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1%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExamples are commented out.²²[[foldercontrol]]²!Main Characters²²[[folder:Matt]]²!Matt²²[[quoteright:223:]]²[[caption-width-right:223:Matt, as seen in Bullet Heaven 2]]²²A long-haired CoolSword-wielding warrior, and the primary male protagonist of the series. Willing to eat [[ExtremeOmnivore just about anything]], and is more than a bit of an IdiotHero, though he improves on that last part some in ''4''.²²* AccidentalPervert: Unlike Lance, he never actively tries to be a pervert. It just sorta happens. ²* AuthorAvatar: In an interview, the creator stated that Matt is a character based off himself, but doesn't directly represent him. Furthermore, he went on to say that he would love to get rid of him, except he had placed him in too many projects to do so.²* BarrierWarrior: His Protect bushido casts protect on the entire party.²* BasementDweller: A DownplayedTrope for him in [=EBF5=], where there are some implications he's mostly shut in and plays video games, but he's not so sheltered that he's being entirely supported by his parents and of course, he takes to going outside as gameplay leads him to do all right.²* BigEater: {{Idle Animation}}s frequently have him doze off thinking about some food, and he's eager to at least try to eat just about any animal he can kill.²* {{Bishounen}}: [[ This pic]] sums this up.²* {{BFS}}: Most of his weapons. His bomb in ''Bullet Heaven'' is the largest sword in the series to date.²** His LimitBreak, Ragnarok, also deserves mention, as it makes ''giant swords'' rain from the sky onto the enemies.²* BladeSpam: Both his Legend skill and a couple of his {{Limit Break}}s. He lampshades this in ''3'' by claiming that every swordsman seems to have a special attack based on this.²* BrainsAndBrawn: The tough bruiser to Natalie's squishy wizard in the first two instalments.²* ChasteHero: While he certainly "admires" Natalie, WordOfGod is that [[ he's never pursued anything further]]. Whether he's [[IdiotHero too oblivious]] or [[DysfunctionJunction too scared]] is up for debate.²-->'''Master-of-an-empire:''' Soooo,whats the pretty girl's relationship with the pirate dude? :3\²'''[=KupoGames=]:''' Backup.\²'''Master-of-an-empire:''' Never dated? O_o\²'''[=KupoGames=]:''' Nope.²** No longer the case in [=EBF5=], where he explicitly notices Natalie's beauty. [[spoiler: In the good ending [[WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue epilogue]] they continue adventuring together and eventually become an actual couple.]]²* DumbBlonde: A lot of jokes involving Matt clearly don't imply he's much of an intellectual, and he's blond.²* DumbMuscle: He's not the sharpest sword in the weapon-shed, to Natalie's continual frustration. ²* EatenAlive: {{Exploited}} during the battle with the Pyrohydra in ''3''. Matt just cuts his way out of the monster's stomach, killing it from the inside out.²* ExtremeOmnivore: DownplayedTrope - few animals he's seen are also animals he has not at least attempted to eaten.²* FantasyCharacterClasses: A Samurai who can switch his swords on the fly to take advantage of enemy weaknesses or buff an ability.²* HeroesPreferSwords: Naturally following on from all those swords he has. He even rides a sword in ''Bullet Heaven''. [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext How does that even work?]]²* HeroicRROD: Using Legend in the fourth game drastically decreases his stats. This didn't happen in previous games, but it's justified by Matt not working out in between the third and fourth games.²* HeroesWantRedheads: Despite the fact that WordOfGod has insisted that they aren't a couple, Matt [[ImpliedLoveInterest possibly]] having a crush on Natalie has received a ''lot'' of teasing over the course of the series.²* HypocriticalHumor: Matt is outraged that the Equip shop in the Goldbrick Resort area of [=EBF4=] has a bridge leading right to the Temple of Godcat, leading him to assume they must get their equipment from the Temple and calls them a bunch of thieves. Of course, the game just about starts with him and his party stealing from towns.²* IdiotHero: Well, all of them are except for Anna, but Matt takes it to the extreme, to the point where his motivations extend solely to "Find cool swords and kill things with them".²** [=EBF5=] makes him ''slightly'' less so and provides some saner moments from him, but still has him admit he doesn't even know how to hold a guitar.²* KleptomaniacHero: Those swords he carries around? He stole them. ''All of them.''²* LovableRogue: He's affable and humorous for a [[KleptomaniacHero chronic thief]].²* MagicallyIneptFighter: Matt's damage output is almost entirely physical. The number of magic-damage abilities he gets over the course of the series can be counted on one hand, and none of them are very good for dealing damage.²* MightyGlacier: Has the highest base HP of all party members and hits the hardest, though his accuracy and evasion are less than impressive.²* MultiMeleeMaster: Zigzagged. He had use [[AnAxeToGrind battleaxes]], [[CarryABigStick maces]], [[BladeOnAStick spears]], [[GrievousHarmWithABody severed dragon arms]], but they are all treated as swords, which is his go-to weapon. This could all be in Matt's part, as he might not know or care about the differences between any of the type of weapons. ²* OnlyOneName: We don't know if he even has a surname.²* ParentalAbandonment: [=EBF5=] has him say his parents traveled around the world with him by sea... until it got too dangerous for a small child, so then they abandoned him on land.²* {{Pirate}}: Actually averted; he's a warrior who just dresses as a pirate ([[KleptomaniacHero though he does clearly enjoy robbery]]). You can change his clothing starting in the third game, too.²* SleepyHead: Idle long enough and he will fall asleep.²* SpellBlade: Can use Bushido skills to deal physical damage with ElementalPowers other than his weapon's.²* SwordPlant: Casts a majority of his spells by doing this.²* StormOfBlades: His Ragnarok/Catastrophe (just the first game) skill/Limit Break. All of the blades unique! [[KleptomaniacHero And stolen]].²* UnskilledButStrong: [=EBF5=] has him be almost entirely untrained and practiced compared to the other characters...but he somehow gets by with just whacking things with his weapons. Yes, even for making swords appear out of thin air or causing the ground to rupture upward.²* WeaponOfChoice: Swords. Lots of swords. Even if they aren't ''actually'' swords... Matt '''may''' be [[IdiotHero dumb enough]] to not get this.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: He does not react well whenever the party encounters a puzzle, especially block puzzles.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Natalie]]²!Natalie²[[quoteright:223:]]²[[caption-width-right:223:Natalie, as seen in Bullet Heaven 2]]²²Matt's red-headed, [[SquishyWizard spell-casting]] partner, and the primary female protagonist of the series, until she's usurped in this role by Anna in ''4''. Tries to be the party's voice of reason, but she's ignored more often than not.²²* ActionGirl: Since the day the first game came out. ²* AscendedExtra: According to the art gallery in the first game, Natalie first appeared as the White Mage in Attack of the Black Mages 5 (Matt's first flash using his current art style) and stuck around because he didn't feel like drawing more characters.²* BlackMage: In ''4'', courtesy of modifications to her skill chart, Natalie no longer naturally learns healing spells (She'll still have one upon recruitment, but it's considered a shared skill and can be removed from her and given to any of the other PC's), and has lost a lot of her buff spells, but her nuking potential remains intact. ²* BrainsAndBrawn: The sensible, intelligent ([[NotSoAboveItAll usually]]) Brains to Matt's silly, ditzy ([[HiddenDepths usually]]) Brawn.²* BreastExpansion: In the third game and onward, Natz's breasts increase in size when wearing the [[ cowgirl armor]]. By ''5'', she's complaining about the extra weight that this brings to her.²* ClingyJealousGirl: Briefly in ''4'', when she thinks Anna and Matt are getting ''too'' close.²* CovertPervert: What's a nice girl like Natalie teaming up with a bunch of brutes like the rest of her party in [=EBF5=]? Because she was enormously embarrassed after it was discovered she was writing erotic fanfiction of real people in her university and left it. After telling the others this, she then says to herself she just hides it better now.²* CombatMedic: As outlined in RedMage below.²* DCupDistress: She feels the "Gag" in "GagBoobs" is wearing thin.²--> "We don't bring attention to my breasts. Ever. It makes the men more retarded [[IdiotHero than usual]], and that's not good."²* DefeatMeansFriendship: In ''[[ContinuityReboot 5]]'', she accosts Matt and [=NoLegs=] after they "borrow" a shovel from the Farmer's Market, forcing a fight. Afterwards, Nat agrees to overlook their thefts in exchange for helping her in her mission.²* DistressedDamsel: In ''Adventure Story'', and [=EBF5=] when Lance kidnaps her.²* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Zigzagged from Anna. On one hand, Anna's jealous of her bust size, but on the other hand, she's just as infatuated at her 7th Heaven as the boys.²* FantasyCharacterClasses: Red Mage/Artificer (casts offensive magic and heals in the first three games and directs a KillSat in the second).²* FieryRedhead: {{Downplayed}}. Natz definitely has a temper, but is usually the most mellow member of the party.²* FireIceLightning: ''Fire'', ''Fireball'' and ''Fire Storm''; ''Ice'', ''Iceshard'' and ''Ice Storm''; and ''Thunder'', ''Thunderbolt'' and ''Thunderstorm''. Natz has three levels of magic for each elements. They are similar to one another other than elemental properties as well as stat affliction.²* FriendToAllLivingThings: Hilariously subverted and [[InvertedTrope inverted]] in the third game. She clearly likes and respects animals and nature, but she attacks them with her teammates nonetheless and quickly makes exceptions to those that happen to be in the way, especially if she considers them "gross", such as slimes and bees.²** And to say nothing against [[ManEatingPlant Rafflesia]].