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1[[foldercontrol]]²²!!Playable characters²[[folder:Stahn Aileron]]²->Voiced by: Creator/TomokazuSeki (JP), Creator/LiamOBrien (EN, ''[[VideoGame/TalesOfTheWorld Radiant Mythology]]'')²[[quoteright:311:]]²²The classic IdiotHero. He's a country boy from the boondocks town of Liena, heading off to seek to provide for his family by enlisting as a knight. He stows away on a ship bound for the capital of Seinegald, which is promptly attacked by monsters, so he grabs the first weapon he can find... Which turns out to be a Swordian, an ancient and extremely powerful sentient sword, named Dymlos, who promptly accepts Stahn as his master. And so the HotBlooded hick goes on to discover a huge history of cover-ups and corruption in his quest to save the world...²²In the sequel, he marries Rutee, and they have a son, Kyle. [[spoiler: After he was killed by Barbatos, Loni and Rutee made up a story of Stahn "being on a journey" because they were worried about the severly traumatized Kyle. However, due to Kyle's quest, his death was eventually annulled and he got to live his life as Kyle's father again.]]²----²* AnimeHair: He actually manages to pull off a mullet.²** EightiesHair²* BigBrotherInstinct: If Lilith gets hurt in battle, he's instantly regretful that he couldn't protect her.²* BigEater²* CallToAdventure²* CluelessChickMagnet: In the original, Stahn manages to seduce every single female party member (including Mary if you complete her sidequest) ''and'' [[CoDragons Ilene Rembrandt.]] He's [[ObliviousToLove completely oblivious to everyone except Ilene's affections.]] ²* TheChosenOne: [[spoiler: Subverted. Stahn is only special insofar as he can hear Swordians. Dymlos lied about him being at all a chosen one.]]²* CovertPervert: When he switches bodies with Philia in an optional skit, he immediately wonders how soft her breasts are, much to her chagrin.²* CountryMouse: The foil to Rutee's CityMouse.²* DeadAllAlong: [[spoiler: In the sequel.]] ²* TheDeterminator: He will not be taken down, no matter how bleak and wretched circumstances become.²* {{Hachimaki}}²* HeavySleeper: His sister has an ''attack'' that she developed to wake Stahn up.²* TheHero ²* HeroicBSOD: After [[spoiler: Ilene commits suicide.]]²* HotBlooded: The most HotBlooded hero the series has ever seen. If you have any doubts, look for a video of him using Satsugeki Bukouken.²** [[ScreamingWarrior Oyeyeyeyeye]][[MemeticMutation yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeh!]]²* IdiotHero: He's pretty BookDumb.²* {{Keet}}²* LethalChef: He once made rice porridge for Lilith and his grandfather. They said they might just die if he ever cooked for them again.²* LightningBruiser: Especially in the remake. ²* LikesOlderWomen: Zigzagged. It's hinted that he likes [[ChristmasCake Ilene]], but ends up with the younger (by a year) Rutee. The Remake omitted his date scene with the former.²** In the original, he can also romance Mary, who is several years older than him and was previously married.²* PlayingWithFire: Dymlos is the Swordian of Fire.²* Official Couple: Marries Rutee sometime before Tales of Destiny 2 and their son, Kyle, is the main hero of Tales of Destiny 2.²* SayMyName: "LEON! LEOOOOOOONNNN!!!!"²* ScreamingWarrior: He begins all his Blast Caliburs with a sky-piercing battle cry. [[MemeticMutation ORYAYAYAYAYAYAYA]]!²* SlapSlapKiss: His relationship with Rutee doesn't exactly get off to the greatest start.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Stahn/Stan²* ThePowerOfFriendship: He tries pulling [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Tea Gardener]]-grade Friendship Speeches on Leon. ''A lot''. Their effectively is usually subverted... [[spoiler:until Marian reveals that Leon actually ''did'' consider Stahn the closest thing he had to a friend]].²* TheUnchosenOne: While Dymlos initially tells him that he was chosen by fate to be able to hear the voices of Swordians, he admits in the end that it's not such an uncommon or extraordinary thing.²* WideEyedIdealist: Stahn is the ''Tales'' posterboy for this trope.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Rutee Katrea]]²->Voiced by: Creator/YukaImai (JP), Creator/YukaKomatsu (JP, ''Tales of the Rays''), Creator/MichelleRuff (EN, ''Radiant Mythology'')²[[quoteright:242:]]²²A mouthy thief from Cresta, Rutee travels with her amnesiac partner Mary, stealing and doing odd jobs for cash. She joins Stahn (or rather, Stahn joins her) when he saves her from an old trap in a dungeon. She also has a Swordian, Atwight, that was given to her when she was very young. Later, it turns out that she only went on her thieving journey to help monetarily support the orphanage she was raised in, and keep it open. [[spoiler:She's also Hugo's daughter, and Leon's older sister.]] She's the team healer, but is also a good physical attacker.²²Between ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny'' and ''Tales of Destiny 2'', she marries Stahn, has a son with him, and takes over running the Dunamis Orphanage.²----²* AnIcePerson: Atwight is the Swordian of Water, but many of her spells are Ice-based since Ice and Water are classified as the same element in the ''Destiny'' universe.²* BettyAndVeronica: The Veronica to Philia's Betty.²%%* BrokenBird: Implied in the manga, though it's mostly covered up with her HiddenHeartOfGold-hiding facade. ²* CityMouse²* ClassyCatBurglar²* CombatMedic: Atwight is the Swordian of Water, which has an affinity with healing magic, making her one.²* FirstGirlWins: She and Philia both have a crush on Stahn. Stahn met Rutee before he met Philia. Stahn marries Rutee.²* GoldDigger: To save the orphanage where she grew up.²* HiddenHeartOfGold: She grows from a petty thief into a fearless hero. [[spoiler: It runs in the family.]]²* HollywoodAtheist: In the manga adaptation. In the games, she doesn't have much of an opinion on religion. ²* JustLikeRobinHood: She steals so she can raise money to keep the orphanage she grew up in from being shut down. ²* TheLancer: She tends to be a more cynical and pragmatic foil to Stahn's idealism. ²* LukeYouAreMyFather: Sort of. [[spoiler:Leon tells her she's his sister.]]²* MakingASplash: Atwight is the Swordian of Water.²* MoneyFetish: Not so much in the game proper, but in skits this is her number one trait, and she runs plenty of schemes to collect money.²* OnlyInItForTheMoney: At first. This is often Flanderized into her biggest trait outside the first Tales of Destiny game.²* Official Couple: Marries Stahn sometimes before Tales of Destiny 2 and their son, Kyle, is the main hero of Tales of Destiny 2.²* TheMedic: The only one in the party, though she's a Red Mage.²* TheRedMage: She's both a fighter and a healer, though not as strong of a fighter as Stahn or Leon. ²* RetiredBadass: By the time of the second game she's become a full-time mom and caretaker to dozens of orphans. She is quite happy with this and not interested in returning the adventuring life.²* SharedFamilyQuirks: A pair of sidequests during the final part of the game allow you to read Rutee's childhood diary, and later that of her deceased mother. Rutee shares her mother's greedy streak, [[spoiler:but only Leon got her sweet tooth.]]²* SlapSlapKiss: Her relationship with Stahn.²* {{Stripperiffic}}: She [[BareYourMidriff Bares Her Midriff]] and wears [[WhoWearsShortShorts short shorts]].²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Between Rutee and Philia, Rutee's the tomboy.²* {{Tsundere}}: A strong contender for Most Triumphant Example among the ''Tales'' characters. She acts like one all throughout the game, towards her son and his friend in the sequel and also to Stahn[[spoiler:'s spirit after he's killed by Barbatos]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Leon Magnus]]²->Voiced by: Creator/HikaruMidorikawa (JP), Creator/MichaelLindsay (EN, ''Radiant Mythology'')²[[quoteright:311:]]²²Captain of the Seinegald Knights and the youngest master swordsman the country has ever seen, Leon was originally sent to arrest Rutee, Mary, and Stahn, and ends up accompanying (read: babysitting) them to investigate problems at Straylize Temple. He's a grouchy teen with a big attitude. In the original PSX version, he stays grouchy and hates the party. In the remake, however, he starts to loosen up, and thinks of the party as close friends (though he'd never admit to it). [[spoiler:He is Hugo's son and Rutee's younger brother- Hugo was able to send Rutee to safety before succumbing to insanity, but it was too late for Leon. He keeps his son on a leash with Marian, Leon's [[{{Meido}} personal maid]], whom he thinks of as a surrogate mother. Unfortunately, Leon doesn't get to see the end of the story...]] He also has a Swordian, Chaltier, who has been his best friend since he was little.