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1[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Carver]]²!!Det. Emmett Carver²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Played By:''' Creator/DavidTennant²²%%* DeadpanSnarker²* BunnyEarsLawyer: The other detectives, particularly Ellie are woefully outclassed. Carver has more homicide experience than anyone on the force. What's more, he knows it; he's not afraid to throw his weight around with the Sheriff, knowing he can do far better than Gracepoint P.D.²* DeathGlare: He shoots a particularly potent one at resident fuck-up Owen after he leaks Danny's name.²* DefectiveDetective: Carver is a highly competent detective (and holds others to such standards) but he's clearly troubled and emotionally closed-off.²* FishOutOfWater: He's from the big city, and dislikes having to 'soften' his approach in an appeal to small-town sentimentality.²* GoodIsNotNice: Although a good man, he's not easy to get along with and is ill-suited to a small town where everybody seems to prefer being 'nice' to being competent.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Carver is dismissive, irritable and doesn't think much of his co-workers. However, he's a good man who wants to solve Danny's murder and feels great sympathy for the family.²* PermaStubble: He sports this look.²* TheSpock: To Ellie's [[TheMcCoy McCoy]]. He is colder and more rational than Ellie which has a tendency to alienate the people of Gracepoint. ²** This is exhibited in his great dislike of using first names which is contrastive to Ellie's insistence on using first names.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Ellie]]²!!Det. Ellie Miller²->'''Played By:''' Creator/AnnaGunn²²* HappilyMarried: To her husband, Joe. They have a loving and supportive marriage.²* TheMcCoy: To Carver's [[TheSpock Spock]]. She is more emotionally invested in the investigation due to being a personal friend with the Solano family. This leads to her judgement being often compromised.²** This is exhibited by her preference of first names over last names in comparison to Carver who prefers the opposite.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mark]]²!!Mark Solano²->'''Played By:''' Michael Peña²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Beth]]²!!Beth Solano²->'''Played By:''' Virginia Kull²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Jack]]²!!Jack Reinhold²->'''Played By:''' Nick Nolte²²* CloudCuckooLander: Jack has a slight air of this. During his police interview, he tends to go off on tangents and talk about the environment.²%%* DeadpanSnarker²* [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide: After everyone begins to believe he's a pedophile he appears commits suicide by drowning]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Susan]]²!!Susan Wright²->'''Played By:''' Jacki Weaver²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Joe]]²!!Joseph "Joe" Miller²->'''Played By:''' Josh Hamilton²²* [[spoiler:AffablyEvil: He's pretty friendly for a would-be pedophile.]]²* [[spoiler:BigBad:The closest thing to one in the show, as it's largely his fault Danny Solano is dead and he's the main one covering it up.]]²* HappilyMarried: To his wife, Ellie. They have a loving and supportive marriage.²* PapaWolf: Is very protective of his son. [[spoiler: He even takes all the blame for Danny's death when Tom accidentally kills him (albeit Tom was trying to protect Danny from his father]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Paul]]²!!Father Paul Coates²->'''Played By:''' Creator/KevinRankin²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Owen]]²!!Owen Burke²->'''Played By:''' Kevin Zegers²²* IntrepidReporter: He'd like to think he's this, but at best he's a well-meaning incompetent who doesn't think before he acts.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Renee]]²!!Renee Clemons²->'''Played By:''' Jessica Lucas²²* IntrepidReporter: She actually is one unlike Owen.²²%%* IntrepidReporter²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Vince]]²!!Vince Novik²->'''Played By:''' Stephen Louis Grush²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Chloe]]²!!Chloe Solano²->'''Played By:''' Madalyn Horcher²²%%* BrattyTeenageDaughter²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Gemma]]²!!Gemma Fisher²->'''Played By:''' Sarah-Jane Potts²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Tom]]²!!Tom Miller²->'''Played By:''' Jack Irvine²²[[spoiler:AccidentalMurder: While trying to protect Danny from his father he accidentally hits Danny in the head with a wooden paddle.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Dean]]²!!Dean Iverson²->'''Played By:''' Kendrick Sampson²[[/folder]]


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