²* AbusiveParents: Tifty's father beat him very badly, to the point where Tifty occasionally suffered broken bones.²* AffablyEvil: He can be very personable for a reclusive crime lord.²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* DiedInYourArmsTonight²* TheDon: Of "The Trade".²* TheDreaded: Just about everyone is terrified of Tifty and his reach.²* FromNobodyToNightmare: He went from an abused kid to the most powerful criminal in Texas.²%%* NobleDemon²%%* UsedToBeASweetKid²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Dunk]]²!!Duncan 'Dunk' Withers²²A childhood friend of Tifty Lamont, now a criminal working for him.²----²%%* BaldOfAwesome²%%* TheBigGuy²* BloodKnight: He loves fighting Virals one-on-one.²%%* DeadpanSnarker²%%* GeniusBruiser²%%* {{Jerkass}}²%%* UsedToBeASweetKid²%%* TattooedCrook²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Hollis]]²See [[Characters/ThePassageFirstColonyApostles First Colony Apostles]]²[[/folder]]²²[[Characters/ThePassage Click here to return to the main character page]]²----


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