²²He makes an appearance in ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny2'', but that's another ([[WalkingSpoiler spoilerific]]) story. For tropes that apply to him in that game, see the ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny2'' character page.²----²* AbusiveParents: [[spoiler:Hugo is emotionally abusive towards him and late in the remake shown to be physically abusive too (ie: he knocks Leon out for five days). There are also subtle hints Hugo might also be sexually abusive in the remake. In a slight subversion though, he is BrainwashedAndCrazy (not that Leon knows that part).]]²* AlwaysSaveTheGirl: Deconstructed. Marian is the only person to show Leon any love for the first sixteen years of his life and is essentially his surrogate mother, it's not a huge surprise he's determined to save her. [[spoiler: Hugo relies on this to keep him line, and his determination to save her, whatever it takes, finally destroys his reputation and gets him killed.]]²* AntiVillain: [[spoiler: [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type IV]], too. Though it looks more genuine in the remake where he actually befriended Stahn & company. In the original, however, he came off as a ''dark'' Type II.]]²* AwesomeMcCoolname: "Leon Magnus" is not the name his parents gave him; it's way too badass for that. But on the other hand, his real name, ''Emilio Gilchrist[[spoiler:/Katrea]]'', is very cool too.²* BadassCape: It billows in the wind a lot.²* BadassAdorable: Not in the original, but his side in the remake gives him a boatload of adorable moments (mostly involving Marian) that arguably push him into this trope.²* BigEater: He ''loves'' sweet stuff.²* {{Bishonen}}: Of the old-school willowy, fair-faced teen variety. He's quite popular among the female fans partly due to this.²* BonusBoss: In the BonusDungeon in the UpdatedRerelease of the sequel. [[spoiler: It's technically not him, but a shade taking on his appearance.]] Can also be a MirrorBoss if [[spoiler: Judas]] is in the party.²* BreakTheBadass: His [[spoiler: father does this, using Marian's safety and his insecurities against him. Sadly, it works.]]²* CameBackWrong: He's [[spoiler: resurrected as a zombie to fight the party ''again'' after he dies, begging for death throughout.]]²* TheChick: Surprisingly enough. He may be a {{Jerkass}}, but he ''does'' (indirectly) inspire Stahn to become a better swordsman, mediate arguments ([[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem in his own way]]) and he's also the first to bring the party back to reality whenever things are getting too idealistic or too dark for their own good. Plus, in both versions of the game, he also supports Johnny via ThePowerOfFriendship. [[IWasJustPassingThrough Not that he would ever admit it, though]]. Not to mention RealMenWearPink as well as [[GlassCannon him taking hits like a baby]]. Another piece of proof that he's TheChick is that he uses Pow Hammer. How? This is a spell that is only used by women in the whole VideoGame/TalesSeries.²* ChickMagnet: Especially in skits. In one, Rutee tries to use this to her advantage by selling knockoff Swordians with his personality for 99 million Gald each... They sell out. ²* ComingOfAgeStory: The first half of Leon's side in the remake is more or less this for him.²* DeadpanSnarker: ''Especially'' in the gag omakes.²* DespairEventHorizon: This is eventually what the second half of his story brings him to in the remake. Everything he's done to try to protect Marian has failed, he thinks she's [[spoiler: killed herself]] to get him out of serving Hugo, and he gets beaten so badly by his father that he can't wake up for ''five days'', having nightmares about Marian's death all the while. When he finally wakes up, he starts ''[[DespairSpeech screaming about how weak he is]] [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness and banging the floor in anguish.]]''²%%* BlackMagicianBoy²* DishingOutDirt: Chaltier is the Earth-elemental Swordian. However, Leon's personality is a [[SugarAndIcePersonality far]] [[{{Tsundere}} cry]] from the typical earth-elemental characterization.²* DoNotCallMePaul: Only Marian is allowed to call him Emilio.²* DudeLooksLikeALady: So much that [=NPCs=] mistake him for a girl.²* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler: Thanks to Miktran and Hugo holding his personal maid and mother-figure, Marian, hostage.]]²* FatalFlaw: His IneffectualLoner status is so bad, it gets him [[spoiler: marked as a traitor and killed, all because he couldn't ask for help saving Marian.]]²* ForcedIntoEvil: [[spoiler: Due to Hugo holding a hostage's life over his head.]]²* FreakOut: Near the very end of his story, he gets a big one after [[spoiler: thinking Marian committed suicide for him.]]²* {{Future Me Scares Me}}/{{Other Me Annoys Me}}: In ''[[VideoGame/TalesOfTheWorld Radiant Mythology 3]]'', he and [[spoiler: Judas]] constantly argue and generally irritate each other. ²* FragileSpeedster : He's great at dealing damage and darting around the battlefield, but his defense is low and his HP count isn't much higher than [[CombatMedic Rutee's]] or [[SquishyWizard Philia's]].²* GlassCannon: Great at dealing damage, but low defense and HP.²* HairFlip: It's been there since the original version.²* HeelFaceDoorSlam: [[spoiler: In the manga.]]²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: In the remake.]]²* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Chaltier. This is especially prominent in the remake.²* IWantToBeARealMan: Has shades of this in the remake. His goal is basically to be a man who does not need to rely on his father.²* IneffectualLoner: To the point that [[spoiler: he repeatedly rejects asking Stahn for help in saving Marian in the remake]].²* IWillPunishYourFriendForYourFailure: This prompts Leon's [[spoiler: FaceHeelTurn]]. Hugo threatens to hurt Marian if his son won't [[HostageForMacguffin steal the Eye of Atamoni]] and even when he does, refuses to let her go until he [[spoiler: betrays his friends. Even then, he doesn't let her go.]] Made worse by the fact that [[spoiler: she tries to commit suicide to get him out of it]] in the remake.²* {{Jerkass}}: In the original. He was completely rewritten in the remake, to make him a more sympathetic character.²%%* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: In the remake.²* KillItWithFire: While his primary elements are earth and darkness, his "Cleansing Inferno" Mystic Arte has him immolate you with a cross-slash wreathed in red and purple hellfire.²* LikesOlderWomen: His relationship with Marian has been interpreted this way on more than one occasion. ²* LonersAreFreaks: Leon does not suffer fools gladly.²* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: Mad Dictator's Handsome Son, anyways. Not that Hugo isn't a looker himself.²* MeaningfulRename: He named himself Leon Magnus, in an effort to distance himself from his [[spoiler: abusive]] father.²* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: As much as he talks about it... [[spoiler: sadly averted because of a hostage.]]²* NamesTheSame / {{Expy}}: He's suspiciously similar in many ways to [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyII another Leon.]]²* NietzscheWannabe: In the original game, whereas the remake turns him into a [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice Kid]].²* NobleTopEnforcer²* NotSoStoic: And getting pushed past the [[spoiler: DespairEventHorizon]] in the remake shows it best.²* OedipusComplex: His feelings for Marian, his surrogate mother figure, are often implied to run much... deeper, and [[spoiler:his primary antagonist is his own father.]]