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Originally created by writer Takao Koyama and designed by Creator/AkiraToriyama for the NonSerialMovie ''Anime/DragonBallZBrolyTheLegendarySuperSaiyan'', with the intention of being just another VillainOfTheWeek. ²²However, due to positive reception, Broly became a BreakoutVillain in the franchise, appearing in almost every videogame of the series, is the star of four movies, a cinematic attraction at Universal Studios Japan (in a new form called [[PhysicalGod Broly God]]), and managed to gain a DistaffCounterpart in the form of Universe 6 fighter, [[Characters/DragonBallUniverse6MajorCharacters Kale]].²²2018 marked the year Broly became CanonImmigrant for ''Anime/DragonBallSuperBroly'', but as a completely new character, ignoring his previous appearances, but taking the core element of the character. This new version of Broly is also referred by the name Broly: BR by ''VideoGame/DragonBallHeroes'' and other forms of media in order to keep him apart from the original.²²This article is about both versions of the character. ²²Also, [[MemeticMutation his power is maximum]].²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:In General]]²* TheAce: Pretty much the whole concept of being the Legendary Super Saiyan. Both versions were ''born'' with a power level of 10,000; and his ''Super'' version is shown being powerful enough to make short work of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta ''without'' needing to transform to his Legendary Super Saiyan form.²* BreakoutVillain: Despite being only a NonSerialMovie villain, he gained enough positive reception to gain more sequels based on him, and to appear in almost all video games, even ones that don't involve anything from non-canon material (Like ''Sagas'' or ''VideoGame/DragonBallXenoverse''), and gain transformations who otherwise are exclusive to Goku. This went to the point a canon DistaffCounterpart named [[Characters/DragonBallUniverse6MajorCharacters Kale]] was created for ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', which included a lot of references to Broly without even making him canon to the series. And then he became a CanonImmigrant in ''Anime/DragonBallSuperBroly''.²* CanonImmigrant: ²** At first, only his Legendary Super Saiyan form was adapted. In ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', a female Saiyan named Kale is shown accessing that form, however, it isn't called "Legendary Super Saiyan". It's called Super Saiyan Berserker. ''However'', it is then called ''Legendary Saiyan'', and the manga version of ''Super'' even states is a demonic transformation that happens every 1000 years, fully adapting Broly's concept.²** And then Broly followed suit himself as the villain of ''Anime/DragonBallSuperBroly'', which takes place after ''Super''. However, "he was updated and with a new side to his character". ²* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: ²** Both his hair and his BattleAura have a slight green tint when he enters his Legendary Super Saiyan form.²** When Broly turns into a regular, non-Legendary Super Saiyan, his RestrainingBolt makes his hair turn blue instead of golden.²* ContrastingSequelAntagonist: ²** The original Broly is different from many movie villains and is one of the reasons why he is so memorable. Unlike all movie villains before him, he isn't a [[{{Expy}} reread of an already established villain]], [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds he has a shown backstory that paints him in a somewhat tragic light]], and his [[KnightOfCerebus unhinged]] animalistic personality helped him establish him apart from past villains who were [[GenericDoomsdayVillain smart enough but their motivations weren't really fleshed out, being rather one-note for the sake of a conflict]]. He predates Majin Buu in this regard, but unlike [[LaughablyEvil Buu]] who is prone to cartoonish violence or acts, he is treated completely seriously.²** The ''Super'' version of Broly, differentiates himself in many ways from the previous movie villain Frieza till a point they are pretty much polar opposites. ²*** They are both pre-existing characters who became movie villains however Frieza already is a canon character while Broly became a CanonImmigrant. ²*** Frieza was not taken seriously by Goku and Vegeta [[spoiler:which was the reason why he succeeded in destroying the Earth if it wasn't for Whis turning back time]], while Broly was taken seriously by them [[spoiler:which was the reason why they managed to prevent Broly from destroying the Earth by not taking any chances and deciding to fuse into Gogeta]].²*** Frieza is considered pure evil, while Broly is considered to be pure innocence. ²*** They are both considered prodigies in fighting, but Frieza had to [[TrainingFromHell train]] to match up to Goku and Vegeta's level, while Broly used his AdaptiveAbility. [[spoiler:Also their fights with them went completely different; Frieza outclassed Goku after getting serious but was unable to defeat him because his Golden form's stamina problems caused him to constantly get weaker and only won with dirty tricks, while Broly started off being weaker than Goku and Vegeta but through AdaptiveAbility eventually overwhelmed them with his constantly growing power, awakening of Super Saiyan transformation and technically won since they both had to run away from the battle and had to fuse together in order to defeat him. On top of that some sources even state that his stamina appears to be limitless]].²*** Frieza had personal reasons for fighting against Goku, while Broly had no personal reasons at all and only fought against him and his allies because of his father's wishes.²*** Their relationship with their fathers are also different. Frieza doesn't care about his dad, King Cold, as shown when Frieza didn't care he wasn't resurrected with the Dragon Balls like him, despite the fact he saved his life after Frieza's battle on Namek, while Broly cares about his father, Paragus, [[spoiler:as shown when Broly transform into a Super Saiyan because of his death]] despite the fact their relationship is pretty much [[AbusiveParents abusive]] since he put a ShockCollar on him that hurts a lot.²*** [[spoiler:And finally Frieza was killed at the end of his movie, while Broly managed to survive throughout his movie albeit with help.]]²* DubPersonalityChange:²** In the original work, Broly is portrayed in both incarnations as [[TheQuietOne a man of few words]], due to him having NoSocialSkills (until he transforms in [[Anime/DragonBallZBrolyTheLegendarySuperSaiyan Movie 8]], where he goes to a talkative SoftSpokenSadist). Ricardo Brust' interpretation of the character in the Latin American dub puts him as more of an eloquent guy in both incarnations.²** In ''Anime/DragonBallSuperBroly'', Broly likewise is pretty respectful of his father, even telling Cheelai and Lemo that "is not nice to speak bad about his father". In Latin America, he is defensive of his father, and in a somber tone tells them to not speak bad about Paragus.²* EdibleThemeNaming: '''Bro'''cco'''li''', named after a vegetable like all Saiyans. He is a interesting case, as he is associated with the same color as the vegetable.²* EmeraldPower: His ki is a unique shade of green, and is a threat regardless of incarnation. His Legendary Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Full Power forms also have a yellowish-green tint that are exclusive to them.²* TheGift: The only words that can describe his fighting potential. Broly has almost limitless energy, a unique Super Saiyan state that elevates him above and beyond almost everybody in the series, and is extremely durable.²** His ''Z'' version already knew how to fly and summon energy barriers as a baby and started off strong enough to repel an exploding planet. Thanks to his AxCrazy antics, his power was constantly increasing until Paragus put a PowerLimiter on him. When that broke and he unleashed his Legendary Super Saiyan form, his power was effectively at maximum and he never tired out. Even a (admittedly rusty) Super Saiyan 2 wasn't enough for him.