²-->"Screw the rainforest!" ²* GamerChick: Two of her {{Idle Animation}}s have her playing a UsefulNotes/GameBoy and a [[PinkMeansFeminine pink]] [[UsefulNotes/NintendoDS DS]]. She explicitly isn't really into the same kind of games as Matt is in [=EBF5=], however.²* {{Goth}}: Her reaction to seeing Dark Natalie indicates she was once one.²-->"Oh dear Godcat, I'm hideous! (I might have looked a bit like that during my goth phase...)"²* GuysSmashGirlsShoot: With Matt, especially in the first two games; Matt specializes in hitting with his sword, while Natz specializes in shooting out magic.²* TheHeart: Since Matt and Lance are too busy stealing everything that isn't nailed down to worry about saving the world, it's up to her to make sure they remember to save the day. She frequently encourages them to go on when they're scared, though in more of a "If I'm gonna die here, so are you" way than anything affectionate. She shares this role with Anna in [=EBF4=].²* HeroAntagonist: In ''5'', she's a boss fight because she caught Matt and [=NoLegs=] stealing a shovel, though she ends up joining them in order to investigate the monoliths.²* InSeriesNickname: Natz. Originally it was a FanNickname, but the creator [[AscendedFanon just went ahead with it]] as of the second game.²* LustObject: To Lance. She does not care for it.²* MegaTwintails: Some of her hats replace her normal curls with these. ²* MoralMyopia: She tries to be a LawfulGood Character by enforcing moral standards, but she quickly makes exceptions for the group and herself.²* MsFanservice: Although by the fourth game, she's painfully aware and isn't exactly flattered anymore. Further emphasized in ''5'', where her versions of the outfits are far more revealing than Anna's. She may also occasionally comment on how many of the female outfits [[SexySantaDress appear to]] [[HospitalHottie cater to]] [[BreastExpansion various]] [[SailorFuku fetishes]].²* OnlyOneName: No known last name.²* OnlySaneWoman: Possesses slightly more common sense than the others. [[IdiotHero Slightly]].²%%* PeekABangs²* PreAsskickingOneLiner: Before firing her Genesis limit break, she'll sometimes say some pretty badass one liners.²-->"Pick a god and pray". ²* PluckyGirl: She's the only one who doesn't try to run away from Akron when the party finally comes face to face with him, effectively shaming Matt and Lance into fighting in the process. A game later, she's the only one who never considers running away and hiding in a cave instead of confronting Godcat.²* RedMage: Casts both offensive magic and defensive magic. Since she's the principal caster of the series, she does not appear to sacrifice anything to master both.²* ShamelessFanserviceGirl: AvertedTrope - Natalie makes it clear in [=EBF5=] that her 7th Heaven limit break is just an illusion, she's doing it for the effects, and she is not actually going nearly naked and displaying herself in a battle.²* SimpleStaff: Her WeaponOfChoice is an assortment of rods and staves. Upgraded to MagicStaff in ''4'', as all of Natalie's weapons now have magical sub-effects on top of serving as bludgeons. ²** ''5'' adds [[KnifeNut knives]], [[CombatHandFan fans]], and [[BladeOnAStick spears]] to her arsenal, though all are still classified as staves. ²* TheSmartGuy: The most intelligent member of the party, and the most likely to comment on game mechanics or offer strategies mid-battle. It's especially pronounced in ''4'' and the ''Bullet Heaven'' games.²** [=EBF5=] makes her a straight-A University student that loves history. Matt also turns to Natz whenever there are more puzzles to solve.²* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She's the only girl in the party for the first three games, and is quite pleased to finally have another girl around when Anna joins the team. ²* SquishyWizard: The most fragile member of the team and the crappiest at attacking, but undeniably the strongest at magic.²* SummonMagic: She has this in the first two games. In the fourth game, all party members share the same summons and Summon Points meter, and the strength of the summons is determined by the summoner's level, not stats, so her magic is irrelevant.²* TechnicalPacifist: She seems to see herself as one.²-->'''Natalie:''' [[MoralMyopia We're not here to hunt innocent animals... though I guess it's alright to euthanize some if they get in the way.]]²* WeaponOfChoice: Staves.²* WhiteMage: Is more of a RedMage, but can be played this way, and her outfit in the first game definitely has her looking like one.²** SubvertedTrope in [=EBF5=] - while Natz starts with the Heal skill, it's not inherent to her and may be put on other characters.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Natz is creeped out by both wasps and spiders, and naturally has to face them both in ''Bullet Heaven 2''. [[spoiler:Including a BonusBoss that is essentially a combination of spider and wasp]].²** Says this almost verbatim where she first sees the final boss of ''Epic Battle Fantasy 5'':²--->'''Natalie:''' WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE [[spoiler:TENTACLES]]?!²* YoureCuteWhenYoureAngry: In the Crystal Caravan dungeon in [=EF5=], she finds Matt's rage at yet another difficult puzzle endearing.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Lance]]²!Lance²[[quoteright:220:]]²[[caption-width-right:220:Lance, as seen in Bullet Heaven 2]]²²The BigBad of the second game, a [[WellIntentionedExtremist well-meaning]] [[PuttingOnTheReich Neo-Nazi-esque]] warlord with enough MoreDakka to make the U.S. army blush. After being defeated in battle by Matt and Natz, he turns out to be not such a bad person after all, and is a playable character since ''3''.²²* AbusiveParents: Outright stated after meeting Anna's family in the fifth game that his dad was abusive and his mother ran away shortly after he was born. Also, his response to seeing Anna interact with her normal, supportive family is basically 'pleased confusion,' as if he's just witnessed something he'd only ever heard stories about. He immediately tries to use this as a FreudianExcuse and is [[FreudianExcuseIsNoExcuse just as quickly shot down by Natalie]].²* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: When arriving at the Waste Disposal Plant in ''4'', the other three characters start to feel ill, especially Anna. Lance doesn't even smell anything. In addition, his standard diet has consisted of coffee, energy drinks, and junk food for so long that he no longer feels ill effects from absorbing almost no nutrients.²* BigBad: Of the second game and Adventure Story.²* {{BFG}}: The equippable part of his weapon.²* BreedingSlave: He kidnapped some women (including Natalie) in [=EBF5=], which he later says was for this purpose.²* ChargedAttack: His Hyper Beam skill requires he spend a turn initially doing nothing but charging it up. This is unique among the heroes, thought there are a variety of enemies which have a similar requirement.²* ColdSniper: Has a useful Snipe ability to take out high-evasion enemies, and several of his equips also boost his accuracy even further, including an actual sniper rifle.²* {{Cooldown}}: Almost all his skills in ''5'' have them, as they do incredible damage and have range and effect, but cannot be spammed.²* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: He has red hair and red eyes, though unlike Anna they're not precisely the same shade. ²* DeadpanSnarker: [[WorldOfSnark Everyone in the party is this]], but no one is as eager or effective a snarker as him.²* DeceasedParentsAreTheBest: His dad was a miner that got killed by a Creeper. He left behind some wood and a chunk of coal, from which Lance began to build his empire.²* DefeatMeansFriendship: Or re-friendship.²* DifficultButAwesome: In ''5'' his abilities are all extremely strong and effective, but only Normal Attack and Double Shot lack a cooldown. This means using Lance's abilities optimally requires the careful manipulation of turn order and dancing him in and out of backup, as opposed to every other character who has a small selection of spammable abilities.²* DirtyOldMan: Not ''super'' old, but he certainly comes off as this when he flirts with high school girls, when he, at minimum, is in his mid twenties.²* EasilyForgiven: Joins the party after being defeated in [=EBF5=], but it's a tad more [[DownplayedTrope downplayed]] than that given Natz (who was kidnapped by him) or Anna (whose village was under attack from his forces) make it clear they don't entirely forgive and will occasionally relish in his demise if he runs out of health in battle. The other women he kidnapped didn't forgive him either...aside from the one that gained StockholmSyndrome, which creeps even Lance out.²* EveryoneHasStandards: He balks at desecrating a religious monument, saying that that would be a new low for him. He changes his mind after cats from the monument start attacking him. This standard only applies to modern religions however, ancient religions are apparently free game since they were "wrong."²* FantasticRacism: Towards cats, which is a problem when one of his own teammates is a cat. Come the fourth game, it turns out he was right all along when many cats try to summon an old god to take over the world.²* FantasyCharacterClasses: A gunslinger/warlord (fighting style involves shooting people and his special moves involve ordering around his CoolTank and calling in Bombing Runs).²* {{Flanderization}}: Lance starts out as a [[ColdSniper no-nonsense]] WellIntentionedExtremist (Becoming a PragmaticHero when he joins the party) humanized with a few conversations where he tries (and fails miserably) to flirt with girls and [[CovertPervert secretly perv on Natalie]]. In the fourth game, those moments start to overshadow his original character, where his one scene of trying to perv on Natz turns into a RunningGag of ridiculously complicated schemes to see her topless.²* FlunkyBoss: Played with, since his Valkyrie Tank is the FinalBoss of ''2'' and he's one of the possible "turrets" that can be summoned despite being the pilot.²* GunNut: Like Matt and his swords, Lance likes his guns. A ''lot.''²** The fourth game's opening calls him a "Gun Freak".²* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: [[spoiler:He goes from FinalBoss of the second game to a party member in the third and fourth games, returns as a boss in the fifth, then becomes a party member again after being defeated.]]²* HeroicRROD: Using Unload in the 4th game drastically decreases his stats. It didn't do this in previous games, and it's justified by Lance not maintaining his guns as well.²* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood: When hit in [=EBF4=], he'll taunt back by claiming his father hit him harder [[UpToEleven when he was a baby]].²* ImprobableWeaponUser: May physically hit you with his gun's body (and these guns ain't no pistols), or an entire tank.²* JackOfAllStats: Lance is pretty much the team's "do anything" guy. He has respectable damage output on both the physical and magical fronts, an array of support abilities, and middle-of-the-road defenses on both sides.²* KleptomaniacHero: Steals just as often as Matt does. [[InsistentTerminology Except he calls it "resource-acquisition"]].²* TheLancer: To Matt, [[NotSoAboveItAll sort of...]]²* MadScientist: Lance was researching on the monoliths and making strange, impressive weapons like his tank or antimatter ammunition. The "mad" part was him trying to rule the world.²* MagiTek: The first perk to his "Bomb" skill adds an air-dropped totem that explodes into a Dark Rift to its RandomEffectSpell lineup. Also, some of his shooting skills use magicked bullets.²* MixAndMatchWeapon: Uses a revolver gunblade.²* MoreDakka: One of his abilities has his Valkyrie tank spray its machine guns. ²* NoSocialSkills: Part of his ColdSniper attitude. He hasn't left a good impression on anyone but Matt and rarely has a nice word to say about anyone. Even worse when he's talking to girls, especially Natz.²--> "Uh... [[UnusualEuphemism Wanna see my gun]]?"\²"*whispering* Take your top off... Who said that? [[BlatantLies Wasn't me]]."\²"That's not a fair criticism! I'm very subtle about [staring at Natz]. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I've got hidden cameras on my clothes, so that I don't even have to look in her direction]]."²* TheMusketeer: While he's usually shooting, he has some skills also where he gets up close and personal, like hitting you with a tank. As in, [[ImprobableWeaponUser literally striking his target with it]].²* NoSwastikas: Played with. His iconic military outfit initially had a "swastika" on it to invoke PuttingOnTheReich, but it's a reversed one that's a peace symbol in Hindu, the Manji. Later on when his outfit can be unlocked again, it's an Iron Cross instead. ²* NukeEm: One of the tank parts in ''2'' is a nuke, which is an instant TotalPartyKill if it goes off. He then gets a nuke for a LimitBreak in ''3'' onwards (and it's expected to use this on low-level enemies close to maximum level for one of the damage medals).²* OnlyOneName: No known surname.²* PuttingOnTheReich: His iconic outfit in the second game that can be reacquired late in the third game and is his starting outfit in ''4''.²** [=EBF5=] makes the relations to Nazi Germany even ''less'' subtle, with him trying to conquer the world along with [[StupidJetpackHitler advanced research and weaponry]] from a fortress full of underlings with stereotypical German names.²* PragmaticHero: Justifies his constant [[KleptomaniacHero petty theft]] as necessary resource-acquisition. Matt, however, just steals because he wants the shiny objects.²* PromotedToPlayable: Joins the party in the third game after they defeat him in the second.²* RandomEffectSpell: "Bomb" drops 3 kinds of bombs at random: a trio of Tallboys that hit the whole enemy party, a Bunker Buster that hits one enemy, or a weaponized Obelisk that causes Dark magic damage to all enemies.²* RecurringBoss: He and his Valkyrie tank return as a major boss in [=EBF5=].²* RedemptionDemotion: Zigzagged. Lance as a standalone unit in the third game and up has far more abilities than when he was a FinalBoss, but his Valkyrie tank got demoted from being a constant presence on the battlefield to being a summon.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: As befitting a TokenEvilTeammate.²* RevolversAreJustBetter: His WeaponOfChoice is a gunblade with a revolver built into the handle.²* SelectiveObliviousness: [[spoiler:When the party runs into the Dark Players, Lance recognizes all the enemies as knockoffs of his teammates, but not himself. This gets to the point where he's shocked when Dark Lance uses the Valkyrie tank.]]²* SmokingIsCool: He's got a smoking habit in [=EBF5=], [[CombatUninterruptus sometimes after he's been just raised from the dead in an active battlefield]]. Perhaps he's just abusing the turn mechanics.²* StraightMan: In ''3'', he's this in regards to Matt's IdiotHero tendencies and Natalie's MoralMyopia. It's no longer the case in ''4'', as he's become significantly more NotSoAboveItAll. ²* SupportPartyMember: He's capable of devastating damage himself, though several of his abilities are supportive (like Medipack). The official guide by the author recommends making Matt and Natalie the main damage-dealers. That said, he's the best source of bomb damage in ''3'', making this subverted depending on the enemies' weaknesses.²* SurroundedByIdiots: Lance gets a very downplayed internal version of this as he goes inside Greenwood Village in [=EBF5=] - he finds it was barely defended by anyone and poorly armed, so he's retroactively pretty sure his troops must have been utterly incompetent to be unable to occupy it.²* TankGoodness: His tank, ''Valkyrie''. Comes with machine guns, a main cannon, spikes on the front, drills and [[HammerSpace other weapons]] [[NukeEm including]] '''a nuke'''.²-->"[[PreAsskickingOneliner Valkyrie, nuke my position, now.]] [[LimitBreak Stand back team,]] [[BadassBoast I'm gonna glass this whole area]]."²* TokenEvilTeammate: Even after turning good, he ''still'' doesn't give up plans for world domination, merely putting them on hold until he feels up to it.²* UnEvilLaugh: Right before his boss battle in ''2'', his laugh is written as "G'fahahaha" as a parody of {{Evil Laugh}}s.²* WaveMotionGun: His SmartBomb attack in ''Bullet Heaven''.²** His Hyper Beam attack in ''4''.²* WeaponOfChoice: A kinda-sorta gun sword. With magical bullets.²* WellIntentionedExtremist: In several games:²** He was supposedly this in the second game, claiming to want to save the world by destroying it, or something similar. [[DefeatMeansFriendship The rest of the party accept this.]] To clarify, the partial destruction of the world due to events in the first game left everyone in chaos. Lance wanted to bring peace and order by basically eliminating all traces of a previous world government, taking over, and getting rid of any possible competition or obstacles via force if necessary. He is ''extremely'' extremist, but ultimately well-intentioned. The fact that he was so EasilyForgiven may have been a bit of a parody of DefeatMeansFriendship. It certainly seemed like one. This is [[RuleOfSymbolism symbolized]] by the fact that the Swastika on his arm is actually inverted, turning it into an oriental good-luck symbol.²** This is further elaborated in ''[=BH2=]'', where he wants to eliminate plants and animals because of how [[EverythingTryingToKillYou nature]] is largely responsible for random encounters. It's unknown if he plans on making exceptions for non-hostile plants and animals as well as those necessary for food.²-->"Nature is literally worse than Akron."²** In the fifth game, [[spoiler:he starts off as an antagonist, trying to forcefully unify the world under his rule through war, because he thinks the monoliths that crashed in the southern continent are the first step of an alien invasion. He is entirely correct, and points this out when the fact is revealed during the final battle.]].²* WhiteFlag: Upon his defeat in ''2'', he'll wave a white flag to surrender.²* WorthyOpponent: His opinion of Matt in ''5'' after seeing Ragnarok.²--> This man's a legend! No wonder I lost to him.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Anna]]²!Anna²[[quoteright:218:]]²[[caption-width-right:218:Anna, as seen in Bullet Heaven 2]]²²TheProtagonist of the fourth game, a no-nonsense ForestRanger of sorts who sets out to track down the other three protagonists after the MineralMacguffin in her hometown is stolen.²²* ActionGirl: Her damage potential doesn't ''quite'' match Natalie's, but she's still an extremely competent fighter. ²* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: The rotting flesh smell given by the flowers in Lankyroot Jungle make Lance and Natalie gag. Anna thinks it's nice.²* ACupAngst: In the fourth game she compared herself to Natalie often and was jealous of her, but wasn't implied to be insecure about her own bust size. In the fifth game she's much more obviously insecure, admitting in a thought that she frequently prays for a bigger chest. She also loves wearing the breast-enhancing cow dress in the fifth game, which puts her on par with Natalie, and even invites the team to check her out when she's wearing it.²* AmbiguouslyBi²** Possibly with regards to [[MsFanservice Natalie]]. Her first thought upon seeing her is "Wow, she's really pretty!", and she later strikes up an... [[CovertPervert "Interesting"]] discussion about Natz's GagBoobs, (culminating with her muttering under her breath that ''[[CovertPervert she wanted to]] [[SkinshipGrope touch them]]''). It made even the usually oblivious Matt feel uncomfortable.²** When Natalie uses her 7th Heaven Limit break, she's just as smitten with her in lingerie as the boys are.²** That said, she is sometimes jealous of Natz' size. Wishing to be attractive to men this ways implies that Anna is just as attracted to men.²* ApologeticAttacker: Occasionally make short apologies after beating all foes in battle.²* ArcherArchetype: Wields a bow that can be used to fire off arrows made of lightning, ice, water etc.²* BlowYouAway: A few of her magic spells conjure up gusts of wind, and eventually, tornadoes to attack enemies. ²* CombatMedic: Quite an efficient damage dealer, and she's also the only member of the party in ''4'' that naturally learns healing spells. (Natalie has them too, but they're technically in the "Shared" section of the skill screen, and can therefore be given to anyone else, [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment including Anna, if you're feeling redundant]].)²* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Green hair and green eyes.²* CuteClumsyGirl: She seems to be this, considering that her victory animation has her saying "Oops!" and "Sorry!"²* DefeatMeansFriendship: In ''5'', she mistakes Matt for a fascist due to his blonde hair and fights him. After her defeat, she realizes that he's not associated with them, and then teams up with him.²* EarlyBirdCameo: She actually appeared in the first game, as evidenced by the hair. You're not likely to realize unless you play Bullet Heaven, see her portrait, then go back and play the first EBF, though.²* FantasyCharacterClasses: A bard/druid (casts nature magic by playing special songs on a flute).²* FriendToBugs: Something she taunts Natz over, since she hates bugs.²* GameplayAndStoryIntegration: Anna is obviously a naturalist and so, she's the only character with a skill basically designed for monster capturing - her Bow Whack (which deals very low damage and can cause enemies to surrender).²* GreenThumb: Any of her attack spells that aren't BlowYouAway manifest as this, whether she's summoning [[PoisonousPerson poisonous vines and nettles]] or gigantic logs to drop on enemies.²* GuysSmashGirlsShoot: DownplayedTrope in ''[=EBF5=]'' - her normal attack is a quick melee slash with a broadhead arrow, but her only non-ranged skill aside from that is her smacking an enemy with her bow, which is [[CherryTapping intentionally ineffectual]] (it ''loses'' power as it is ranked up) to cause enemies to surrender (and make them vulnerable to being captured), but she distances herself from the trope's usual implications as the other characters note that the sizes of the bows she uses [[RequiredSecondaryPowers means she must be extremely strong in order to wield them]].²* TheHeart: Mostly takes over this role from Natz. Just like she did in the third game, Anna encourages the party to save the world because it's their fault it's in trouble to begin with. In Battle Mountain, she's the only one to consider befriending the Dark Players.²* JackOfAllTrades: Like Lance, her stat distribution is fairly balanced allowing her to deal decent physical and magical damage, and her defense and magic defense are middle of the road. She has the highest Accuracy of anyone, though, and her Evasion is only surpassed by [=NoLegs=] in ''5''. Her basic abilities are also less powerful than others, but she can hit the widest list of elements with them - the only elements in ''5'' she can't hit with basic abilities are Fire and Dark, and many of those abilities can either hit a single target or multiple. She can also heal. All this adds up to a character that can do pretty much anything competently, but doesn't excel at anything in particular.²* KansaiRegionalAccent: In the Japanese translation of ''[=EBF5=]'', she gets this.²* MagicMusic: She casts spells with various flutes.²* {{Multishot}}: Anna's most damaging bow ability is a rain of arrows.²* NatureHero: One of her random animations has her pick up and hug a bush-type creature.²* OnlyOneName: No surname is known.²* OnlySaneWoman: Even more so than Natz.²* PeekABangs: Her hair neatly covers her right eye.²* StandardStatusEffects: If there's one thing Anna excels at in ''[=EBF5=]'', it is this. She has by far the highest chance of inflicting them, to the point that at max rank, her skills are guaranteed to inflict them on enemies without resistance to them.²* TokenGoodTeammate: Well, she's the least HeroicNeutral, anyway. Every time Matt or Lance [[KleptomaniacHero steal something]] and Natz does nothing to stop them, Anna tries to chew them out.²** This hilariously falls flat when the player spends the first five minutes of the game controlling Anna (and only Anna) [[MoralMyopia stealing all her neighbors' property]] [[GameplayAndStorySegregation that isn't nailed down]].²* TrickArrow: Several of her spells are magically enchanted arrows.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Hers is bright green.²* WeaponOfChoice: A bow.²* VagueAge: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in ''5'' where the other party members can't figure out how old she's supposed to be and have a discussion about it. Anna dodges the question by claiming that since [[BreakingTheFourthWall she's a cartoon]] her age is variable, which makes [[DirtyOldMan Lance]] particularly uncomfortable. That said, the game generally treats her as a young teenager with one medal explicitly referring to fighting her as beating up a child.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[=NoLegs=]]]²!!'''[=NoLegs=]'''²[[quoteright:221:]]²[[caption-width-right:221:No Legs, as seen in Bullet Heaven 2]]²²* BlowYouAway: When summon in ''[=EBF4=]'', he attacks all enemies with wind damage.²* BreakoutCharacter: He becomes more prominent with each passing game, going from one summon out of many to a full-fledged character in his own right.²* ButtMonkey: In addition to his constant string of injuries, at least two members of his party are too willing to casually threaten him, belittle his opinions, and make fun of his religion.²* CuteKitten: Especially in ''[=EBF5=]'', where his {{Idle Animation}}s have him retreat into a box or go after some flying thing as cats are wont to do.²* DeathOfAThousandCuts: Almost all his skills hit multiple times, meaning this is how he kills.²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: He's a cat with no visible limbs (which doesn't stop him from wielding a sword and shield).²* EvilCounterPart: Dry [=NoLegs=].²* FinishingMove: In [=EBF5=], [=NoLegs=] has a slew of skills that do three strikes and gain an attack if a strike kills an enemy to use against a different enemy he'll automatically start to attack. Obviously, this make him a good at finishing a target (or multiple ones) off since he can still get attacks in on other enemies aside from the initial dying one.²* FragileSpeedster: [=EBF5=] gives him the highest evade stat out of all of the characters... and naturally, his health is quite clearly the lowest out of all of them as well. To put it in perspective, [[SquishyWizard Natalie]] has almost twice the HP as [=NoLegs=], but [=NoLegs=] has almost twice the evasion of anyone else.²* InnerMonologue: Only this, and descriptions of how he seems to be acting, are coherent statements directly coming from [=NoLegs=] in [=EBF5=].²* InvisibleAnatomy: We have no idea how he holds shields and weapons either, though his name still holds in [=EBF5=] as he's said to be unable to swim from his lack of legs.²* KnightlySwordAndShield: He uses Cat Toys (which are small swords and shields) as weapons, and he wears a knightly helmet and armor by default.²* LastOfHisKind: According to one of the minigames, he's the last of his tribe (there's still an entire kingdom of cats left, but they want both him and the heroes dead). By the end of [=EBF4=], he becomes the last of his kind [[spoiler:in the world, since the other cats leave with Godcat to find a new home of their own.]]²** And then the first level of Bullet Heaven 2 brings back even more cats to shoot down.²* MeaningfulName: He... has no legs. Mainly due to the art style.²* PalsWithJesus: [[spoiler:He still keeps in touch with Godcat after they leave, to the point where the Creator and Destroyer are his {{Limit Break}}s.]]²* PromotedToPlayable: Will be a full-fledged party member in [=EBF5=], having been a mere summon in the previous games.²* ShipperOnDeck: [=NoLegs=] frequently teases Matt being attracted to Natalie in [=EBF5=], or so Matt's reaction to [=NoLegs=]' [[SpeaksFluentAnimal "speech" seems to indicate]].²* SpeaksFluentAnimal: Only making cat-appropriate sounds doesn't keep [=NoLegs=] down in [=EBF5=] - he talks plenty, and everyone else somehow seem to understand him.²* StarPower: His entire moveset in the ''Bullet Heaven'' series are related around stars.²* TeamPet: And proud of it, to the point where he antagonizes other cute creatures that could threaten his role as local cute thing.²* TookALevelInBadass: He's been doing so throughout the games, going from a non-combat TeamPet to a combat summon to a fully-fledged party member.²* WeaponOfChoice: Cat Toys, which are miniature swords and shields.²* YinYangBomb: In ''[=EBF5=]'', his unique Limit Breaks consist of ''The Creator'', which deals holy damage, and ''The Destroyer'', whoch deals dark damage.²[[/folder]]²²!Antagonists²²'''All spoilers in the following entries are unmarked.'''²²[[folder:[=EBF1=] Bosses]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[=EBF2=] Bosses]]²!!Kitten Fort²A battering ram fielded by the cats to stop Natalie and Matt from leaving their kingdom.²----²* DefeatMeansFriendship: Due to it being commandeered by [=NoLegs=] in subsequent games.²* WarmUpBoss: For the second game. The Kitten Fort summons relatively unthreatening backup, and it lacks powerful attacks and HP.²²!!The Guardian²A mech guarding one of Lance's facilities.²----²* CognizantLimbs: The Guardian's arms count as separate enemies. As such, he gets three attacks per turn if they're not destroyed.²* FlunkyBoss: For once in the series, subverted. The Guardian does not summon additional enemies, due to its arms taking up the additional enemy slots.²* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: He gets a defense buff if his shield arm is intact.²* WakeUpCallBoss: His multiple attacks can easily kill you if you can't handle them well and haven't learned to use buffs yet; you'll need to know those things for the rest of the game.²²!!Giga Golem²A rock golem wielding both fire and ice.²----²* ActionBomb: In fire form, it can summon Fire Bits that self-destruct on your party.²* BarrierChangeBoss: Can switch between fire and ice forms, with different weaknesses and resistances in each form. The current form is indicated by the large crystal on its chest.²* RockMonster: A humanoid creature made from boulders and crystals.²* YinYangBomb: Can freely switch between hitting you with [[PlayingWithFire fire attacks]] and [[AnIcePerson ice attacks]].²²!!Sandworm²An enormous desert worm that attacks with deadly poison.