²* OverusedCopycatCharacter: A variation. Ever since ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'' came out, he's been used as the basis for a cameo costume ''five'' times [[spoiler:with two of those being his Judas outfit, but it still counts]]. Granted, none of those characters were anything like him in personality, but appearance is another story. [[VideoGame/TalesOfXillia Jude]] for one looks exactly like him in the getup. ²* RealMenWearPink: No matter how you look at it, that cape is, well, pink. And that lavender shirt has pretty frilly sleeves. He may be a {{Bishounen}}, but [[MemeticBadass somehow]] this trope still works. He also uses a Pow Hammer²* RedemptionEqualsDeath: Again, remake only. [[spoiler: Though he firmly takes his chance at redemption in the sequel.]]²* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler:He is Rutee's brother.]]²* SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining: He was kept at home away from people for most of his life and molded into a fighter, so he has a very hard time working with or relying on others.²* SoBeautifulItsACurse: ... He was [[MegatonPunch less than thrilled at the thought]] of Rutee using his beauty to get money out of girls in an omake.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: "Leon" or "Lion"? Canonically, "Lion" is used in the Japanese versions, while ''Radiant Mythology'' cements the western one as "Leon". The change is probably due to the fact that "Lion" is pronounced differently in the west.²* SugarAndIcePersonality: He has elements of both this and {{Tsundere}}.²* SuicideByCop: In the original, [[spoiler: he goads and taunts Rutee and the rest of the party by proxy into attacking him.]]²* SweetTooth: He tries for RealMenHateSugar, but he's not very good at concealing his love of deserts.²* TallDarkAndSnarky: Not quite tall (Leon's height is stated to be 159cm/5'2.5", which is below average height for a male teenager even by Japanese standards), but definitely dark and snarky.²* TrappedInVillainy: [[spoiler: Due to both his FatalFlaw of refusing to ask for help out of his situation and due to Hugo having taken Marian hostage and threatening her life.]]²* TraumaCongaLine: What the second half of the game basically is for him, in the director's cut. In short, after defeating Greybaum, he has everything he wants. He's respected by his fellow knights (and respects them too), and Marian finally sees him as an adult. Then she is [[spoiler: taken hostage, Leon is forced to steal the Eye of Atamoni and the flying dragon to keep her alive, effectively ruining his knight career (plus he is made to fight against a knight he previously befriended), and Hugo makes it clear that this is a neverending nightmare for him. Then Marian attempts suicide to save him, which results in Leon attacking Hugo and getting knocked unconscious for five days, after which he loses his will to live until Hugo reveals that Marian is alive. ''Then'' he is forced to fight against Stahn...]]²* TooHappyToLive: In the second half of his story in the remake. Nothing like a TraumaCongaLine and HeroicSacrifice to set the mood...²* {{Tsundere}}: With SugarAndIcePersonality elements, also.²* TykeBomb: Hugo certainly tried to make him into this, but the abuse he was put through made him rebellious instead of obedient, and his father finally resorts to [[spoiler: kidnapping Marian]] to keep him in line.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Philia Felice]]²->Voiced by: Creator/KikukoInoue (JP)²[[quoteright:311:]]²²A priestess doing research at Straylize Temple, Philia is a soft-spoken, mild-mannered {{Meganekko}} who joins the party after they rescue her. She is very faithful and loyal, and always wants to believe the best about people. Even after witnessing her superior stealing a priceless sacred artifact, she still wholeheartedly believes that he is not evil. She decides to stay with the party upon learning that he was just a pawn in a much bigger scheme, threatening the entire world... When the party finds the [[DirtyOldMan Swordian Clemente]], it picks her as her master, and she becomes the party's spellcasting powerhouse.²²She appears occasionally in ''Tales of Destiny 2'' as her temple's high priestess and gives the party advice here and there.²----²* AllLoveIsUnrequited: It's heavily implied that she has a crush on Stahn, [[FirstGirlWins who hooks up with Rutee]]. It's also hinted that she had a crush on Leon, [[spoiler: who died]] (see ShipTease, below).²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Certain skits in the remake depict her as more of a MadScientist prone to ScaryShinyGlasses moments. There's also that creepy giggle as she's concocting a Philia Bomb, and her second Blast Calibur cut-in...²* {{BFS}}: Partial subversion. Clemente is the biggest of the Swordians, but he's completely useless as an actual sword. His best function is as a catalyst for magic. But, he's still a big effing sword.²* BlackMagicianGirl: She may be a priestess, but she's no healer.²* BoltOfDivineRetribution: Indignation of course. Especially since the sequel and remake establish that Lightning and Light are the same element in the ''Destiny'' universe. She takes this even further with her third [[LimitBreak Blast Calibur]]; Rebirth Crusader.²* BonusBoss: She appears in the cameo battle in ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss''.²* ElementalPowers: In the remake, she has a wide range of elemental spells as well as her usual Light spells.²* HotScientist²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: She has a crush on Stahn, but backs down and lets Rutee have him.²* MadScientist: Downplayed, but when practicing alchemy she gains ScaryShinyGlasses and a [[EvilLaugh menacing chuckle]].²* {{Meganekko}}²* ScaryShinyGlasses: Usually she's pretty nice, but when she starts talking about bomb making...²* ShipTease: No, not with [[AllLoveIsUnrequited Stahn]]. With ''Leon'', of all people. Apparently she's the only character that met up with Leon between when he left at the end of the first arc and [[spoiler: when he fought the party under Hugo's orders]].²** In ''Destiny 2'', she's the only one of the other 4 Swordian masters to mention Leon by name.²--> '''Philia''': Leon Magnus, he was as cold as ice, and kept himself away from the others, but the truth is, he was kind, and had a heart that was warmer than everyone else's.²** It should be noted that she mentions that out of all her memories of fighting alongside Stahn and co., her most painful memory is [[spoiler: fighting against Leon]]. ²** In response to this, [[spoiler:Leon, as Judas, tries to help her by saying that ''Leon'' never regretted his decision, and he doesn't want her to be saddened by it. It's also worth noting that this is the only time he ever speaks to one of his former comrades in the entire game.]]²** And if it wasn't enough, it's hinted that Philia can see through Judas's PaperThinDisguise, something even [[spoiler: Rutee, his own sister,]] couldn't do.²* ShockAndAwe: While Philia wields spells of a variety of elements, Clemente's actual element is Lightning.²** HolyHandGrenade: ''Tales Of Destiny 2'' and later the first game's remake establish Lightning and Light as the same element.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Philia Philis or Philia Felice? Previous cameos used Philis, but more recent games have changed it to Felice.²* TheSmartGirl ²* TakenForGranite: Stahn mistakes Philia for piece of statuary the first time he sees her.²* ThowingDownTheBomblet: She does enjoy throwing bombs at enemies in battle.²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Between Rutee and Philia, Philia is the girly-girl.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Garr Kelvin (Woodrow Kelvin)]]²->Voiced by: Creator/ShowHayami²[[quoteright:311:]]²²The prince of Phandaria, who travels around to practice his archery and become familiar with the people he will one day rule. He's often accompanied by his archery teacher's granddaughter, Chelsea, who has a crush on him. He and Chelsea help Stahn get to town after the ship he stowed away on crashes, and then joins Stahn again later when the quest for the stolen ArtifactOfDoom takes the group to his kingdom. He is chosen as the master of the Swordian Ignetos, and decides to help out Stahn again when the world is threatened.²²Garr appears in ''Tales of Destiny 2'' as the king of Phandaria and assists the party at various points.