²** Due to being a Saiyan mutant, his ''Super'' version has greater potential than even Saiyan hybrids like Gohan due to his highly potent AdaptiveAbility. He started out much weaker than Goku and Vegeta due to a lack of proper training and challenging opponent. He then quickly closed the gap when he fought them for the first time in his base and Rage forms and greatly exceeded them once he became a Super Saiyan. [[spoiler:Then he achieves Full Power Super Saiyan, which forces Gogeta to go into Super Saiyan Blue to defeat him.]]²* MusclesAreMeaningful: In both versions: the more his muscle mass increases the strongest he becomes, and without slowing down as it usually happens when the muscle mass increases over a certain point.²* NighInvulnerable: Both versions of Broly are insanely durable.²** The original Broly had his body self-destruct from Goku’s final attack and not only survived, but recovered. The only thing that managed to finally put him down [[spoiler: was being blasted right into the core of the Sun, and even then took several seconds to finally expire.]]²** The ''Super'' version of him is just as ludicrously tough, not sustaining a single visible wound even as Goku, Vegeta and Frieza go to town on him in their various fights, despite them sustaining cuts, bruises and torn clothes. He only starts taking visible damage when [[spoiler:Gogeta enters the fray, and even after getting ragdolled by Gogeta’s NoHoldsBarredBeatdown, is still trying to go for him, only stopping when [[HorrifyingTheHorror he finally loses his nerve and tries to flee.]]]]²* ProphetEyes: In his Legendary form, he loses his sclera, which makes him look demonic compared with the other Super Saiyan transformations, and while many of these transformations invoke the ''prophet eyes'' at first, Broly is the only case where this is a permanent element in the transformation.²* PhysicalGod: A consistent element with Broly. He is the ''Legendary Super Saiyan'', a figure of Saiyan mythology, known for having complete destructive power. Broly in the old movies was a character that was known for being TheJuggernaut and coming back stronger despite seemingly dying. His canon debut likewise is no slouch either.²* SicklyGreenGlow: His Legendary aura. Broly's aura has been consistently portrayed with a sick color green, and likewise has been a staple of the character since his debut in 1993. While his Super Saiyan hair was portrayed as the usual yellow in the sequel of ''Second Coming'', this detail was ignored for future appearances because the color was just iconic and distinctive for him. The green aura and hair was kept for his DistaffCounterpart Kale, and then his canon debut.²* StoryBreakerPower: Broly’s power is literally the stuff of legends in both incarnations.²** The original incarnations can access forms that dwarf even anything the heroes can churn out against him barring fusion, and is ridiculously hard to kill, even for Saiyan standards. He managed to survive being impaled by a knife as a ''baby'' and even in that state, he was still able to survive planet Vegeta's destruction and in his first movie he survived with what's implied to be his body exploding from Goku's attack. [[spoiler:It took hurling him into the sun to truly ensure his death.]]²** His ''Super'' incarnation is even worse, possessing an AdaptiveAbility so potent that he can grow stronger on the fly, going from having trouble with base form Vegeta to giving Super Saiyan Blue Goku the fight of his life. When he manages to gain his Super Saiyan form he’s beating around Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta simultaneously and beating Golden Frieza for an hour long without any loss in power or stamina, and his Full Power Super Saiyan form is so powerful it takes [[spoiler:Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta to take him down, and even then he did so quickly because his AdaptiveAbility was acting up and would allow Broly to gain ground and overpower him if he wasn’t defeated ASAP.]]²* UnskilledButStrong:²** Subverted with the original Broly. He looks like this and fights like this, but he's actually a capable martial artist. He's just so strong he can tank his way through anything.²** Played straight with ''Super'' Broly. While he's far from completely unskilled he still lacks a refined fighting style since he lived on a Frontier Planet without any sentient beings his whole life. Not that this matters since he's stronger, faster and more durable than Goku and Vegeta along with lacking the stamina problems Frieza and Kale had. However, this comes back to bite him when [[spoiler: Gogeta enters the fray, as although they’re breaking even for the most part as Super Saiyans, Gogeta manages to overpower Broly on several occasions simply by fighting competently rather than spamming energy blasts or flailing about. By the time Gogeta goes Blue and Broly breaks out Full Power form, his fighting ability has degenerated to simply alternating between bum-rushing his target and tossing energy waves at them in the hopes that he can hit him.]]²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Broly (''Z'')]]²[[quoteright:250:]] ²[[caption-width-right:250:''"KAKAROT!!!"'']]²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Super Saiyan Broly with his power limiter]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Super Saiyan Broly without his power limiter]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Legendary Super Saiyan Broly]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Bio-Broly]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Broly God]][[/labelnote]]]]²²->''"Me, a monster? No. I am the devil!"''²²''The'' legendary Super Saiyan, as in the first Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan status. Right from birth, he had a power level of 10,000. But his early life wasn't pleasant due to 1) The then baby Goku's constant crying next to him and 2) King Vegeta fearing that Broly would overthrow him and ordering him killed despite the protests of his father. Luckily for him, Frieza blew up the Saiyan homeworld and Broly's massive power saved both his and his father's lives. It didn't get any better after that, however, especially when his father launches a campaign to rebuild the Saiyan empire which brings him back into conflict with Goku.²²After a very tough fight in which Broly practically [[CurbStompBattle trashes all the Z Fighters]], he's eventually defeated and left for dead on New Planet Vegeta before Comet Camori destroys it. However, by some fluke, he manages to survive and get himself to Earth via a space pod. He enters a seven-year-long coma, only coming out of it when hearing Goten crying, and once more continues his rampage against the Saiyans but is once again beaten and seemingly finished when he's hurled into through the sun and has his heart ripped out at the other end. However, his blood was collected and he wound up cloned in a misguided attempt to gain money. This time though, Broly comes back very deformed, slime covered and hardly resembling what he once was. After another lengthy fight, he was beaten when the fluid covering him is solidified in water. A final Kamehameha finishes him for good. ²²----²* AdaptationalBadass: Broly is the poster child for ''Dragon Ball'' villains.²** He obtains the Super Saiyan 3 form in both ''Raging Blast'' and ''VideoGame/DragonBallHeroes''. In the same game, he obtains the [[Anime/DragonBallGT Super Saiyan 4 form!]]²** Besides receiving his own movie, he, for some reason, obtains a God-level transformation dubbed "Broly God", which allows him to fight against Super Saiyan Blue Goku.²* AdaptedOut: As ubiquitous as Broly is in extraneous material, Bio-Broly doesn't get the same luxury. His film was the only ''Z'' movie at the time that didn't get a recreation in ''Tenkaichi 3'', which [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters pulled from every era of Dragon Ball to make its roster]], and the only times he appears outside of his movie are games like ''Heroes'' and ''Dokkan Battle'', which feature similarly large casts and less assets required to add characters.²* AdaptationalHeroism: In ''Supersonic Warriors 2'', he takes some of Fat Buu attributes, see HeelFaceTurn for more details.²* AdaptationalWimp: In ''VideoGame/DragonBallZAttackOfTheSaiyans'', he is defeated by the pre-Namek Z-Fighters. For context, Goku and Gohan aren't Super Saiyans, Piccolo hasn't fused with Nail or Kami, and Krillin and Tien could still keep up.²* AlienBlood: He bleeds florescent green in the first film, and dark green in the second.