²----²* CognizantLimbs: The Sandworm's tail appears as a separate enemy. If the tail is "killed," it retreats back underground to regenerate.²* DegradedBoss: Appears as a regular enemy in ''[=EBF3=]'' without its tail. It goes back to boss status in ''[=EBF4=]'s'' Battle Mountain update.²* {{Gasshole}}: One of its attacks is to belch at the party, dealing damage to them.²* PoisonousPerson: Most of its attacks deal poison damage and can inflict the Poison status effect. [[spoiler:Even cooking and eating it will kill you, as Matt, Natz and [=NoLegs=] learn the hard way...]]²* SandWorm: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin ... Well, yeah.]]²²!!Zombie Hydra²A two-headed zombie dragon that doesn't take death lying down.²----²* BonusBoss: In the fourth game, Zombie Hydra is the end boss of an optional area. Defeating it doesn't do anything for game progression, with your only rewards being experience and loot.²* CognizantLimbs: Each head is counted as a separate enemy.²* DegradedBoss: Becomes a regular enemy under the name Zombie Dragon in ''[=EBF3=]'', now lacking the reviving-head shenanigans. Goes back to boss status in ''[=EBF4=]''. ²* {{Dracolich}}: A multi-headed zombie dragon.²* HydraProblem: While it doesn't grow extra heads, it can revive dead ones for basically the same effect.²* LosingYourHead: In ''[=EBF4=]'', the Zombie Hydra's heads will detach from its body and float in midair if they take a powerful hit; this also gives them an Evade bonus.²* OneHitKill: The series' original user of the instant kill spell Grim Reaper. As the Instant Death status didn't exist yet in ''[=EBF2=]'', Grim Reaper instead deals [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill 99,999,999 magical damage]]. ²* RecurringBoss: In ''[=EBF5=]'' it appears twice, once with two heads, the second time with three.²* RevivingEnemy: If one head dies, the other will revive it with full health. You'll have to either kill both heads at once or Syphon them.²* TookALevelInBadass: In ''[=EBF4=]'', the Zombie Hydra has three heads to make up for the increased party size. In Battle Mountain, it gets a fourth. In ''[=EBF5=]'', it has two or three heads that can revive each other and when damaged by critical hit it gets separated from its neck, like in ''[=EBF4=]'', which nets it higher evasion and different elemental affinities.²²!!Valkyrie Tank²Lance's ultimate weapon, the Valkyrie is a powerful super-tank with a veritable arsenal built in.²----²* CognizantLimbs: For a certain definition of "limb." The turrets it deploys in its second phase are considered separate enemies, and can attack and be attacked separately from the main body.²* DefeatEqualsExplosion: The Valkyrie goes up in a massive explosion when destroyed, although Lance rebuilt it in time for the third game.²* FinalBoss: Of the second game.²* SequentialBoss: Comes with two phases. In the first phase, the Valkyrie shoots at you with its front guns and main turret; in the second phase, the main turret is destroyed, and it will start deploying other turrets and Lance.²* SupportPartyMember: From the third game onwards, the Valkyrie is used for some of Lance's abilities.²* TankGoodness: No shit, Sherlock.²* ThisIsADrill: Has two drills mounted on its front, although the Valkyrie is never seen actually using them.²* WaveMotionGun: One of its turret summons is a laser turret, which has a charged beam attack that can easily OneHitKill a player if it goes off.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[=EBF3=] Bosses]]²!!Jack²A robotic jack-o-lantern, and the boss of the Vegetable Forest.²----²* WarmUpBoss: As the first boss in the game, Jack is naturally the easiest to beat. He has weaknesses that all party members can exploit, his flunkies aren't very threatening, and his attacks are not very likely to actually kill anyone.²²!!Giant Squid²One of Rock Lake's denizens, made hostile by Akron's influence.²----²* CognizantLimbs: The Giant Squid's tentacles count as separate enemies in battle. They can even fight after the squid itself is defeated... somehow.²* CombatTentacles: Naturally, it uses its tentacles to attack the party.²* GiantSquid: Natch.²²!!Tundra Mammoth²A woolly mammoth that bars the path in Glacier Valley.²----²* DefeatMeansFriendship: After defeating the mammoth, it becomes an ally to the heroes and can be used as a summon.²* DegradedBoss: Started out as a boss-level enemy in ''[=EBF3=]'', but demoted to a regular enemy in ''[=EBF5=]''.²* LastOfHisKind: As far as the heroes know. Averted in ''5'', where mammoths show up as regular enemies.²* WeakToFire: Unsurprisingly given its thick fur, its primary weakness is Fire.²²!!Protector²An ancient {{Magitek}} robot built by the cats to guard their civilization, the Protector still roams the ruins of the Kitten Kingdom.²----²* ActionBomb: Not the Protector itself, but the Runes it summons, which explode on the party when low on health.²* FlunkyBoss: Summons Runes throughout the battle, which come in four varieties that wield different elements.²* WaveMotionGun: The Protector's strongest attack is a giant laser that hits the entire party for massive damage. However, it requires a turn to charge.²²!!Pyrohydra²An enormous, three-headed fire dragon found at the end of Volcano Peak.²----²* CognizantLimbs: Its heads all count as separate enemies. They even have individual names: [[AlphabeticalThemeNaming Abyss, Blaze, and Czars]].²* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: [[BlackMage Abyss]] is almost entirely based around offense and has black spines, [[WhiteMage Czars]] heals the other two and has a white mane, and [[TheRedMage Blaze]] has reddish spikes and uses attacks that can both damage and heal.²* DualBoss: More precisely, a ''Triple'' Boss; all three of the Pyrohydra's heads must be defeated separately to win the fight.²* FeedItWithFire: All three heads absorb Fire. Conveniently enough for them, one of Blaze's attacks deals Fire damage to everything on both sides. Abyss also absorbs Poison; on Epic difficulty, he starts out poisoned, effectively giving him a [[RegeneratingHealth Regen buff]] that can't be dispelled.²* KillOneOthersGetStronger: Each time a head is defeated, the remaining head(s) will buff themselves and gain a stat bonus. When only one head is left, it starts summoning enemies.²* PaletteSwap: The Black, Red, and Gold Dragons in ''[=EBF4=]'' are basically recolored versions of the Pyrohydra's heads (except the Red Dragon, which is just Blaze without even a recolor). [[MythologyGag Fittingly enough]], you fight the three aforementioned Dragons simultaneously in a late-game encounter.²²!! Cosmic Monolith²[[BossInMookClothing Not a boss in its debut game, but might as well have been.]] A mysterious and otherworldly machine capable of distorting space, the Cosmic Monolith is a formidable opponent.²----²* BlowYouAway: Gets Wind-elemental attack in [=EBF5=].²* BossInMookClothing: One of the most infamously tough enemies in the series.²* BreakoutCharacter: The Cosmic Monolith had little to do with anything in ''[=EBF3=]'', but became memorable for just how ''ungodly tough'' it was. As a result, it was brought back for ''[=EBF4=]'' and becomes relevant to the plot in [=EBF5=].²* CastingAShadow: Most of its attacks use the Dark element.²* FeedItWithFire: It has a whopping ''400%'' Dark resistance, allowing it to heal for triple the damage that would be dealt by a Dark attack to it. This includes its own Doomsday attack. The resistance was dialed down to 200% from the fourth game onward.²* KryptoniteFactor: Its only elemental weakness in [=EBF3=] was Thunder. [=EBF4=] added a Water weakness.²* NonchalantDodge: Unlike most Monolith enemies, which are about as evasive as you'd expect a giant slab of rock to be, the Cosmic Monolith has a very high Evade stat; when it dodges an attack, it plays an animation that shows it briefly warping out of existence.²* RealityWarper: In [=EBF5=], it gets a Space Distortion-like Dark-aligned move that hurts like hell and might inflict Invisible status on your party, which doubles damage from magical attacks, which Doomsday is. On higher difficulties it does this as it charges Doomsday.²* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: Though the "evil" part doesn't become evident until the fifth game.²* SignatureMove: Doomsday, which blasts everything on the field for massive Dark damage. The Cosmic Monolith uses this attack on its first turn, and at regular intervals after that. It also casts Doomsday when used as a summon. Finally, in ''[=EBF3=]'', Doomsday is only accessible to players by using a Dark Rune, which appears to be a piece of the Cosmic Monolith; notably, the Monolith will always drop a Dark Rune on defeat.²* StuffBlowingUp: Gets a Bomb-elemental attack in [=EBF5=].²* TronLines: Mostly black, but covered in pulsing red lines forming circuit board-esque designs.²* UnholyNuke: The Cosmic Monolith's Doomsday attack takes the form of it slicing open the ground with a red laser and unleashing a massive blast of dark energy from below.²* WeaksauceWeakness: Gets a critical weaknesses in [=EBF4=] and [=EBF5=]:²** In [=EBF4=] all its attacks are magical, and it is susceptible to Syphon. If you inflict it on it, it will just sit there²** In [=EBF5=] it gets a TeleFrag physical move if it is Syphoned, and not otherwise. However, if everyone is Enchanted, it [[NoSell negates]] the damage from all but this attack. You should have caught Angel Mirror that gives party-wide Enchanted by the time you face Cosmic Monolith.²* WeaponizedTeleportation: ''[=EBF4=]'' gives it an attack that has it teleporting over the target's head and dropping down on them. ''[=EBF5=]'' has it just teleport [[TeleFrag on top of the target]] instead.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[=EBF4=] Bosses]]²!!Mighty Oak²A large, wooden treant-golem that serves as the guardian of Ashwood Forest. He fights the party as the first boss to test their strength.²----²* DefeatEqualsFriendship: When defeated, he lets the party through and joins them as Anna's limit break.²* DishingOutDirt: His primary attacks are all earth-themed.²* FlippingHelpless: When defeated, he falls over on his back, leading Anna to comment that he's fine, just unable to get up for a while.²* {{Golem}}: Well, more of a treant/golem hybrid, but you get the picture.