²----²* AmbiguouslyBrown: Like Mary. There doesn't seem to be a specific reason for it.²* BadassBeard: Sports one in ''Destiny 2''²* BigBrotherInstinct: For Chelsea, though they're not related.²* BlowYouAway: Ignetos is the Swordian of Wind.²* BonusBoss: He's in the ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' cameo team.²* ButNotTooBlack: Similar to Mary, one piece of official art depicts him as very pale.²* ChickMagnet: A sidequest in Darilsheid pits Kongman against Leen to see who is most popular with women. Woodrow acts as the spokesman asking the girls whom they like most. They all choose Woodrow. The title he gets suggests it's his aura of royalty doing it. ²* CrutchCharacter: He's overleveled the first time he joins your party, and in accord with the trope he is much weaker later on. In this case it's because he doesn't gain any levels between when he leaves and joins again, and is underleveled when he rejoins. This is fixed in the [=PS2=] remake, where he joins at an acceptable level and his attacks hit most enemies' weaknesses in the area.²* Creator/DCDouglas: Yes, believe it or not, before [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Wesker]], he voiced Garr in ''Radiant Mythology''²* DemotedToExtra: He gets considerably less spotlight than the other four Swordian masters. This spreads even to his Swordian, Igtenos, who remains deactivated for a majority of the game, and thus not having a speaking role in any of the scenes or skits until near the last stretch.²* DualWielding: BowAndSwordInAccord²* LampshadeHanging: There is an entire sidequest in the remake built around people all over the world confusing him for [[VideoGame/TalesOfRebirth Veigue.]]²* MageMarksman: And a MagicKnight in the remakes, now able to use magic and a sword and bow.²* ModestRoyalty: He does not bring up the fact that he's the prince of Phandaria until it becomes necessary to do so.²* RightfulKingReturns: His story revolves around this.²* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: He lives among the people of Phandalia specifically so he can get to know them as people, not just as subjects.²* SixthRanger ²* WarriorPrince: The Prince of Phandaria and a Swordian Master.²* TheWisePrince²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mary Argent]]²->Voiced by: Creator/YuriAmano (JP)²[[quoteright:311:]]²²An amnesiac woman traveling with Rutee. She carries around a sword that she knows is deeply connected to her past, she just can't remember how. In Phandalia, the party gets imprisoned by a man named Dahlis, who awakens Mary's memories, and she remembers that [[spoiler:Dahlis is her husband]]. Her weapon of choice is an axe, though in the original she could wield swords as well.²----²* AmbiguouslyBrown: Like Garr/Woodrow. There doesn't seem to be a specific reason for it.²* AmnesiacDissonance: [[spoiler:She's good, but her husband is evil.]]²* AnAxeToGrind: She wields axes, despite her MementoMacguffin being a sword.²* TheBigGirl: Type 2. ²* BrutalHonesty: One of her titles, "Breaker", notes that she has a knack for making the atmosphere awkward due to her blunt nature.²* ButNotTooBlack: Usually averted, but one of her pieces of official art is unusually pale, making her skin tone look the same as Rutee and Leon's.²* CloudCuckooLander: When she's an amnesiac, at least.²* CompanionCube: Her sword isn't treated as a character (it might have been if there weren't already 6 sentient swords in the plot), but it comes close at times.²* DarkSkinnedRedhead²* GuestStarPartyMember: While she's with the party for the first half of the game, she will leave after her character arc. The timing differs between versions. [[spoiler: In the PSX version, if Dahlis is killed, she'll rejoin you very late into the game, provided you go visit her on regular intervals to comfort her. If he survives, she'll only rejoin you VERY late in the game. In the remake, If Dahlis is killed, she will potentially rejoin the party. If he survives, she remains content to stay with him]].²* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler: At the hands of her husband.]]²* MementoMacGuffin: Her sword.²* MultiMeleeMaster: Whether it be with a sword or an ax, there's no questioning Mary's competence.²* NeverGetsDrunk: Zigzagged. Not long after you meet her in the remake, there's a scene where she drinks through what must be half the bar's supply and is totally good to go the day after. It's not always the case, however.²* PlayingWithFire: Her [[LimitBreak Hi-Ougis]] both use fire.²* RescueRomance: [[spoiler: Her husband met her by saving her from dying in the middle of a blizzard after she got split up from the rest of her fighting force.]]²* QuestForIdentity: The reason she travels with Rutee is so she can find out who she is.²* SupremeChef: One of her titles. There are a number of skits where her cooking is praised. Stahn and Rutee frequently ask her to make their favourite foods.²* TraumaInducedAmnesia: [[spoiler: Due to her village being attacked by goons and her husband's near death.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Karyl Sheeden (Johnny Shiden)]]²->Voiced by: Creator/KoichiYamadera (JP)²[[quoteright:311:]]²²A traveling bard who ran away from his wealthy family. [[SelfDeprecation He calls himself a lazy failure.]] Is often over-the-top.²----²* BigBrotherMentor: A [[StealthMentor stealthier]] version, especially to Leon. Also has hints of TheSmartGuy, due to his political and historical knowledge. ²* BrilliantButLazy: According to himself, anyways. ²* ChildhoodFriendRomance: A LoveTriangle between him, Eleanor and his best friend Fate. It ended in tragedy.²* GuideDangIt: Getting his skills in the PSX version (especially Golden Voice) can be a bit of a challenge. The results, however, [[MasterOfAll are definitely worth it]].²* HeartbrokenBadass: Part of his motive for going after Tiberius is because he killed the woman he loved. Not that he'll admit it.²* HiddenDepths: He tries to pass himself as a good-for-nothing bard that is shirking from his responsibilities to the family and prefers the life of a performer. In truth, he cares deeply for Fate and infiltrates an enemy castle ''on his own'' to save him. One of the reasons he kills Tiberius is to free the citizens of Aquaveil from his tyrannic rule, even though he would never admit it out loud.²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: In the remake, because he loved both his childhood friends, he let Eleanor and Fate get together despite his feelings for her. ²* ImprobableWeaponUser: He fights with lutes or electric guitars.²* InstrumentOfMurder: His lute or electric guitar.²* LargeHam²* LethalJokeCharacter: None of his stats are particularly high unless you mess with herbs, while his moveset is a mix of support skills and rather unorthodox sonic attacks. It doesn't help that he spends most of the game out of the party and only joins permanently after [[spoiler:Hugo's defeat.]] However, sonic attacks are ''the'' most common weakness among endgame enemies, and the final move he learns makes it incredibly easy to juggle bosses and combo them infinitely (including [[BonusBoss Barbatos]]). The final boss's powered-up form is wise to the whole scheme and automatically counters the use of said move with Celestial Earth.²** In the PSX version, the AI controlling him is near useless. However, if a player is controlling him, he's an absolute monster of a midrange fighter, able to whale on enemies at close range and both use Samba or Golden Voice and buffing abilities at far range. He also has a [[MasterOfAll healing move that is more effective and faster to cast than Nurse or Revitalize]]. The auto-targeting system the game uses works very heavily in his favour, as with it Samba is a guaranteed three-hit ranged move. If this isn't good enough for you, the lategame enemies are mostly all weak to sound. Guess what elemental category his attacks fall into.²* LetsGetDangerous: In the remake and Leon's side manga, as soon as Tiberius challenges him to a duel. He drops the ditzy bard facade and proves he is [[ObfuscatingStupidity the best swordsman in Aquaveil.]]²* TheLostLenore: Though he stepped aside and allowed Fate to be with Eleanor, it didn't matter in the end, since she died at Tiberius's hands. It's implied to be one of the reasons he's after Tiberius. ²* MakeMeWannaShout: His scream ('''"WHOA!!!"''') can materialize into object and crush his enemy.