²* AxCrazy: Much like Kid Buu, he's violently homicidal and is shown shouting and attacking violently in an animalistic fury. ²* BarrierWarrior: He has the most extensive use of a DeflectorShield in the entire franchise. In the ''VideoGame/DragonBallZBudokai'' video game series, it even takes the place of dodging animations and stands as his second special move. He was able to create one to protect himself and his father from Planet Vegeta's destruction by Frieza and exposure to space, while being an infant on top of having being been ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice. He also used one as a battering ram like Frieza against Goku, and again to protect himself from lava when Gohan dropped him into a volcano.²* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: Flashbacks to when before his father controlled him show them breathing and talking in space just fine.²* BerserkButton: Anything resembling Goku. Or, as he likes to put it: "KAKAROTTOO~!". In particular, the root of his contempt towards him: Goku's crying as a newborn. Thinking of Goku's crying when they were both 1-day old incensed him out of Paragus' mind control, and hearing Goten's whining being so similar to newborn Goku's angered him out of a seven year [[HumanPopsicle iceberg-coma]]. ²* TheBerserker: This nine foot behemoth of a Saiyan is basically the son of wrath incarnate. Broly is extremely powerful and incredibly durable. He is a very capable martial artist but worries less about restraint due to his immense strength and his incredible rage factor that fuels his power. ²* BewareTheSuperman: Broly was born with an overwhelming PowerLevel of ''10,000'', and King Vegeta, fearing the threat the newborn might pose to his empire, ordered his execution. As Broly gets older, he gleefully destroys entire planets and [[EyeScream punches out his father's left eye]] when he tried to stop him, forcing Paragus to slap a PowerLimiter on him.²* BeyondTheImpossible: In ''Shin Budokai'', he fights Android 18, and the fight tires her out. Keep in mind that Android 18 was given an infinite energy generator which was meant to ensure that she would ''never'' get tired or wear down from fighting too long.²* BigBad: Of the [[Anime/DragonBallZBrolyTheLegendarySuperSaiyan eight]], [[Anime/DragonBallZBrolySecondComing tenth]], and [[Anime/DragonBallZBioBroly eleventh]] movies.²* BlankWhiteEyes: His pupils disappear when he goes Legendary Super Saiyan.²* BlingOfWar: One piece counts as his PowerLimiter (and possibly a HypnoTrinket) and is indistinguishable from his other gem-encrusted pieces of gold.²* BloodKnight: As a Saiyan, he is positively ''delighted'' when the Z-warriors refused to yield and are prepared to fight him ''to the bitter end.'' In fact, he ''dares them'' to fight against him full power, or else he will destroy the planet they are on.²-->'''Broly:''' Knowing you have no chance of victory, and yet you '''still''' fight on? You have my respect; you are '''truly''' worthy of your Saiyan blood!!²* BodyHorror: ²** When he transforms from regular Super Saiyan into his Legendary form, he bulks up so much that he ''literally'' busts out of his skin; the top layer of his skin tears off, he becomes horribly pale, like a corpse, and his pupils vanish.²** His ''Bio-Broly'' incarnation is even worse in this regard. He partially merges with the culture fluid, which is basically sulphuric acid when exposed to air, before it breaks him down completely and transforms him into a BlobMonster.²* BonusBoss: In ''VideoGame/DragonBallZAttackOfTheSaiyans'', he can be fought by beating the game, collecting the seven Dragon Balls, and wishing for a powerful opponent. [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor You get your wish...]]²* BroughtDownToBadass: In the first movie. The HypnoTrinket[=/=]PowerLimiter Paragus placed on Broly heavily restricts his power to the extent that he can't even assume a full-fledged Super Saiyan form. Even then, Broly is strong enough to effortlessly destroy the South Galaxy by himself, and NoSell a Big Bang Attack from Super Saiyan Vegeta.²* TheBrute: One of the most badass examples in anime, but he's merely a DragonInChief for his father in the first movie.²* CameBackWrong: He was cloned in the movie ''Bio-Broly''. The culture fluid in his cloning tank combined with him rather horribly so that he more resembled "swamp monster" than "Saiyan". Also, it's implied in the same movie that Broly's clone was actually ''weaker'' than the original (for starters, Krillin managed to last while fighting Broly's clone, whereas in the previous movie, Broly OHKO-ed Krillin by blasting him into a cliff before Krillin could even land the first strike).²* CatchPhrase: "KAKAROT!"²* ChildProdigy: Knew how to fly, carry an adult Saiyan, and summon an energy barrier strong enough to withstand an exploding planet only a few days after he was born, predating baby Pan doing the same in ''Super'' by two decades.²* TheChosenOne: He was created on the idea of creating a true Chosen One by him being the Legendary Super Saiyan born every thousand of years.²* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Despite ''Bio-Broly'' mentioning that Broly was in Hell, and both ''Fusion Reborn'' and ''GT'''s Super 17 Saga's plot involving the release of spirits of villains from Hell into the living plane of existence, Broly does not reappear anywhere else, the former being even more notable as his Japanese voice actor, Bin Shimada, did voice work for that film, but for someone who was arguably [[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler even worse]] than Broly.²* CompetitiveBalance: One might remember Broly being a lot faster in his debut movie than he is in video games, this was clearly made to stick him in TheBrute role and disregard his LightningBruiser stats to even things out in the games; hits hard and moves slowly, rather than the broken hits hard and moves fast. In "Super Sonic Warriors 2" though, he is only "slow" in comparison to other fighters on his level like Perfect Cell or Majin Vegeta and he has a fast, unplayable SNKBoss encounter that is just as fast as Cell's. Averted in his Super Saiyan 3 Transformation, where he is back to being a LightningBruiser.²* ConvenientComa: Spent nearly seven years in one after landing on Earth.²* CompositeCharacter: He's not as much of an {{Expy}} as the majority of other villains, but he still pulls from previous characters. The big ones are Nappa (a brutal Saiyan who initially serves as TheDragon and does most of the fighting, and inflicts a CurbStompBattle on the Z-Fighters until being defeated by Goku), Android 17 and 18 (largely blameless but hardly good individuals being forcibly manipulated by a significantly weaker and older evil genius, who turn traitor and kill their master as soon as he loosens his grip), and Trunks (the Legendary Super Saiyan is [[ almost identical]] to Trunks's Third Grade, especially when he briefly had ProphetEyes), plus the EvilCounterpart references below. ²* CreateYourOwnVillain: Had King Vegeta ''not'' ordered Broly to be ''painfully murdered'' with a dagger through his infant heart, he and his father would ''not'' have come back to haunt him as revenants of vengeance, and perhaps may even have grown up to be the tyrant's finest warrior as Paragus implored him. ²* DarkMessiah: Broly is the Saiyan race's [[MessianicArchetype messiah]]. ''The'' Prophesied Legendary Super Saiyan, a born paragon of everything their race stands for; fighting, killing, and destruction.²* DeadpanSnarker: In his first movie, he actually has a couple of one-liners when facing the Z fighters.²* DecompositeCharacter: Ever since ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'' started to borrow elements of the original Broly, the original Broly was divided into three characters:²** Kale, a DistaffCounterpart from Universe 6 borrows Broly's color palette and golden bracelets, alongside Broly's quotes and having a murderous intent with both Cabba and Goku [[CharacterDevelopment at first.]] She then grew out of the inspiration. In the manga, she also borrows the element of being a unique legendary Saiyan. ²** Broly: BR, the reinterpretation of the character borrows the original Broly backstory and personal relationship with his father Paragus, [[AdaptationPersonalityChange but twist them all around]], with [[AdaptationalVillainy Paragus being an abusive parent]] and Broly having NoSocialSkills. This Broly is not evil, merely being a tool of revenge.