²* SummonMagic: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]]; he can be summoned to damage enemies, but as Anna's LimitBreak as opposed to a regular summon.²* WhenTreesAttack²²!!Crystal Golem²A golem made up of various crystals blocking the way to Whitefall Town.²----²* BarrierChangeBoss: Every time it's hit, it will swap between fire, ice or lightning. This includes hits from multi-hit attacks.²* {{Golem}}: The clue's in the name.²* RockMonster: Just like the other golems in the games.²²!!Praetorian²A top-secret prototype military weapon made within the Waste Disposal Facility.²----²* AIIsACrapshoot: No thanks to the Glitch seizing control of the entire facility.²* HeelFaceTurn: After its defeat, Lance reprograms it to help the party as a summon.²* KatanasAreJustBetter: Uses a katana as its main weapon.²* KillSat: Uses the Ion Cannon as its charged attack, leading Lance to complain that it hacked it.²²!!Rafflesia²A large, man-eating plant responsible for the hostile plant life in Lankyroot Jungle.²----²* ManEatingPlant: Although it doesn't actually eat anyone, it does have a huge maw full of sharp-looking, carnivorous teeth.²* PoisonousPerson: Utilizes poison in its attacks.²²!!The Glitch²A computer virus that somehow gained a physical form and is responsible for everything wrong in the Waste Disposal Facility.²----²* BonusBoss: Fighting it is entirely optional, which is fortunate, considering how powerful it is.²* FlunkyBoss: It can summon two minions that have less HP, but the same OneHitKill attacks. In ''5'', the minions have random elemental weaknesses to prevent the player from easily wiping them.²* TheMissingno²* OneHitKill: Its "overflow" attack, which will kill any party member in one hit.²* PuzzleBoss: Using elemental attacks against it is a no-go since it will just absorb it. So how do you actually damage it? [[spoiler:Use non-elemental attacks!]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:[=EBF5=] Bosses]]²!!Jotun²A powerful cyclops blocking the way to the Ice Cave.²----²* {{Cyclops}}: Has one eye centered on its chest.²* DumbMuscle: This guy isn't exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree...²²!!Neon Valkyrie²An upgraded version of the Valkyrie tank, fought at the Iron Fortress.²----²* CognizantLimbs: Somewhat; like the original, its deployed turrets are designated as separate enemies and can attack/be attacked separately from the main body.²* DeathFromAbove: If the turret is destroyed, it can use an attack where it flies up in air and lands on your party.²* DefeatEqualsExplosion: Just like the previous model, defeating it will cause it to explode.²* HopelessBossFight: The first time the party encounters it, it immediately runs over them, wiping them out.²* HoverTank: Unlike the original Valkyrie tank, this one can actually hover above the ground, [[FridgeLogic which doesn't really explain the tire tracks surrounding the fortress.]]²* InformedAbility: Despite being an upgrade to the Valkyrie in-story, it can only use one turret while the original could use two, meaning it can't pull off a double nuke. However, its superboss version can use three turrets.²* LoudOfWar: Has a vehicle horn honk as an attack that debuffs the party.²* MoreDakka: Has a bomb-elemental machine gun as an attack.²* NukeEm: Like its predecessor it can summon Nuclear Bomb as a turret. Once Lance joins you it also shoots the nuke as Lance's LimitBreak.²* RammingAlwaysWorks: It opens the fight with immediately ramming into the group. ²* SupportPartyMember: Once Lance joins the team, the tank plays this role in some of his abilities.²%%* TankGoodness²* TronLines: Has glowing-red circuitry all over it, presumably from Lance and his regime reverse-engineering the Cosmic Monoliths they had found.²²!!Laurelin²A strange, misshapen tree-house filled with cats, found in the Mystic Woods.²----²* DishingOutDirt: Has some Earth-based attacks.²* NotInMyContract: As you diminish its HP, at one point its UnsoundEffect get translated as cats complaining they were not paid for this.²* PoisonousPerson: It also has some Bio-based attacks. On harder difficulties it can even use Anna's default LimitBreak.²* UnsoundEffect: The ''entirety'' of its BossBanter. ²* WhenTreesAttack: Not only does it have its own attacks, it can brainwash cats to do its bidding and act as its extra turn.²²!!Poseidon²The god of the seas, he wants vengeance on humanity for polluting the sea and is fought at the Frozen Valley.²----²* AnIcePerson: Uses ice-based attacks.²* BeehiveBarrier: When low on health, he gets a move that looks like this. It buffs his defenses and on higher difficulties he gets an immediate extra turn afterwards.²* CruelMercy: If you capture him, he may state upon being summoned that he would rather die.²* GaiasVengeance: Seeks revenge on humanity for destroying marine life and polluting oceans.²* GemstoneAssault: Kind of. It summons ores that can and will slam into the party, doing some damage while killing themselves.²* LightEmUp: Has a powerful BeamSpam Holy attack that he starts using when low on health.²* LoudOfWar: Can emit a damaging sound-wave.²* MakingASplash: Pretty obvious since he's a god of the oceans. On harder difficulties he will use Tsunami when his health hits a certain threshold.²²!!Chibi Knight²A small, recurring knight who fights the party several times. [[SamusIsAGirl Is actually a girl despite appeareances.]]²----²* BeastMaster: She can summon more monsters if her partner is slain.²* GuestFighter: Actually from her own games (Flash game ''Chibi Knight'' and its Steam cousin ''Super Chibi Knight''). She even upgrades her gear like in the games.²* PintsizedPowerhouse: She's small - the capture animation during her last battle uses the box used on the smallest monsters - but can quickly deal a lot of damage, especially in the two last encounters where she gets two attacks per turn.²* RecurringBoss: Shows up three times throughout the game, each time with upgraded gear and abilities.²* SamusIsAGirl: Her appearance doesn't really show us that she's a girl until her second appearance. Even the main party initially think she's a "he".²* TookALevelInBadass: Every time she appears, she has better skills and equipment.²²!!Sól and Skadi²Jotun's twin sisters, fought at the end of the first bonus dungeon.²----²* BonusBoss: They're the bosses of the Freezeflame Dungeon.²* DualBoss: They are fought together, and the player can decide which side of the cave to fight them on, which determines the starting weather conditions.²* DumbMuscle: They don't seem to be much brighter than their brother.²* AnIcePerson: Skadi.²* PlayingWithFire: Sol.²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: They are kinda angry that you killed/captured their brother, and if you kill one of them, the other gets two turns per round as a result of this.²* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: They can be distinguished as female because they have a... bigger chest than their brother.²²!!Neon Valhalla²A hovertank that has gone rogue and drilled the Underground Maze, for which it is the boss. It is apparently a prototype to Lance's Neon Valkyrie.²----²* BonusBoss: of the Underground Maze.²* FlawedPrototype: While it is ''much'' stronger than Neon Valkyrie, it also cannot be controlled.²* GradualRegeneration: And unlike the standard "Regen" status effect, it's permanent and can't be removed.²* MarathonBoss: This boss, with its constantly regenerating turrets and bombs, is pretty much this game's equivalent of ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Penance]]''. The trick here is to do more damage than it can heal.²* MightyGlacier: Tons of HP, high defense, permanent healing, and the ability to summon up to three turrets make it very durable. On the offensive side, it can bomb you into submission.²* NukeEm: While the Nuclear Bomb itself cannot be summoned by it, it can summon its three other variants, one of which is basically a guaranteed OneHitKill unless the party member it hits is Invisible. [[ThisIsGonnaSuck And it can have three of them active at once]].²²!!Telperion²An evil, apparently undead tree filled with regular, not undead cats. Found at the end of the third bonus dungeon.²----²* BonusBoss²* CastingAShadow: Like any good undead tree should.²* StandardStatusEffects: Unlike Laurelin, it is ''very'' fond of casting those.²* WhenTreesAttack: Much like Laurelin.²²!!Vulcan²The god of volcanoes and a brother of Poseidon. Does not react well when he finds out you killed/captured his brother.²----²* BeehiveBarrier: Like his brother, but here it also buffs his attacking stats, and on higher difficulties he will get an immediate extra turn afterwards.²* BonusBoss: He's the boss of the left side of the optional Crystal Caverns.²* DevelopersForesight: If you summon Poseidon while fighting him, Vulcan gets a unique line of dialogue that indicates he refuses to believe it's really Poseidon, explaining why the rest of his BossBanter still refers to Poseidon as being dead.²* DishingOutDirt: As any good god of volcanoes would have.²* PlayingWithFire: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Duh]]. Be wary: on higher difficulties, he will use Supernova when his HP falls below a certain threshold.²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Wants to avenge his brother.²²!!Crystal Hydra²A hydra made of ice that is found in the same dungeon as Vulcan.²----²* AntiMagic: One of its wind attacks can cause Syphon on the entire party, so you'd better make sure you have resistance to it.²* BackFromTheDead: This annoying gimmick from [=EBF2=] is back, and this time you have to kill three heads in one round. Thankfully, it can be hurt by Poison or Virus.²* BlowYouAway: Is surprisingly fond of wind attacks.²* BonusBoss: It's the boss of the right side of the Crystal Caverns.²* AnIcePerson: It is a hydra made of ice, so...²* MakingASplash: Has some water attacks.²* TurnsRed: Like the Zombie Hydra, if you hit one of the heads with a strong attack once its health is below a certain level, it breaks off from the neck and gains a substantial boost to its Evasion. Its elemental resistances change as well.²²!!Snowflake²A strange-looking cat-like being who's fought in a glitched area at the Forgotten Temple.