²* MusicalAssassin²* NotInThisForYourRevolution: He claims to just be helping out a friend, but Fayte points out the people are also being helped by Terrazi being deposed and Johnny can also get revenge for Elanor's death.²* ObfuscatingStupidity: The master of it. He pretends to be a lazy and carefree bard, but he's very perceptive, writing songs about party members that accurately reflect their personalities after just meeting them and infiltrating a castle all by himself with relative ease. In the remake, he is also the strongest fighter in Aquaveil, not that he'll admit it.²* RebelliousPrincess: GenderInvertedTrope. He's a son of wealthy family, but he's much more comfortable on his own as a SpoonyBard.²* TheUnchosenOne: He would have been Swordian Chaltier's master, had the sword not been stolen when he was young.²* UpToEleven: Taken literally in his second Blast Caliber in the remake. ''How'' many amps just appeared from nowhere?!²* WeaksauceWeakness: Inverted. At least in the [=PS1=] version, the Impulse enemies that appear later in the game are immune to most of the attacks Swordian users can use (including Stahn), but a good beating with a lute is somehow able to penetrate their armor. The Samba attack also works well against them.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Chelsea Torn]]²[[quoteright:311:]]²²A young archer, the granddaughter of the greatest archer in Phandalia, and Woodrow's number-one fangirl.²----²* ArcherArchetype: Believe it or not, she's an excellent archer.²* BrattyHalfPint: Justified, as she's just a kid, but she can get on everyone's nerves with her demands and obsession with 'Woodrow-sama!'²* TheChick: A more traditional, albeit more [[ManicPixieDreamGirl manic]], version. ²* {{Fangirl}}: Woodrow's.²* FragileSpeedster: She's very powerful from a distance and is the only character who can use all her moves while airborne, but her physical defense is worse than a paper bag. ²* GenkiGirl ²* GuestStarPartyMember: Briefly at the start of the game. She can be optionally recruited again later.²* GoldDigger: Played for laughs, but she definitely has her eye on becoming queen of Phandaria. It doesn't pan out.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She acts like a bit of a brat, but she's a pretty decent kid at heart.²* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Yeah... See where we're going with this?²* SayMyName: "Woodrow-sama!~"²* TokenMiniMoe²* WeaksauceWeakness: Inverted. Her arrow-based attacks can harm the Impulse enemies that appear later in the game, with said enemies being immune to most attacks of the Swordian-users.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Bruiser Khang (Mighty Kongman)]]²->Voiced by: Creator/TesshoGenda (JP)²[[quoteright:311:]]²²The reigning champion of the Neuestadt Arena, he often acts like a jerk and a showoff. However, he's a good person deep down, and has a crush on Philia. He suffers the same fate as Leon; in the original game, he was an irritating and unsympathetic bonus character, but in the remake he was rewritten into a very entertaining (mandatory) addition to the party.²----²* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Philia is nice to him, but certainly doesn't reciprocate his affections.²* AssKicksYou: Both his skill Ikasu Hip/Hip Attack and his second Blast Caliber Tres Bien Hip.²* BaldOfAwesome²* TheBigGuy ²* BrokenPedestal: He used to admire the former arena champion and idolized him, until he learned that the matches were fixed. This motivated him to become a proper idol champion and put an end to fixed matches.²* CatchPhrase: "ORE-SAMA WA CHANPION DA!" ("I'M THE CHAMPION!")²* CharacterizationMarchesOn: His original version is a completely unsympathetic HeManWomanHater, while the remake retooled him into a JerkWithAHeartOfGold with a less sexist worldview.²* DoggedNiceGuy: His crush on Philia. Much more evident in the remake. Some skits flanderize this into his only trait later.²* HeManWomanHater: In the original game, he hates all women and insults Ilene for being female. [[BerserkButton This provokes Stahn into fighting him.]]²%%* HotBlooded²* {{Jerkass}}: He a total unlikable jerk in the original game, but the remake turns him into a JerkWithAHeartOfGold.²* LargeHam: He has only one volume, and that is ''loud''.²* LoveAtFirstSight: The moment he sees Philia, he is head over heels into her. ²* MightyGlacier: He's incredibly slow compared to the other characters, but hits very hard once he finally reaches his enemies and has quite high defense.²* OptionalPartyMember: The only one from the original game who does not start as a GuestStarPartyMember.²* RageAgainstTheHeavens: A comedic version. He falls into a CornerOfWoe when the high priest reveals Philia is married. It lasts for five whole seconds, since the priest clarifies that Philia is married to god, at which point Khongman decides that he will challenge god for her hand. ²* StayInTheKitchen: His attitude towards women in the original game. This is removed in the remake.²* WeaksauceWeakness: Inverted. At least in the original [=PS1=] version, his 1-2 Combo (Rhomb Shoulder) attack is one of the best attacks to use against the Impulse enemies that appear later in the game, which are immune to most attacks the Swordian users have access to. ([[LampshadeHanging Are you beginning to see a pattern among the player characters who can't use Swordians?]])²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Lilith Aileron]]²->Voiced by: Creator/YukaImai (PSX version), Creator/ChieSawaguchi (later appearances) (JP)²[[quoteright:350:]]²²Stahn's little sister. She isn't playable in the original game (except by hacking), and is an optional character in the remake. She's an assertive girl who will kick your ass with cooking utensils.²----²* AscendedExtra: She wasn't intended to be playable in the original (though she could be hacked in), and was made playable in the remake.²* AscendedGlitch: She was only playable through a glitch in the original game, but she was so popular in battle she was added as an optional playable character in the remake, and even has her own Side (as part of Stahn's Side, but still).²* CallForward: Fighting her in the remake in the arena isn't just a ShoutOut, it's a CallForward to her [[spoiler: daughter, Lymle,]] who will replace Kongman as the arena champion. There's also a skit where he asks her to take his place in the arena. She doesn't want to, but [[spoiler: her daughter stepped up to the plate.]]²* ChefOfIron: She kicks ass with a frying pan and fish.²* DummiedOut: Only obtainable through a glitch in the original Japanese game and cheat codes in the U.S. release.²* EleventhHourRanger: Can only be recruited in the arena in the remake, and even then not after a considerable amount of time has passed. ²* {{Hammerspace}}²* ImprobableWeaponUser: She fights with frying pans, ladles, and ''giant fish'' pulled from {{Hammerspace}}.²* ImprovisedWeapon: Her frying pan and ladle attacks were originally designed to wake her brother up.²* KameHameHadoken: [[ THUNDER SWORD!!!!]]²* LittleMissSnarker: She always has a quip to say.²* MakingASplash: Almost literally, with the giant fish she pulls out of hammerspace splashing through conjured water.²* PromotedToPlayable: In the [=PS2=] remake, where she can formally join the party without using a glitch or a hack.²* SheFu: Before her fighting style was retconned, she used mostly kicks and punches.²* ShockAndAwe: Her Thunder Sword hi-ougi.²* ShoutOut: The way you recruit her in the remake (beating her in the Neuestadt Arena) is the same as how Kongman was recruited in the original- it's even parodied. You think you're about to fight Kongman... Until Lilith comes in and beats him up.²** It's also a shoutout to Street Fighter 2, as her appearance in instantly defeating Kongman and being the true champion is a reference to Akuma killing M. Bison with the Shun Goku Satsu. She even obscures how she defeats Kongman like the SGS does.²* YamatoNadeshiko: A hilarious subversion. With her pink dress and apron, she looks the part. With her weapon and love of housework, she has the skills for the part. With her rather [[LittleMissSnarker ''abrasive'']] personality...she is most definitely not the part.