²** Cumber, a [[CanonForeigner non-canonical]] character from the videogame ''Videogame/DragonBallHeroes'', borrows Broly's status as an evil Saiyan fueled by sadism with hatred over someone of his past(the original Super Saiyan God, we assume). Cumber lacks the green transformation, but [[OffModel has a unique tint in his transformations.]]²* DidYouActuallyBelieve: Broly says this regarding Paragus' belief that he'd die from Comet Camori colliding with New Planet Vegeta shortly after [[SelfMadeOrphan exacting]] [[TheDogBitesBack revenge]] on his father, implying that he's strong enough to survive the destruction of the planet in his LSSJ form.²-->'''Broly:''' Did he really think I would die just because this planet is about to explode?²* DisproportionateRetribution: He hates Goku with a murderous passion because shortly after they were both born, ''Goku's crying bothered him.''²* TheDogBitesBack: See SelfMadeOrphan.²* TheDreaded: Even ''Vegeta'' was terrified of him.²* DrunkOnTheDarkSide: Being a member of a race of {{Blood Knight}}s, Broly absolutely revels in causing havoc and destruction. He's even worse than most Saiyans since he's legitimately unhinged and his power output is leagues beyond what they could reach.²* EmeraldPower: Contrary to any other Super Saiyan, his aura is greenish. At first, it implied to be a result of the MindControl device that was used on him, ''but'' in following works, his aura is always presented as green. ²* EvilCounterpart: ²** He's also a much more unstable version of Gohan with a less supportive father. Paragus exploiting Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan power is basically a dark and twisted version of how Goku recognized Gohan had a latent power, the difference being that, while sometimes relying on underhanded tactics, Goku's motives were nowhere near as exploitative as Paragus's.²** A number of fans noted he's basically a pure-blooded Saiyan version of Future Trunks: He has a similar relationship with his father, being far more powerful than he is, and in addition to his normal Super Saiyan form, he has another transformation that significantly bulks him up, gives him ProphetEyes etc. There's also the irony of Future Trunks' constant storyline being his efforts in saving his timeline from destruction, while Broly donwright ''enjoys'' causing destruction.²* EvilIsBigger: Especially in his LSSJ form, who he stands around 9 feet tall, towering over most of cast.²* {{Flanderization}}: ²** In his debut movie, Broly started to shout "Kakarot!" due to his slave crown influence, and thanks to his Saiyan instinct making him want to fight Goku, and after he transforms into the Legendary Super Saiyan, he stops with it and talks in coherent sentences. By the time of the ''Second Coming'', Broly became TheBrute who can only say Goku's Saiyan name in which could be justified that his first defeat took its toll on his already unstable sanity. ²** In video games, some only portray him as someone who just can't speak anything but "Kakarot!" and obviously lost his mind; similar to the characterization he had on his second movie, Other games, recent ones like ''VideoGame/DragonBallXenoverse'', goes with his original characterization, a mad brute who still can talk properly and even when attacking random targets he knows exactly what he is doing.²* FlatCharacter: He hates Kakarot and he's really powerful. That's all there really is to know about Broly, unfortunately, worsened with his personality being lost in future appearances, with ''Second Coming'' turning him into a brute who can only say "Kakarot!". By Saiyan standards, Broly is portrayed as a beast of destruction who just wants to have a sadistic fight like Kid Buu and not as an actual character. His debut movie doesn't help, as the movie doesn't really focus on or even attempt to explore ''why'' he's as insane as he is and more on his father Paragus' grudge against the Vegeta Dynasty before Broly breaks free of his father's control for good and everything goes downhill. That said, it ''is'' implied he has a FreudianExcuse, which is more than can be said for literally every other villain in the series except Vegeta. ²* FreudianExcuse: The eighth movie heavily implies that, besides Kakarot's crying, one of the biggest reasons for the way he is is because of life-threatening events related to Broly's birth. King Vegeta was so scared of his abnormal power that he tried to execute him as a child. He survived, only to watch as Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta (according to ''[[VideoGame/DragonBallZBudokai Shin Budokai]]'', this is what made him so unhinged in general). Later on in life, his father placed him under the control of a slave crown, initially out of fear of his power, but afterwards, he was used to destroy even more planets than before against his own will, which probably factored more hate into his father.²* GenericDoomsdayVillain: PlayedWith. While Broly is portrayed as a complete psychopath from his youth, he is one of the very few ''Dragon Ball'' antagonists with a shown backstory, which paint him as something of a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds by [[BloodKnight Saiyans]] standards, even if a little flat. ''However'', this is later played painfully straight in all sequels stories to his debut film, where his irrational hatred for Goku is the only reason for him to appear as an antagonist, like ''Second Coming'' and ''Broly God'', turning him into a FlatCharacter with as much personality as Janemba or Kid Buu, who are {{Eldritch Abomination}}s.²* AGodAmI: ²** {{Inverted|Trope}}. Broly, in the Japanese version of Movie 8 as well as a few of the games, has him describing himself as the devil in response to Piccolo's statement about him being a monster.²--->'''Piccolo:''' Hmph! Damn monster, do your worst!²--->'''Broly:''' A monster? No, I am a devil!²** ''VideoGame/DragonBallZBudokai 3'' however plays it straight, substituting "devil" for "god" in his Dragon Universe phrase against Piccolo and in one of his winposes. Other video games keep the line as it was.²* GooGooGodlike: Broly was ''born'' with a PowerLevel of 10,000, making him equal to adult Saiyan veterans like Bardock and King Vegeta. In comparison, Goku was born with a measly power level of two.²* HealingFactor: {{Implied|Trope}}. He survived what was supposed to be a fatal stabbing as a baby, and in his debut movie, Goku beat him by putting a hole in his chest. He recovered from both wounds without a healing pod.²* HeelFaceTurn: In ''Supersonic Warriors 2'', Broly's story is one big AlternateContinuity, at one point after his usual rampages he hits his head and loses his memory while on earth, Mr. Satan finds Broly and makes him a disciple, even after regaining his memories later and fighting Goku in a fit of rage, Mr. Satan manages to calm him down, eventually Broly becomes a good guy; the game still implies he can't stand being near Goku though.²* HumanPopsicle: From the beginning of his second movie appearance until he's woken up by Goten's whining.²* HypnoTrinket: Broly has a mind control device placed by his father in the shape of a crown.²* JokerImmunity: No matter how convincing his death is in a previous film, Broly will find a way to survive and return in a sequel to continue menacing the heroes.²* TheJuggernaut: To call him a "nigh-unstoppable mass of pain and destruction" is putting it ''very'' mildly. He spends pretty much every second that he's in his Legendary Super Saiyan form steamrolling whatever unlucky souls happen to be in his line of sight. At one point, he even implies that he's powerful enough to survive an immense comet plowing through the planet ("Did he [Paragus] really think I would die just because this planet was about to explode?!") Given that he survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta by Frieza by creating a [[DeflectorShields force field]], while less than a week old, this is likely true.²* KickTheDog: He blew up a planet just to see the looks on the former inhabitants' faces. Gohan, shocked at such cruelty, calls him a devil for this.²* KickTheSonOfABitch: He kills his father and then throws his corpse at Comet Camori. You ''would'' feel bad for Paragus if you overlook the fact he enslaved an entire race of people to do his bidding and brainwashed his own son for god-knows-how long.