²----²* BonusBoss: He's the boss of the Forgotten Temple, in a section that can only be accessed with [[spoiler:Godcat's jewels]].²* CorneredRattlesnake: When low on health, Snowflake starts getting ''desperate'', dealing out strong multi-hit attacks that can hit randomly. This is even brought up by Lance.²* OnlySixFaces: Brought up by the game, which says that he's happy to see the party despite his facial expression saying otherwise.²* PoorCommunicationKills: Snowflake at first starts treating the fight like a game. Unfortunately for him, the protagonists have [[BloodKnight different ideas]] regarding the battle. This leads to poor Snowflake getting killed for his trouble.²* ShoutOut: [[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} Take a wild guess.]]²* VideoGameCaringPotential: If you feel bad about beating on Snowflake, take heart, he's one of the easiest bosses to capture. A reasonably-prepared party barely has to knock him below half health to spare him.²²!!Matteus²Matt's "Evil Player" counterpart, a golem with an appetite surpassing his original's.²----²* AntiMagic: His special status prevents the party from using their own Limit Breaks.²* BigEater: Most of his boss dialogue is about how hungry he is.²* DishingOutDirt: Some of his attacks involve earth of some kind. Like tossing a boulder at the party.²* ExtremeOmnivore: His dialogue upon being summoned is asking if he can eat the enemy. He also wants to [[ImAHumanitarian eat the party]] during his boss fight.²* {{Golem}}: Uh-huh.²* ShockwaveStomp: Due to his golem weight, he can cause damage just by jumping near the party.²* TimeLimitBoss: Matteus's special status effect is Stoned, which kills the entire party when it runs out, regardless of their buffs.²* VillainousGlutton: As mentioned above, he's obsessed with eating things and is evil.²²!!Natalia²Natalie's "Evil Player" counterpart, a priestess obsessed with "cleansing" the world.²----²* BlackEyesOfCrazy: She has black sclera and she's [[AxCrazy not one of the saner Evil Players]] due to her murderous intent towards "sinners."²* ChurchgoingVillain: She claims she's acting on behalf of her Lord, and claims that by killing the party with her magic, she's sending them to heaven.²* ElementalPowers: She uses [[LightIsNotGood holy]] and [[PlayingWithFire fire]]. Her RIP status effect also reduces the party's holy and fire resistances by 100. She also has a skill that can shoot fire or holy projectiles into the air so that they land on the party during the next turn.²* KnightTemplar: She wants to cleanse filth, sin, and unholiness by blasting everything with holy and fire magic.²* NoCureForEvil: Inverted. Her special status, RIP, prevents the party from healing through skills, and revival skills will leave the target "alive" at 0 HP. Items will still work though.²²!!Lancelot²Lance's "Evil Player" counterpart, a robot that acts purely on logic and efficiency.²----²* AIIsACrapshoot: He considers everything around him to be a resource that can be "optimized" by reducing them to raw materials. This includes the party, along with any enemies if he's used as a summon.²* AntiMagic: His special status effect, Repulsion, prevents the use of summons as well as random equipment actions.²* EyeBeams: He can shoot beams from his eyes, due to being a robot.²* MadeOfIron: Due to his metal body, he has very high physical defense.²* RoboSpeak: He speaks in all caps and even uses underscores in his dialogue. Upon self-destructing, he'll state that he has a kernel panic.²* TakingYouWithMe: If he's killed rather than captured, he'll explode and deal massive damage to the party.²²!!Annabelle²Anna's "Evil Player" counterpart, a demonic huntress whose next mark is the party.²----²* AxCrazy: She's tied with Natalia for being the most kill-happy of the Evil Players, and she gets crazier as the party wears down her HP. Anna is worried that this is how her foes see her.²* BloodKnight: Combined with EgomaniacHunter. She sees the party as sport and wants to hang their corpses on her wall.²* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: Her status effect, Brimstone, will cause any attempts to buff party members to turn into debuffs.²²!!God²[=NoLegs's=] "Evil Player" counterpart, an immensely powerful cat who actually isn't evil.²----²* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: God's true form is unknown, and instead takes the form of what the party imagines him to be.²* AwesomeButImpractical: His summon is a non-elemental attack with whooping 999 base damage and nukes all enemies, but it costs '''180 SP ''' to summon and his animation is longer than for other summon attacks. Edges into BraggingRightsReward. ²* GoldenSuperMode: He's meant to be an {{Expy}} to Saiyans from ''Franchise/DragonBall'', and he's always in the equivalent of Super Saiyan form in the boss fight. When he's defeated, he'll revert to his true fur color, which is a darker shade of blue than [=NoLegs=].²* KillerRabbit: Looks like a normal (well, normal for this game) cat. Is much stronger than anything in it.²* LightningBruiser: He's the hardest hitting of the Evil Players, has really high HP, and has insane evasion.²* NonElemental: He's the only Evil Player to have no elemental attacks whatsoever, meaning there's no way to resist his attacks outside of the Invisible and Enchant statuses.²* PersonalityPowers: Most of his dialogue is [[RousingSpeech encouragement towards the party]] and his status effect, Epic, buffs the party every turn.²* StatusBuff: His Epic effect will continuously apply buffs to all stats to the party, but his damage output is balanced so that the player characters can still get killed easily even if they have full HP and defense buffs.²* TokenGoodTeammate: He's not hostile like the other Evil Players and is only fighting the party to prepare them for the FinalBoss. He also gives you a heartwarming comment if you capture him and summon him.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Akron]]²!!Akron²* AffablyEvil: Surprisingly, he's far more polite to the party than Godcat and treats them as {{Worthy Opponent}}s.²* BarrierChangeBoss: Akron can change his elemental strengths and weaknesses, as well as his moveset.[[note]]From a technical standpoint, Akron uses the same moveset in all forms, although he always favors one attack over the others; which attack he favors depends on his element.[[/note]]²* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Divine Madness]], well suited for fighting a PhysicalGod. In ''Bullet Heaven 2'', he gets a [[ techno trance mix thereof]].²* BellyMouth: Insofar as his lower body can be ''considered'' a belly; regardless, when Akron emerges from the ground, he reveals an ''enormous'' second mouth.²* BigBad: Of the third game.²* BossBanter: Remarks on how long he's existed, and how he's been subjugated time and time before, but always won out in the end. There's also shades of WhoWantsToLiveForever in his boss speech.²* BullyingADragon: [[TooDumbToLive Yeah guys, poking the ancient sealed demon god with swords is a GREAT idea!]]²* CombatTentacles: In line with his EldritchAbomination nature, he uses tentacles (with blades on their tips) for combat.²* CutscenePowerToTheMax: In the opening cutscene, he [[LevelDrain absorbs the party's power and leaves them at level 0]]. In his actual boss fight, he never displays this ability, though the dialogue states that there's a limit to how much he can absorb, otherwise he would have drained the party to death.²* TheDragon: It's revealed during the final battle of 4 that Akron was created to be this to Godcat.²* EldritchAbomination: He's an ancient demon god capable of creating black holes, for crying out loud!²* {{Expy}}: The physical similarities between Akron and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Anima]] are too much to ignore.²* FinalBoss: Once again, of the third game. And of Bullet Heaven 2.²* FlunkyBoss: He belches out two worm-like creatures during the battle and summons mechanical-looking claws to support him. He can also summon some of the stronger enemies in the Volcano area, including Cosmic Monoliths.²* OurHomunculiAreDifferent: [[spoiler:In the Temple of Trials in ''5'', Anna brings up a legend about how Akron can create homunculi based on those whose powers he stole, explaining the existence of the Evil Players.]]²* PhysicalGod: Or at least one's creation.²* SatanicArchetype: He was created by Godcat, and in terms of power among villains, he is second only to her. He also apparently started out good, but was twisted into his form in ''3'', perhaps by Godcat to ensure her plans go along.²* TooSpicyForYogSothoth: Akron's first act upon re-awakening was to drain the power of the heroes; they survive by virtue of their combined power being ''too much for him to handle''.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Antagonist of [=EBF4=]]]²!!Godcat²* AnIcePerson: The Creator uses ice-based spells in addition to light and physical attacks. At higher difficulties, she'll pull out the Absolute Zero LimitBreak when on her last legs. ²* AnimalisticAbomination: Her basic form is that of a glowing, levitating cat, but there's still no denying just how ''otherworldly'' she is. ²* AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: After you beat her, she travels into outer-space with her cat followers to create a perfect world for cats, free of her past mistakes.²* BigBad: Of 4, and arguably of Bullet Heaven, too. Quite possibly of the entire series as well, considering she created previous BigBad Akron to be her [[TheDragon Dragon]].²* CatsAreMean: If you're not a cat, at least.²* ClippedWingAngel: The Creator and the Destroyer look intimidating, but they are absolutely nothing compared to the base forms of the Godcat. This seems to be a case where the boss is WillfullyWeak.²* DualBoss: You eventually fight both of her forms SIMULTANEOUSLY during the final battle. The party immediately notes how bad this is considering they had a hard enough time with one of her forms alone.²* DualityMotif: As shown by its light and dark forms, Godcat is a deity representing both [[TheMaker creation]] and [[DestroyerDeity destruction]].²* EldritchAbomination: Definitely toned down a few levels from Akron, but it's still very much there. Hell, that she MADE Akron is proof enough of this trope.