²* {{Yandere}}: PlayedForLaughs. Her [[BigBrotherInstinct Little Sister Instinct]] towards Stahn sometimes crosses the line into frightening people.²[[/folder]]²²!!Swordians²²[[folder:Swordian Dymlos]]²->Voiced by: Creator/RyotaroOkiayu (JP)²²The Swordian of Fire. In life, he was Lieutenant General Dymlos Timber, the Division Commander of the 1st Er'ther Army. A stubborn and prideful individual with a [[IncrediblyLamePun fiery temper]], he comes into Stahn's possession by chance, and because Stahn can hear his voice, convinces him that he is TheChosenOne in order to escape the disaster on-board the Draconis. Afterwards, he accompanies Stahn in his journey to save the world, constantly baffled by his chosen master's stupidity.²----²* AFatherToHisMen²* {{Bishounen}}²* BrokenPedestal: To Kyle, because he chooses to be lawful instead of good [[spoiler: when Atwight is kidnapped]]. He gets over it.²* DeadpanSnarker: It's not hard to be when Stahn's your master.²* DuelBoss: In the remake. [[spoiler:Also doubles as a MirrorBoss, as he uses many of the same techniques as Stahn.]]²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: He and the other Swordians make one to destroy the Eye of Atamoni before Belcrant can be fired again.]]²* FlamingSword: As the Swordian of Fire, he has some attacks that do this.²* MundaneUtility: Stahn suggests his fire powers would be handy for frying fish. Dymlos is not amused.²* KnightInShiningArmor: One reason why Barbatos hated him so much.²* OfficialCouple: He and Atwight were married when they were humans.²* PlayingWithFire: He's the Swordian of ''Fire'', after all.²* SlapSlapKiss: With Atwight. The kiss of the trope is emphasized, but they have their slap moments.²* TalkingWeapon: Like all Swordians, he can talk to a select few with the ability to hear him.²* ToBeLawfulOrGood: He suffers through this, as well as TheNeedsOfTheMany, when Atwight is kidnapped by Barbatos in the sequel. [[spoiler: Harold gives him a good excuse to go rescue her and choose the good.]]²* {{Tsundere}}: While he is a capable commander, he often loses his cool. He is particularly tsun towards Stahn, who he feels does not take things seriously enough.²* WorthyOpponent: At least, Barbatos thought so.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He had blue hair when he was alive.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Swordian Atwight]]²->Voiced by: Emi Uwagawa (JP)²²The Swordian of Water. In life, she was Colonel Atwight Eks, of the Er'ther Medical Corps. She was entrusted to Rutee when she was young by her mother, Chris Katrea, and served as her constant companion and surrogate mother figure as she grew up. She is kind, and patient, but she is also not afraid to tell Rutee what she thinks of her actions.²----²* AnIcePerson: Water and Ice are considered the same element in the ''Destiny'' universe.²* CoolSword²* CombatMedic: She was part of the Medical Corps when alive, and has healing spells.²* DamselInDistress: In ''Destiny 2'', Barbatos abducts her in order to lure Dymlos as well as Kyle and his party into a trap.²* ForgotAboutHisPowers: Doubles with CutsceneIncompetence. Why couldn't she just heal [[spoiler: Karell]] after he got stabbed again? She was standing right there! ²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: She and the other Swordians make one to destroy the Eye of Atamoni before Belcrant can be fired again.]]²* MakingASplash: She's the Swordian of Water.²* OfficialCouple: She and Dymlos were married when they were humans.²* RapunzelHair: She had it when she was alive.²* SlapSlapKiss: With Dymlos.²* TalkingWeapon: All the Swordians are.²* TeamMom: Which is impressive, considering she's a ''sword.'' During the Ae'ther Wars she provided counselling for the other Swordians in the 4komas, averting ThereAreNoTherapists.²* ThereAreNoTherapists: Averted, she provided therapy sessions for the other Swordian Masters.²* {{Tsundere}}: A type B, only Dymlos brings out her tsun side.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Well, purple, but still.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Swordian Chaltier]]²->Voiced by: Creator/HideoIshikawa (JP)²²The Swordian of Earth. In life, he was Major Pierre de Chaltier, leader of the 2nd Er'ther Army Squadron. He has been by Leon's side ever since he was a child, and is the only one he considers his "friend." Unlike his master, Chaltier possesses a very gentle and restrained personality, seeming almost meek. He is, however, fiercely loyal to his young master. [[spoiler:In ''Destiny 2'', he is still by his master's side, although Leon no longer uses him in battle.]]²----²* AdaptationDyeJob: His hair is golden instead of white/platinum in ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny2'' and he wears a different outfit.²* AllForNothing: In the original game [[spoiler: he states trying to fight the Aetherians was pointless during his DespairEventHorizon.]]²* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: In his diary entry in ''Destiny 2'', he says that he is looked down upon by his peers for being weak, and that he seeks to become stronger to prove himself.²* AscendedExtra: He has a greatly expanded role in the ''Destiny'' remake, and this role is even further expanded in Leon's Side of the ''Director's Cut''.²* TheBabyOfTheBunch: The youngest Swordian Master and the least competent.²* {{Bishounen}}: Both his ''Destiny 2'' and ''Destiny R'' designs are young and attractive men.²* ButtMonkey: He was always caught in-between Dymlos and Atwight's love affair, even on the battlefield, as they always paid attention to each other and never paid attention to ''him'', which resulted in him always getting swarmed by enemies.²* CastingAShadow: As a secondary spell element.²* CoolSword: A TalkingWeapon that allows the user to cast very powerful spells is certainly cool.²* DemotedToExtra: In the sequel, [[spoiler: even though he's with the party almost the entire time.]]²* DespairEventHorizon: In the original Tales of Destiny, [[spoiler: Leon's betrayal of the other Swordians]] makes him cross into the DespairEventHorizon, and he states their opposition of the Aetherians was all for nothing in the end. [[spoiler: He seems to have recovered by the time of the sequel.]]²* DishingOutDirt: He's the Swordian of Earth.²* DudeWheresMyRespect: In the manga version of the first game, Leon [[spoiler: laments being all alone at the end of his life]] while Chaltier sits beside him in silent disapproval.²* DumbBlonde: In ''Destiny 2'', he is portrayed as a ditzy blond.²* ExtremeDoormat: He has a tendency of being pushed around and cowed by his fellow Swordians and Leon.²* GeniusDitz: He's quite a ditz, but was proficient enough with a sword to become a Swordian Master.²* HeroicSacrifice: In ''Destiny 2'', he manages to join the other Swordians just in time [[spoiler: to help destroy the Eye of Atamoni, finally bidding farewell to Leon.]]²* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Leon. May border on LivingEmotionalCrutch at times in Leon's story.²* PlayingAgainstType: Creator/HideoIshikawa, hard (yup, that really is [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Itachi]], folks).²* ShipperOnDeck: For Stahn and Rutee in Leon's story.²* SmallNameBigEgo: PlayedForLaughs. During the Ae'ther Wars, he once brags that Miktran would be no match for him, [[ButtMonkey only for his boast to be interrupted by a barrage of arrows that he narrowly manages to evade.]]²* StepfordSmiler: In the original, [[spoiler: he tries to maintain a chipper facade despite knowing Leon is going to betray the other Swordian Masters. It fails during the second half.]]²* TalkingWeapon: Like all the Swordians.²* UndyingLoyalty: In the remake. [[spoiler:When Leon apologizes to him for having him accompany him in his HeroicSacrifice in ''Destiny R'', Chaltier merely responds that Leon is his master, and that he would follow him no matter where he goes. He accompanies Leon even after his death and resurrection in ''Destiny 2'', though his final words express he is tired of following Leon around by the end.]]