²* KnightOfCerebus: While Frieza and Buu still have some comedic traits, and Cell was repeatedly ridiculed in hell (later), Broly is a disturbingly straight example, without comedic or cartoonish traits. This serves to make his Ax-Crazy behavior stand out among the rest of the DBZ villain armada.²* LackOfEmpathy: Once the full volcanic fury of his rage is unleashed, Broly is more a force of nature existing only to smash all in its path to ruin than a sentient being capable of reason much less empathy.²* LaughingMad: Broly has two consistent set of emotions: anger, and laughing madly with glee while causing destruction or pain.²* {{Leitmotif}}: In the English dub, "[[ 10's]]" by Music/{{Pantera}}, which starts up after he transforms into the Legendary Super Saiyan.²* LightIsNotGood: He's dressed like some sort of regal/holy being, and is also implied to be the Saiyan equivalent of the Messiah. ''In his purest form, he's a self-described devil''. Probably qualifies as PureIsNotGood as well, given the fact that he was able to gain the Super Saiyan transformation at what is implied to be childhood, which was stated to require a pure heart for him to do so.²* LightningBruiser: When fully transformed, he has the notable tactic of dodging an attack easily, then taking the next attack in the face just to show that it wouldn't have worked anyway, then walking through the attack before fully reversing the flow of action relentlessly attacking despite whatever amount of offense received.²* LivingLegend: The revelation of Broly's existence became the confirmation of the legend of the Legendary Super Saiyan.²* MinorInjuryOverreaction: Averted, amazingly enough, considering how most villains react to injury in the series. When Goku manages to kick Broly in the jaw hard enough to make him bleed, not only does he barely even react, just giving a smirk, he actually treats it as though it weren't a big deal and licks off the wound. In fact, the only one to overreact over the minor injury was Goku when he witnessed Broly licking off the wound.²-->''[Broly turns to Goku with his mouth bleeding, then smirks and licks off the wound]''²-->'''Goku:''' Eew! That was completely unnecessary! Disgusting!²* MisplacedRetribution: In ''Broly: Second Coming'', he wanted to murder Goten and Gohan for looking like Goku, the person Broly was originally looking for. ²* MythologyGag: Broly, like [[TheHero our main hero]] Goku, is also partially based on ''the'' Son Goku of ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest''. This is alluded to by the fact he is restrained by a golden headband that reinforces obedience through pain, much like how the headband that imprisoned the eponymous Monkey King causes him mindless agony whenever Tripitaka chants the mantra of obedience. This gag makes sense considering Broly ''is'' after all Goku's EvilCounterpart.²* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: Kind of. Although he certainly did not intend to end up mortally wounded by a supercharged Goku, he certainly recovered and was heavily implied to have grown stronger during the seven-year coma he had as a result of recovering from his injury. ²* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: He kicks ass in all of his appearances, but it's best seen in the eighth movie, half of which is basically him beating the crap out of the Z Warriors ''without breaking a sweat''. And he even implies that he's not even using his full strength to do so. This is the most likely reason for him being a BreakoutVillain, not to mention getting a Super Saiyan 3 transformation.²* NoInfantileAmnesia: See DisproportionateRetribution. Also, it is also implied in ''Shin Budokai'' that, besides remembering Goku crying, he also remembers when Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta and his powers awakening to allow him to escape.²* TheNoseKnows: In ''Videogame/DragonBallXenoverse2'', Broly appears to have a super sensitive nose that allows him to know Goku and members of his family (Including Raditz who has no resemblance with Goku at all, resulting in Broly's being confused). For this reason, he doesn't react with his usual anger when seeing [[InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals Turles]]. ²* NoOneCouldSurviveThat: Seriously.²** First movie, he ends up being punched in the gut, a process that seems to literally tear him apart. Subverted in Movie 10 which had him being KilledOffForReal by losing his heart after being engulfed by three beams that carried him through the sun (although it wasn't until Movie 11, ''Bio-Broly'', that this was made quite clear, even though it caused a few plotholes such as one of the characters, Maloja, stating it even though he was nowhere to be seen at the battle)²** He has an UnexplainedRecovery in the ''Broly God'' movie and gained a transformation with Godly Ki to challenge Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. How? We don't know, but being a non-canon "film" with an ExcusePlot has its advantages. ²* OmnicidalManiac: Even more so than all but one DBZ villain, which speaks volumes. Broly is nothing but a beast of destruction, bringing the Saiyans BloodKnight instincts UpToEleven. ²* OneWingedAngel: He has an extra super Saiyan transformation no other Saiyan in the series (at least until ''Super'') has. See the picture for a description.²* OutOfCharacterMoment: He doesn't react like his [[TheBerserker usual self]] after seeing [[InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals Turles]] in ''Videogame/DragonBallXenoverse2''. [[YouFightLikeACow They just trade quips.]] According to the ''Xenoverse'', Broly knows Goku and his family by smell, meaning he has no business with Turles.²* PainfulTransformation: A closer look at his Legendary Super Saiyan transformation in the 8th movie shows signs of this, one can see Broly's mouth and eye sockets being ripped wide open, this led many to believe that his muscles don't just grow with the transformation, but ''literally'' burst from within his body in a painful manner.²* {{Patricide}}: He murdered his father Paragus by crushing him inside a space pod when he tried to leave the planet. Considering all the horrible things Paragus had done -- and not just to his son, either -- it's easy to say he deserved it.²* PersonOfMassDestruction: More so than the majority of DBZ villains. In the intro of the 8th movie alone he wipes out ''an entire galaxy in one go'', making it vanish entirely in ''seconds'' ([[ArtisticLicensePhysics even though that would be physically impossible]]). Paragus was afraid of him unleashing all of his power since it meant the destruction of the entire universe. ²* PetTheDog: If Broly has ever shown something resembling niceness, is saving Paragus from death when being a baby, and not killing him at any point before getting the slave crown. However, he still took away his eye. He averts this in the ''Xenoverse'' games, where along with Zamasu, he will never treat you with anything but disdain and see you more as a plaything.²* PowerLimiter: A hypno-crown was made by his dad in his debut movie in order to keep him under control, but was broken by Goku's presence awakening Broly's Saiyan instinct. ²* PsychicPowers: Implied in ''Broly: Second Coming'', where he is seen strangling Goten in a manner that resembled a [[Franchise/StarWars Force Choke]].²* PsychopathicManchild: [[EvilCounterpart To contrast]] Goku's [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass childhish but lovable personality]], Broly is portrayed as the complete opposite: a ruthless psychopath that loves to destroy and inflict pain in others, and his motivation to his acts is nothing but a ''childish tantrum''. While he's transforming into the Legendary Super Saiyan, his screams sound like a crying child.²* PureIsNotGood: Is stated you have to be pure of heart in order to become a Super Saiyan. Broly is pure: ''pure destruction''.²* {{Retcon}}: In his debut movie, Broly had a green color hair in his Super Saiyan transformation, which was implied to be a side effect of his slave crown, as his next appearances turned his hair golden like normal Super Saiyans. Video games, the 4-D movie, and Kale's own Berserker transformation ignore this detail, making the hair green by default to also combine with Broly's [[SicklyGreenGlow green energy]]. No mention is ever made of Broly's blue hair, though.