²* FinalBoss: The last challenge in the fourth game.²* FlunkyBoss: As with just about every boss in the series, Godcat can summon enemies to aid her. Notably, Godcat's summons are completely unique to her fights.²* FinalBossPreview: Both the light and dark aspects of (the mindless and not-yet fully revived) Godcat will separately ambush you in ''4''. [[HopelessBossFight It's impossible to kill her during this encounter, as her stats are insanely high and she avoids all of your attacks]]. You can only stick it out for a little bit as she kills off your party members, and revive whoever drops, because if you survive long enough she'll depart and summon two ice crystal enemies which ''can'' be killed.²* GameplayAndStoryIntegration: If it wasn't made apparent that the party has no hope in hell of actually killing Godcat, let's look at a snippet of her scan values for Normal difficulty: both her Creator and Destructor forms have well over 570k HP when fought separately, and total a little over 760k HP total when fought [[DualBoss together]], meaning you have to do over ''1.33 million'' HP worth of damage in all to beat her. An incredible feat in and of itself. But remember: this is for their alternate forms. The HP of a single Godcat aspect in its light form? ''5.3 million.'' Again, this is for ''one'' aspect of Godcat (they both have the same HP), and again, this is on ''Normal''. Yeah, killing her off for good is ''not'' happening.²** Trying to kill her is such a hopeless affair that '''she has no death animation''' and no contingency by the game in the event this were to happen. Therefore, if you do kill her (only possible with the aid of hacking), the game simply freezes. [[RealityBreakingParadox Makes sense]], since you've just murdered TheMaker.²* GodIsEvil: As if the name wasn't enough to tip the player off, she's the creator of the EBF world.²* GodAndSatanAreBothJerks: She's really not that much better than Akron.²* GoneHorriblyRight: Humanity as a whole. They were made to be an opposing force for her cats to compete against and subsequently conquer, developing the necessary traits of strength, wisdom and courage to run their own world. Godcat was less than pleased when humanity rose to power instead.²* HeelRealization: After the protagonists demonstrate humanity's determination in the face of impossible odds, she realizes that humans are worthy rulers of the planet she had intended for cats. She also resolves to be a better mother to her feline children, and flies off with the kittens who summoned her to start again on another world.²* JerkassGods: Not necessarily jerkish so much as protective of her cat offspring, but she's definitely not a friend of humanity.²* JustToyingWithThem: Godcat never unleashes her full powers upon the party at any point. Her invincible forms mainly use lethal single-target attacks while her Creator and Destroyer forms use more varied but weaker attacks. If she didn't have a HeelRealization, the series would have ended right there.²* KillerRabbit: Combined with PintSizedPowerhouse. She takes the form of two regular-sized cats, but she's an invincible goddess.²* LimitBreak:²** On higher difficulties, the Creator and Destroyer forms can use the [[KillItWithIce Absolute Zero]] and [[KillItWithFire Supernova]] Limit Breaks respectively when low on health.²** The Creator and Destroyer themselves serve as Limit Breaks for [=NoLegs=] in ''[=EBF5=]''.²* LiteralSplitPersonality: Godcat has both a dark and a light aspect that manifest as separate forms.²* MarathonBoss: Ohhhhhhhh yeah. The final battle with her consists of no less than four forms and SIX phases. During the sixth phase you even have to fight BOTH of their larger forms AT THE SAME TIME.²* OmnicidalManiac: After learning of the cats becoming allies of man, she decided to kill off all her cat creations... or at least try to. The ones that managed to survive had their arms and legs taken. (Or so the legend goes) Her main goal after being revived is to destroy humanity.²** Her boss banter reveals that she created humanity as a slave race to serve her chosen creations, the cats. According to Godcat, cats eventually became dependent on their human slaves, and humanity grew stronger than catkind; she destroyed cat civilization and took their limbs because she was "disappointed" in her children. After being summoned at the end of the game she plans on destroying humanity, believing them to be a mistake.²* OneHitKill: The only attack used by her "cat" forms. It's not actually a death effect, but it inflicts such ludicrous damage that the only reasonable way to survive is outright immunity to whichever element she's attacking with. ²* PhysicalGod: The name "Godcat" should be a hint.²* PlayingWithFire: The Destroyer uses both fire- and darkness-typed attacks. On higher difficulties, she also makes use of the Supernova LimitBreak when low on health.²* RestoredMyFaithInHumanity: After the party's demonstration of their strength and will to live in the final battle, she reasons that humanity has earned its place in the world she made.²* SealedEvilInACan: She spends most of 4 dead, waiting to be revived.²* SequentialBoss: First the Creator, then the Destroyer, then ''both at once''. Fortunately, you get breather waves between forms to prepare for the next.²* VillainForgotToLevelGrind: In her first two appearances, Godcat's regular forms can effortlessly one-shot any member of your party. During the final battle, they instead serve as breather waves for you to heal up and put your buffs on, since your party is now strong enough that her previously lethal attacks will barely tickle them. However, the Creator and the Destroyer more than make up for that.²* WalkingSpoiler: It's impossible to talk about her role in the story without spoiling it entirely. Heck, at one point her entry was ''almost entirely covered'' in spoiler tags.²* WeWillMeetAgain: Subverted since the heroes are far from being capable of killing her. She lets them go, being impressed by their [[WorthyOpponent tenacity]] and realizing that she has not been a good mother to her cats.²* YinYangBomb: Has both a light and dark form, both capable of existing in the same place at the same time. And neither one is [[DarkIsEvil particularly]] [[LightIsNotGood nice]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Antagonist of [=EBF5=] (ULTRA SPOILERS!)]]²!!The Devourer²²* {{Acrofatic}}: The Cosmic Gigalith which precedes the Devourer is taller than the screen, yet it will frequently evade your attacks unless you're horribly overleveled.²* AllPowerfulBystander: Its original intent, or so it claims, is to create a universe of [[TheEvilsOfFreeWill perfect, absolute order]], and the Cosmic Monoliths are its 'eyes' into this plane of existence. Its contempt for the Players is because they keep [[PokeInTheThirdEye breaking the Monoliths]] and introducing chaos into its system, and when they break the Cosmic Gigalith, it comes to deal with them personally.²* AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield: Once it deletes the planet, the ground gets replaced by some colorful BeehiveBarrier.²* BarrierChangeBoss: The Cosmic Gigalith which serves as its "herald" absorbs every element in the game, except for one which it rotates between at random. The Devourer itself has fixed weaknesses to Light and Dark.²* BeamSpam: The Cosmis Gigalith has an attack where it shoots your party with a hell of a lot of them.²* CognizantLimbs: It possesses eyes and tentacles that act on their own, and it can regenerate them every round when it has less than two. At regular intervals, it regenerates them all.²* {{Counterattack}}: The Cosmic Gigalith counters every move against it with an attack of a random element or status.²* EldritchAbomination: It can rewrite the very code of the ''[=EBF=]'' universe.²* {{Expy}}: It is basically a really big Beholder with some... rather unique powers. It even has Eyes for support/limbs, like the Beholder in [=EBF4=] had. ²* EyeBeam: That splits the ''entire planet in half'', no less.²* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: In addition to cursing the Players, it claims that it is fully aware of you. It also claims, upon its death, that it will eventually manifest in your world.²* {{Irony}}: It's weak to Dark. If you captured the Cosmic Monolith, something that he normally controls, you can do some nice damage to him and his limbs.²* TheManBehindTheMan: Behind Akron, Godcat, and the Cosmic Monoliths, at that. Everything messed up in the entire series that isn't the Players' doing can functionally be traced back to it alone.²* MarathonBoss: The Cosmic Gigalith and the Devourer have - on Normal difficulty without completing the bonus dungeons - about ''6 million HP'' combined, the most up to date in the series. The Devourer has also four limbs that are regenerated periodically, ''and'' more HP and stats the more bonus bosses and medals you complete. Yeah... you're going to be fighting it for a while.²* OmnicidalManiac: Has zero qualms about erasing the entire planet with everyone on it if ''four people and one cat'' do not follow his idea of perfect order.²* PoisonousPerson: Absorbs poison and if its tentacles are wounded, they spread Virus, making it very easy to accidentally infect it with it.²* RealityWarper: Its powers include tampering with the information of the universe, such as debasing both halves of Godcat into [=NoLegs'=] {{Limit Break}}s and deleting memories of previous events. It is the reason for the series' entire soft reboot. When it is destroyed, the compromised data is gradually restored.²* TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler:Some advice: on higher difficulties, that explosion after the Cosmic Gigalith is defeated is not only for show.]]²* TimeLimitBoss: At about 25% health, it ''deletes the planet'', causing an incurable damage-over-time effect to the party that worsens as the fight goes on.²* WaveMotionGun: Its charged attack ''slices the planet in half'' before those two halves reconnect. Especially funny if you have [[NoSell Enchanted]] on everyone [[SlapOnTheWristNuke when it uses this]].²[[/folder]]²----


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