²* WhatTheHellHero: During the ''Director's Cut'' version of the game, after [[spoiler: Marian]] is captured and Leon is left with no choice but to [[spoiler: follow Hugo's orders ignoring Chal's repeated advice to contact his friends,]] the two of them go through a brief silent treatment until Chaltier finally calls him out for being a foolish kid. Possibly subverted though as while it does help Leon get a hold of himself, Chaltier agrees that [[spoiler: the two of them can save Marian together instead of Leon finally agreeing to turn to his friends.]]²* WhoWantsToLiveForever: [[spoiler: He is tired of life by the time of ''Destiny 2'' and wants to die.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Swordian Clemente]]²->Voiced by: Creator/JojiYanami (JP)²²The Swordian of Lightning. In life, he was Laville Clemente, the Chief of Staffs for the Er'ther Army. He has the personality of a jovial but surprisingly insightful old man, preferences for pretty young ladies aside. After the Ae'ther Wars, Clemente was stranded deep beneath the sea, within the sunken base of Radisrol, where he has waited thousands of years for a new master, which he finds in Philia.²----²²* {{BFS}}: Though he is ill-suited for direct attacks.²* BoltOfDivineRetribution: The spell Indignation.²* ChivalrousPervert: He's a definite DirtyOldMan but genuinely cared about both Atwight and Philia.²* CoolOldGuy²* DirtyOldMan²--> '''Philia''': Was [the spell] right, Clemente?²--> '''Clemente''': Hm, not bad... But next time, push your chest out more, and try a sexier stance... Mm, yes, like that...²* FourElementEnsemble: As the 'holy' Swordian he has some control over the main four elements.²* HolyHandGrenade: The spell Divine Power.²* ObfuscatingStupidity: He would pretend to be senile or deaf to avoid hearing things he didn't like.²* OldMaster: Philia's.²* RealMenWearPink: His sword is definitely pink, and very much a male sword.²* ShipperOnDeck: He shipped Stahn and Philia due to the latter's feelings.²* ShockAndAwe: He has lightning and light powers.²* TalkingWeapon²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Swordian Igtenos]]²->Voiced by: Creator/TaikiMatsuno (JP)²²The Swordian of Wind. In life, he was Igtenos Minarde, leader of the E'rther Army's Intelligence Unit. He has a very quiet and calm personality, and prides himself on logical decision-making. After the Aeth'er Wars, Igtenos became a symbol of the royal house of Phandaria, handed down from king to king, until he is stolen by Greybaum. Wielded against his will, Igtenos is severely damaged, and remains deactivated for a majority of the game.²----²* {{Bishonen}}²* BlowYouAway: As the Swordian of Wind.²* CombatPragmatist: He launches a surprise attack on Barbatos during his duel with Dymlos, and manages to lead him off a cliff.²* CoolSword²* DeadpanSnarker: He has some moments of snark.²* DemotedToExtra: He spends most of the game deactivated, and thus doesn't get much of a role in the story.²* NotSoStoic: In a side story in the Tales of Destiny 2 manga, he is shown to be very passionate about cute things, to almost {{Keet}} levels.²* GadgeteerGenius: Oddly, he knows many things about Swordian construction and upgrading, things that only Harold was implied to truly understand in the sequel.²* RazorWind²* TalkingWeapon²* {{Troll}}: He has a habit of understating situations and then being amused at his companions' FreakOut moments upon discovering the truth of said situations.²* TheStoic: In general he is quite reserved.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Swordian Berselius]]²->Voiced by: Creator/NobuoTobita (JP)²²The Swordian of Darkness. The personality etched onto Berselius belonged to Karell Berselius, a strategist for the Er'ther Army as well as the older brother of Harold Berselius, the scientist responsible for the development of the Swordians. [[spoiler: At least, that's what's commonly believed, but the sequel reveals the personality was Harold's all along.]] During the final assault on Dycroft, it was Karell and his Swordian that dealt the killing blow the Miktran; however, in his death throes, Miktran struck through Swordian Berselius's core, fatally wounding Karell and "killing" Swordian Berselius. However, [[spoiler: it is revealed later that, with his last blow, Miktran transferred his soul into the now defunct Swordian, taking it over. Thousands of years later, when Berselius comes into the possession of Hugo, Miktran takes over his mind, using him to do his bidding.]]²----²* ArtifactOfDoom: Because of [[spoiler: who's in it.]]²* ArtifactOfDeath: In a sense, due to [[spoiler: Miktran manipulating Hugo until his mind was sufficiently unhinged to possess, killing him.]] His body stays alive, but his mind is gone forever.²* BadassLongcoat: He used to wear one.²* BadassBookworm: Okay, so he's TheStrategist, he'll probably be staying behind a lot... Nope. He not only goes on a very complex rescue mission, but when he gets his Swordian he casually creates black holes like it's nothing.²* {{BFS}}: Looking at size charts comparing all the Swordians together, his sword is bigger than Clemente's.²* BigBrotherInstinct: Talking to him, it's pretty clear he cares very dearly for Harold. [[spoiler: Especially when he dies- He uses his last words to reassure her he'll always be there to protect her.]]²* BullyHunter: Implied in the sequel's manga.²* {{Bishounen}}: [[spoiler: Both his original self and Miktran/Kronos.]]²* CastingAShadow: As befitting the Swordian of Darkness.²* CoordinatedClothes: It's subtle, but both Karell and Harold seem to like laces and fur down their jacket sleeves.²* DarkIsNotEvil: Zigzagged. [[spoiler: He was originally extremely kind]], but by the first game [[spoiler: [[DemonicPossession Miktran has taken over and he's very evil.]]]] ²* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler: His Swordian, at least, is being possessed by Miktran/Kronos.]]²* DemotedToExtra: Zigzagged. He's the only Swordian user [[spoiler: we don't really get to meet]] in the first game, but he has a role in the sequel... As a SatelliteCharacter and [[DeathByOriginStory dead big brother]] to Harold. He's also the only Swordian Master to have ''no'' official art or cameos whatsoever, not even in the ''Tales of Kizna'' Swordian special story.²* DoomedByCanon: His death in the sequel. It's coming from a mile away and if anyone tried to save him, they'd end up changing the timeline. ²* EvilWeapon: Though not because it's a darkness sword, but [[spoiler: because of Miktran.]]²* HeroicSacrifice: Mentioned in the sequel. Had Karell not gotten in dangerously close to Miktran to deliver him the final blow, the Swordian Team might not have won the fight.²* HolyHandGrenade / LightIsNotGood²* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler: Unlike the other Swordians, his death also killed his sword.]]²* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: At Miktran's hand. It's how he died.²* NiceGuy: Incredibly kind-hearted, he'd do anything besides disobey direct orders to help the party in the sequel (since his sister has joined them, after all). Too bad [[spoiler: he's long dead in the first game...]]²* RazorWind²* SatelliteCharacter: Subverted. While he does outwardly seem this way in the second game, not discussing anything besides Harold with the party and falling victim to a lot of ShowDontTell when it comes to his prowess as a strategist, he does have some personality, mostly shown right before his death.²* SenselessSacrifice: Unfortunately. [[spoiler: Killing Miktran just results in his sword getting possessed and Dycroft getting resurrected 1000 years later.]]²* SoulJar: [[spoiler: Miktran's.]]²* SoullessShell: [[spoiler: His sword ends up being turned into Miktran's SoulJar at the expense of the original personality.]]²* TheStrategist: Though a lot of it is done through CharacterShilling and ShowDontTell.²* ThinkTwins: With Harold, while he was alive. He was the Er'ther army's best strategist and she was their best scientist.²* UnholyHolySword: Hugo thought it was perfectly innocuous, having the personality of a great strategist and having been used to win the War Between Heaven and Earth... Not exactly. [[spoiler: Again, Miktran's fault. By itself, it would be a very nice sword.]]²* {{Yandere}}: PlayedForLaughs. His protectiveness of Harold is taken UpToEleven in certain 4komas.²* YinYangBomb: Specializes in darkness and light magic.