²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: ²** In the first movie he absolutely flips out when he's face to face with Goku as he hated him for most of his life and he finally gets his chance to exact his vengeance.²** In the Second Coming movie Broly has been in a coma for seven years after his defeat but when Goten starts to cry he suddenly remembers Goku's crying he goes on a rampage to kill the likes of Goten, Trunks, and Gohan quite possibly he's [[SanitySlippage beyond insane at this point and can't even tell them apart from Goku.]]²* {{Sadist}}: Broly is way beyond Saiyan standards of violence and is the most sadistic of his race surpassing almost every other villain that have been faced. But unlike Frieza who tortures his enemies, Broly just crushes his foes and loves the feeling of demolishing a person to death and destroys planets just to see the fear on each and every species before brutally killing them. This violent and sadistic nature is his most greatest asset as his urge to bring carnage fuels his strength.²* SanitySlippage: Big time. By the time of ''Second Coming'', he's so beyond crazy that he can't tell Gohan and Goten apart from their dad, who by this point has been dead for seven years.²* SayMyName: He always shouts "Kakarot!", to the point, it's like a catchphrase for him. It's even a power-up move in the ''VideoGame/DragonBallZBudokaiTenkaichi'' and ''Super Sonic Warriors 2'' games.²* ScreamingWarrior: In a series known for warriors screaming from the top of their lungs, Broly is possibly the most known of them all, due to his constant screaming. While voicing him as required, his English voice actor really doesn't like when people ask him to do the voice at events, due to the effort damaging his vocal cords.²* SelfMadeOrphan: He did this by crushing his father's space-pod ''with him inside'' after he tried to leave him to die by a comet hitting the planet. Then again, considering what his father subjected him to after putting that power limiter/hypno trinket on him and later attempting to abandon Broly shortly before his demise, [[AssholeVictim Paragus did deserve it]].²* SignatureMove: Clotheslines. Which he still manages to land frequently in spite of how most of his opponents can fly and teleport.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it Broly, Brolly or Broli? Most English localisations use Broly.²* SphereFactor: His energy is depicted this way. ²* SinkOrSwimMentor: In ''VideoGame/DragonBallXenoverse2'', he "trains" you by actually trying to murder you while trying to find Goku. He then decides you are far more entertaining.²* SoLastSeason: ²** In ''Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans'', Goku says that Hatchiyak is even stronger than Broly, but the heroes defeat him a lot easier than they beat Broly, presumably because they'd become stronger. This is backed up by the character design sheets for movie 8, which state that Vegeta and Trunks still use their 'Ascended' Super Saiyan forms, which they had abandoned after their second trip into the HST (and subsequent power boost) in the main series. This would suggest that movie 8 took place in an alternate continuity where Vegeta and Trunks killed Semi-Perfect Cell, never went in for a second trip, and Goku and Gohan left early; while ''Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans'' features a Cell Games era cast. Who, of course, can't beat full power Perfect Cell, or even his fodder spawn.²** Movie 10 Broly is stated in the guidebooks to have powered up massively from his near-death experience in movie 8, bringing him up to the level of relevance for the early Buu arc. Still, what ultimately beats him is a rusty [=SS2=] Gohan, SS Goten, and base Trunks, who blast through his barrier with a Kamehameha and put a giant hole in his chest ([[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane SS Goku might have been there too]]), killing him. Vegeta was even stronger than Gohan at that time, and [[DeusExitMachina had he been there]], the four of them probably would have just been able to team up and kill Broly immediately without an hour's worth of fighting. This is further reinforced in the main series, where Piccolo and Vegeta both explicitly state that even if Gohan, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Kaioshin all teamed up on Fat Buu, with help from Vegeta's Majin power-up and a revived [=SS2 Goku=], it wouldn't have made a bit of difference.²** Bio-Broly is explicitly stated to be as strong as the original Broly in both the movie and the guidebooks (most likely his movie 8 incarnation rather than his CameBackStrong movie 10 incarnation), yet at the point he shows up in the early Buu arc, he's weak enough that Goten and Trunks could have defeated him on their own if the former hadn't gotten distracted. He's only a threat in the context of the movie because Goku is dead and Gohan/Vegeta are nowhere to be seen. At the end of Bio-Broly's movie, Goku also says that the original Broly (the one killed in movie 10) is rampaging in Hell, before casually mentioning that he can easily handle him now.²* TheSociopath: A perfect example of a low-functioning sociopath. He is completely incapable of experiencing empathy, destroys and kills everything in his path and possesses almost nonexistant impulse control.²* SuckingInLines: His energy more often condenses from the atmosphere into his shield and {{Energy Ball}}s than directly from his body. The entire area goes green before the sphere shrinks down to useful density.²* TragicVillain: A villainous life he may have lead, one cannot help but wonder what kind of a person little baby Broly ''could'' have turned out to be if he did not have the twicefold trauma of having a dagger plunged into his heart '''and''' having his home-world obliterated around him by Frieza's apocalyptic meteor ''on the '''exact same day''' of his birth.'' Broly would have survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta regardless, ''sane and untraumatized'', and with a loving and protective (by Saiyan standards) father, likely grew up from a happy little boy into a talented warrior not unlike Kakarot. ²* TraumaButton: Poor Broly's hatred of Kakarot is more complex than mere annoyance at the sound of his crying. Having a dagger driven through your heart ''on the day you were born'' to the backdrop of Kakarot's incessant crying, and ''then'' waking up from near death to your world ravaged by Frieza's hellfire would '''scar''' your psyche to associate Kakarot with the pain and horror that '''no''' innocent and helpless baby deserves to endure ''on the day they are born.'' Reuniting with Kakarot forced Broly to relive the nightmarish tragedy of that day, so it is little wonder he so ''spectacularly'' snapped.²* UnstoppableRage: He really really does not like Goku. Broly's rage in two of his movies are basically caused by him throwing a humongous tantrum because Goku made him cry. But all in all he still will fly into a rage if he is angry enough and if his power will overflow into MAXIMUM!!! ²* VillainRespect: While Broly casually vaporizes those too weak to even stand up to him like so much ants, he does hold a measure of respect for those who ''have'' the courage (if not strength) to stand up to him, even taking time to compliment his enemies' bravery before literally shattering them following their inevitably futile final attacks.²* VocalEvolution: Creator/VicMignogna's take on Broly in the video games in the [=2010s=] has gradually gotten much less growly, with Vic's regular voice coming through (likely to decrease strain on his vocal cords).²* WalkingShirtlessScene: His common attire.²* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Both played straight and subverted. Although his power may have something to do with his AxCrazy nature, it is also heavily implied that the life-threatening experiences that he had to endure the day of his birth had a LOT to do with his insanity, perhaps even more than his actual power level itself (which was stated to be 10,000 as a newborn). It is known, however, that as his power is perpetually growing, it's doing his already-imbalanced mentality no favors, by the end reducing him to a screaming madman who can only say "KAKAROT!".²* WolverinePublicity: ²** Broly is so popular that he received two sequels to his debut film, is a consistent character in videogames (even the ones that ignore non-canon events like ''Sagas'', the original ''Xenoverse'' and ''VideoGame/DragonBallFighterZ''), and he receives transformations that are otherwise exclusive to Goku. ²** By ''Super'', his popularity was so big a female counterpart was created, and she was a heavy topic in the trailers and opening of the Universe Survival Saga. Then a canon Broly followed suit thanks to his worldwide popularity.²* WorthyOpponent: He definitely has some kind of twisted respect for Goku, he just hates the hell out of him at the same time.²* WouldHitAGirl: He had no problem attacking Videl in ''[[Anime/DragonBallZBrolySecondComing Broly – Second Coming]]''.²* WouldHurtAChild: He also had no qualms with fighting Goten and Trunks.²* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Broly's fighting style is more like wrestling moves than the lightning fast movements of the characters in the main series.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Subverted. Although Broly in the 8th Movie, when going Super Saiyan, does have blue hair (purple hair if it is dark outside), it was implied that this was not natural, but a side-effect of his RestrainingBolt. In Second Coming, his hair is the usual golden as a Super Saiyan.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Broly (''Super'')]]²[[quoteright:230:]] ²[[caption-width-right:235:[[labelnote:Click here to see Broly as a child]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see him in his Frieza Force armor]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Broly's "Rage" Form]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Broly's Super Saiyan Form]][[/labelnote]]]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Broly's Super Saiyan Full Power Form]][[/labelnote]]]] ²²->''"You go near my father, you die."''²²An outcast Saiyan sent to the distant planet Vampa by King Vegeta due to his immense power as a child. He was later found by the Frieza force and made to join them in order to fight Goku and Vegeta.²----²* AbusiveParents: Paragus is about the worst father Broly could've ended up with. He went to save Broly from Planet Vampa not because he was his son, but because he could use him as a weapon to get revenge on King Vegeta's family.²* AdaptationalBadass: Oh boy is he ever. Ignoring his appearances outside of his movies, Broly was stronger than the heroes at the point at the time his movie took place. So while he was strong, he was quickly outpaced by the characters as the series went on. Here, Broly is able to casually overpower Super Saiyan Vegeta and Final Form Frieza in his ''base'' form. In his rage form he [[NoSell no sold]] a punch to the face from Super Saiyan God Vegeta and was powerful enough to force Goku to go ''Super Saiyan Blue'' which was stronger than his wrathful form, but Broly was still able to put up a good fight against it and it's implied it would take a while for Goku to win. However he doesn't know how to turn into a Super Saiyan like the original Broly... [[spoiler:At least until Frieza killed Paragus which caused him to transform out of rage and grief over his father's death. His Super Saiyan form was powerful enough to overwhelm Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta working together and Golden Frieza. His Super Saiyan form is equaled by Super Saiyan Gogeta and his Full Power Super Saiyan form is surpassed by Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta which just shows how powerful he is since they needed a fusion between two of the strongest mortals of Universe 7 who also had to turn into his most powerful form just to defeat him]].²* AdaptationalHeroism: Goku doesn't think Broly is a bad guy, and Cheelai comments on the fact that he doesn't want to fight. In contrast to his original counterpart, who traveled the universe with Paragus and destroyed many worlds and likely billions of sentient beings, this Broly has been stranded in exile most of his life on planet Vampa, and it's implied Cheelai and Lemo are the first sentient beings besides Paragus that Broly encounters since his exile. It has been revealed that this version of Broly is definitely not "evil" like the original one. [[spoiler:The only reason he's considered a villain is, because of his father's desires and later on Frieza's manipulations.]]²* AdaptationalModesty: Broly wears armor that covers his whole torso, in contrast to the original version, but he does end up shirtless later on.²* AdaptationalNiceGuy: He's far more polite, and doesn't really want to get into fights. [[spoiler:He even becomes a {{friendly rival|ry}} to Goku rather than the ArchEnemy that he was towards him]].²* AdaptationPersonalityChange: All of the sadism that characterized his earlier incarnation isn't present, replaced by a more gentle nature to the point he doesn't like fighting (the BloodKnight nature of Saiyans having been long-established to be ''genetic''), and he has more loyalty toward his father.²* AdaptationRelationshipOverhaul: In ''[[Anime/DragonBallZBrolyTheLegendarySuperSaiyan Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan]]'', Broly has a psychological obsession to kill Goku because, when they were babies, Goku's crying bothered him. In ''Anime/DragonBallSuperBroly'', Broly has no such obsession with Goku, only seeing him as a enemy he needs to fight. [[spoiler: By the end of the movie, Goku even befriends Broly.]]²* AdaptedOut: His status as "The Legendary Super Saiyan" is changed to him being a {{mutant}} of the Saiyan race. This gets [[PlayingWithTropes played with]] in a MythologyGag in the "41 Years Ago" flashback, where one scientist mentions with his level of power, he very well be "the legendary Super Saiyan".²* AdaptiveAbility: Just like the other Saiyans he has this ability, but it's implied that his adaptivity is even stronger than the other Saiyans because Vegeta says that he's getting stronger while he's fighting. In the movie itself, Broly went from being barely able to keep up with base form Vegeta to {{No Sell}}ing a punch from Super Saiyan God Vegeta and fighting evenly against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. It doesn't appear to be limitless however and each form does reach a clear cap and once he hits this his growth functions more like a normal Saiyan. Hitting the ceiling on Wrathful meant he would have lost to Goku Blue [[spoiler:at least until Frieza killed Paragus which caused Broly to turn into a Super Saiyan]]. So his powers work less like an infinite expansion and more a rapid development to each level's maximum potential, each of which far exceed what we see in the other Saiyans.²* {{Adorkable}}: Yes, they actually made '''Broly''' this. He finds the bar Cheelai gives him very delicious and tries to look for more inside the empty wrapper, and doesn't know how to open a can of water (or even what water was, which says a lot about [[DeathWorld Planet Vampa]]).²* AmbiguouslyBrown: Unlike the original Broly, this one has a dark tone of skin, and when he transforms, it turns pale white. This makes him consistently more similar to Kale from Universe 6. Considering how Kale was described once as a "dark-skinned beauty", we can describe Broly as a "dark-skinned hunk".²* AgeLift: He was born the same day as Goku in the original movies continuity. He is now as old as Vegeta in the new continuity, and five years older than Goku. Additionally, his appearance in the timeline is much later than the original Broly, who was from the Cell Saga, making him older by default.²* AnimalMotifs: Broly is associated with dogs. Specifically, he is based on dog-breeds (like the Rottweiler) that despite being inherently peaceful are trained for combat due to their rough appearance. He wears a collar and his relationship with Bah serves as an allegory.²* AntiVillain: He isn't truly evil, being peaceful by nature and having no real interest in revenge against Vegeta, but decided to go along with it anyway by his father's request. [[spoiler:By the end of ''Broly'', he's edging out of the "villain" part, becoming friends with Goku after.]]²* AxCrazy: A much, ''much'' more sympathetic version compared to his original incarnation, but a combination of Broly having little control over his power and being inexperienced in controlling his temper results in him becoming mentally and emotionally unbalanced whenever he’s provoked, and he can fall into a murderous rage worryingly easy. When he goes Super Saiyan, this goes into total overdrive and he ends up going after ''everybody''.