²* YouCalledMeXItMustBeSerious:²-->'''Karell:'''[[TearJerker "Am I... Dreaming? You called me... Brother..."]]²[[/folder]]²²!!Non-Playable Characters²[[folder:Hugo Gilchrist]]²->Voiced by: Creator/KenjiUtsumi (JP)²²Leon's father[[spoiler:, and also Rutee's,]] and the president of the Oberon Corporation. [[spoiler:Once, he was a kind man, but after the discovery of Swordian Berselius, he was driven mad. He used the last of his sanity to drive Rutee away from home and his madness, but in process killed her mother. He then took Leon and trained him rigorously and strictly, forming him as his own puppet, using the maid Marian, whom Leon treated as a surrogate mother, as his hostage to cow Leon to his biddings. He brought Dycroft to the surface and planned to use its superweapon, Belcrant, against the Earth, but Stahn and co. defeats him, bringing him back to his senses before he dies.]]²----²* AbusiveParents: Thanks to being [[spoiler: BrainwashedAndCrazy]], he is a real dick to Leon. [[spoiler:Mostly emotionally abusive but occasionally physically too.]]²* AbsurdlyYouthfulFather: Considering [[spoiler:Rutee, his daughter, is 18]] and he really doesn't look any older than maybe late 30s... Yeah.²* AdaptationalAttractiveness: He is made significantly more attractive in the remake.²* AdaptationalVillainy: In the original ''Tales of Destiny'' manga, [[spoiler: he willingly worked with Miktran when the sword offered to make him rich and powerful, though [[UnwittingPawn he was unaware of Miktran's ultimate purpose]] of completely destroying the surface world.]]²* AntiVillain: [[spoiler:[[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type IV]]]]²* BadassBeard[[spoiler:/BeardOfEvil]]²* {{Biseinen}}: It's pretty clear the Gilchrist family isn't short on beauty.²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: By [[spoiler:Miktran.]]²* CastingAShadow: Posseses and uses the Swordian of Darkness.²* DaddyHadAGoodReasonForAbandoningYou: [[spoiler:What he did to Rutee.]] He would've tried that on Leon too, but it was too late.²* DealWithTheDevil: In the original manga, he [[spoiler: makes one with Miktran in order to gain his wealth and power.]]²* DemonicPossession[=/=]GrandTheftMe: [[spoiler:He's being manipulated to a point where Miktran can actually possess him.]]²* DespairGambit: Pulls this on [[spoiler:Leon]] in the remake using [[spoiler: Marian's safety and finally the news that she attempted suicide to make him do plenty of things for him, including fighting his only friends.]] Sadly, [[spoiler: it works, though Leon pulls a HeroicSacrifice to make sure his friends don't get trapped in the flooding mine.]]²* DyingAsYourself: [[spoiler:When the confronts and defeats him in the original PSX version, Hugo admits all of his wrongdoings and apologizes to Rutee with his dying breath before Miktran appears in the flesh]].²* FightingFromTheInside: [[spoiler:When Miktran finally reveals himself from within Hugo's body in the [=PS2=] remake (and absolutely finishes off the party in a CurbStompBattle, Hugo manages to muster up his strength when Miktran tries to kill off Rutee, causing Miktran to struggle. However, Hugo can only muster up the will to explain his reasons for making Rutee leave in the past while also telling the party that he'll detach Belcrant in order for them to escape from Miktran. Though sadly from there, Hugo's consciousness pretty much dies out for good.]]²* HopeCrusher: In the remake, it's pretty easy to see he's enjoying breaking his son down. [[spoiler:Or at least, Miktran is.]]²* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: [[spoiler:Who would trust [[ObviouslyEvil Miktran]]?]] To be fair, he is being [[spoiler:MindRaped and possessed.]]²* IHaveYourWife: [[spoiler:He kidnapped Marian to force Leon into obeying him.]]²* ManipulativeBastard: [[spoiler: Subverted in that he's ''also'' being manipulated]]²* NotHimself: Sometime around [[spoiler:Leon's death]], [[spoiler:Miktran]] manages to possess him. Stahn notices immediately.²* MindRape: He's being subjected to this by [[spoiler: Miktran.]]²* StoicSpectacles: Subverted. He appears this way at first but he's [[spoiler:very mentally unstable.]]²* ThisIsYourBrainOnEvil: [[spoiler:Goes crazier and crazier the more Miktran speaks to him.]] It's clear he doesn't understand what's happening until it's too late.²* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler:Miktran's unwitting pawn.]]²* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Due to [[spoiler:Miktran's whispers and corrupting influence.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kronos (Miktran)]]²->Voiced by: Creator/RyotaroOkiayu (JP; PSX version); Creator/RyoHorikawa (JP; [=PS2=] remake)²²The leader of the Heavens/Ae'therians during the War of Heaven and Earth/Ae'ther Wars and would stop at nothing at fulfilling his goal to enslave the Earth/Er'ther Lands. He is defeated by the Swordian Masters in the past, especially by Karell Berselius. [[spoiler:However, in his last breath, he possessed Karell's Swordian (Berselius) and was put in slumber for thousands of years, until it's discovered by Hugo Gilchrist. Right after that, he drove Hugo mad and manipulated him to further his goal, including the resurrection of Dycroft. However, Stahn eventually puts an end to his ambition.]]²----²* {{Bishounen}}²* ButtMonkey: Nobody really knows what his motive is, so he's ridiculed by Kyle and co. in one of the bonus disks. ²* TheCorrupter: To [[spoiler:Hugo]], with the ultimate goal of possessing him.²* CulturalPosturing: According to him, the Aetherians were superior to the Er'thers in every way imaginable. ²* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler:His final form in the remake.]]²* EvilOverlord: A very {{Bishounen}} version.²* FinalSolution: Wanted to wipe out the Er'thers completely, if he couldn't enslave them. He repeatedly refers to Er'thers as filthy vermin and has utterly no qualms about murdering thousands of them.²* ForTheEvulz: What was his motive again? He did have one in the original game, but in the second game he mostly just wants to destroy everything.²* HopeCrusher: He likes giving [[spoiler:Leon]] just a little hope, then snatching it away.²* ManBehindTheMan: Behind Hugo.²* ManipulativeBastard: [[spoiler:Manipulates both Leon and Hugo with ease.]]²* MotiveDecay: His motive went from reviving the Aetherian race (conveniently ignoring there was a whole continent of the descendants of the survivors) to wanting to laser the whole planet ForTheEvulz.²* PatrioticFervor: Of the evil kind.²* PowerFloats²* ObviouslyEvil²* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler:In Berselius. He breaks himself out with Hugo's help.]]²* TakingYouWithMe: Subverted. [[spoiler:He killed Karell Berselius AND managed to keep his soul intact in the process.]]²* TrashTalk: [[spoiler:Insults the living hell out of Hugo when he reveals himself, and how it was easy to brainwash both him and manipulate Leon]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Marian Fustel]]²-> Voiced by Eriko Fujimaki (JP)²²A maid employed by Hugo Gilchrist. She's the one responsible for raising Leon, and as such he regards her very highly.²----²* DamselInDistress: [[spoiler: Abducted and held hostage to keep Leon under control.]]²* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: In the remake in Leon's story, to try to allow Leon to escape his father's control.]] She survives, and the ploy fails.²* HimeCut: Sports one.²* {{Meido}}: The quiet and gentle maid in the Gilchrist household.²* ObliviousToLove / AllLoveIsUnrequited: She seems to be completely unaware of Leon's feelings for her... [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation Unless the act is deliberate.]]²* RavenHairIvorySkin: Again, [[SatelliteLoveInterest according to Leon]], she's very pretty.²* SatelliteLoveInterest: Justified, as Marian is a normal maid with no fighting prowess. It wouldn't make sense for the main plot to revolve around her or her daily activities... But the second half of Leon's story does. ²* SupremeChef: At least, Leon thinks so.²* WellDoneSonGuy: Her approval is highly sought out by Leon.²* YamatoNadeshiko: Though she's likely from a common background, being employed as a maid and all, she fits the trope otherwise.²[[/folder]]²----


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