²* BadassAdorable: As a child, he was already strong enough to fend for himself, and Paragus was astonished to find him already adapting to his surroundings. ²* BerserkButton: Do not tell him to take off the pelt around his waist. It used to be the [[spoiler:ear of his very first friend Bah, one of the giant green beasts on Vampa,]] and it is very important to him.²* TheBerserker: This incarnation of Broly is only wrathful because of his past and only attacks when he needs to, and when he does all of his berserker rage will be unleashed. Like the berserkers of the old he can barely tell the difference from friend or foe and is impervious to pain. Paragus compares his rage to a Great Ape in the form of a normal Saiyan.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: This Broly is a peaceful and kind man, who would rather keep to himself and not get involved with all the violence that his father is planning to rope him into. Unfortunately, a combination of both getting riled up a little too much along with what can be best described as one of the worst days in his life drive him past the breaking point, and he goes ''[[UnstoppableRage ballistic]]''. ²* BigBrotherInstinct: Broly is very protective of the people he cares about. Such as Cheelai and Lemo, and his old animal friend Bāh. His protective streak extends to the point that when a Frieza Force soldier sexually harassed Cheelai and assaulted Lemo, Broly steps in and warns the man, [[BullyingADragon almost killing him when the guy turns his belligerence upon Broly instead.]] ²* BigEater: A typical trait for a Saiyan, but this Broly is shown gobbling up food like a pig since he's never had real food or water in ''his entire life''.²* BloodKnight: Remarkably subverted. Unlike the vast majority of Saiyans, Broly is inherently peaceful. He doesn't enjoy fighting the way Goku and Vegeta do. He fights partly because it's his father's wish and partly because as he fights, his mutation not only causes his power to rise but also reduces his sanity, robbing him of his self-control. [[spoiler:Although when Goku befriends Broly in the end, Broly does smile at the prospect of meeting Goku again for friendly bouts and some formal training, so if it is on friendly terms Broly does seem to have some basic Saiyan warrior spirit]].²** During several [[FreezeFrameBonus blink-and-you'll miss it]] moments, Broly in both his Wrathful State and Super Saiyan form is shown to be smiling arrogantly and sadistically as he fights both Goku and Vegeta, reveling in his power and the thrill of the fight. Notably, when Goku stands up again after being manhandled to transform into Super Saiyan Blue and when Broly effortlessly bats away a combined Kamehameha/Galick Gun attack. ²* BreathWeapon: One of the new maneuvers this incarnation has to set him apart from the original one, Broly in ''Super'' can do mouth beams, an attack shared by several key enemies in the series, but Broly's variation is a CallBack to the Giant Ape. There’s also another variant of the attack he uses in his [[spoiler: Full Power Super Saiyan form against Gogeta, where he shoots a jet of green energy back and forth which looks similar to that of a flamethrower to try and keep Gogeta away from him.]]²* ClippedWingAngel: His "Wrathful" state crams all the power of a Great Ape into his humanoid body, but it lacks the ability of true limitless growth that a real Super Saiyan mode possesses. Despite this, Broly is able to overwhelm both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan God forms and was able to stand up to Super Saiyan Blue for a while. The only downside is that this form robs Broly of his sanity as time goes on, until Broly enters a Berserker rage and can only be calmed when he is overwhelmed with extreme prejudice, as [[spoiler:Gogeta]] did towards the end of their bout, snapping him back to normal. ²* CurbStompCushion: [[spoiler: His fight with Gogeta as a whole. Although Gogeta held the advantage over him almost all throughout the fight, he manages to battle Gogeta to a standstill when starting off as basic Super Saiyans, even though his sloppy fighting skills left him wide open to some rather brutal counter-attacks. Broly also manages to overwhelm him briefly when he pops out his Legendary form, and although it goes downhill for Broly from the very second he turns Blue, he still manages to endure his blows and keep fighting even when Gogeta is [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown kicking the absolute shit out of him.]]]]²* ColorMotifs: His primary color is green. This stays with him even after going Super Saiyan, later becoming his trademark as he enters his Legendary Super Saiyan state.²* CoveredWithScars: This Broly carries the results of the battles he had in his life, on his body.²* DarkIsNotEvil: An interesting case, while he does start as a sort of antagonist in black and purple, he is not evil and lacks the sociopathic nature of his [[LightIsNotGood light themed]] original counterpart.²* DarkSkinnedBlond: His full powered form has his dark skin with greenish blond hair.²* DarthVaderClone: He's the main character of his movie, wears predominantly black armor, isn't truly evil, serves two villains who are much physically weaker than he is, and [[spoiler:ultimately ends his debut film on good terms with the heroes]].²* DefeatEqualsFriendship: [[spoiler: He's a bit more than happy to do some friendly sparring with Goku once the latter comes by to deliver some supplies on good terms.]]²* DivergentCharacterEvolution: Due to Kale's design borrowing numerous aspects from pre-canon Broly, Broly himself went through a significant redesign; the "royal" look has been completely discarded, with much of his debut film emphasizing his Frieza Force armor, invoking more of a "barbarian" feel, with his numerous scars and wearing a pelt around his waist. His abilities are also tied to a unique mutation that allows him to access the Oozaru's power in his base form, and spends most of his debut using that ability.²* DragonInChief: His loyalty to his father leaves him little choice when he [[BigBadDuumvirate joins up with Frieza]], and becomes their weapon of revenge against Goku and Vegeta. That being said, he's ''far'' more powerful than Paragus, and even ''Golden Frieza'' when he unleashes his full power. [[spoiler:When Frieza kills Paragus, Broly completely ''flips his shit'' and turns on Frieza in a grief-driven rage, and spends the next hour making the tyrant his whipping boy, until Gogeta intervenes.]]²* EvilIsBigger: He's not evil, but his "Wrathful" state rapidly increases his physical size. While he was always bulky, in his initial appearance, he's not much taller than Goku. By the time he's pushing his "Wrathful" state to the limit, Broly appears to be roughly 9 feet tall.²* TheExile: Banished from Planet Vegeta and Frieza's empire to a frontier planet (aka: DeathWorld) ''as a toddler''. This enrages Paragus, who tracks him down to plan his revenge on Frieza and King Vegeta.²* {{Expy}}: Of Tarzan, a NobleSavage whose encounter with "civilisation" brings him nothing but grief.²* ExtremeOmnivore: {{Downplayed}}, but the spiders on Planetoid Vampa he ate ''raw'' for years which according to Cheelai and Lemo taste very bitter and disgusting.²* FixedRelativeStrength: Broly was initially conceptualized as a unique Saiyan with power far surpassing what all other Saiyans are able to achieve, and at the time of his debut this meant he could easily outmatch four Super Saiyans and a Super Namekian. Since his canon re-introduction comes after the end of ''Dragon Ball Super'', Broly being the strongest Saiyan now means: he is strong enough to fight and beat back Super Saiyan Vegeta in his base form, overpower Super Saiyan God Goku and God Vegeta in his Wrathful form, overwhelm Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Blue Vegeta ''and'' Golden Frieza in his Super Saiyan form, and briefly overtake [[spoiler:Super Saiyan Gogeta]] in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Only Whis and [[spoiler:Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta]] are too much for him.²* FluffyTamer: Tamed a Vampa beast called Bā, until Paragus cut its ear off.²* {{Foil}}:²** Instead of being a full blown EvilCounterpart like the original. This new incarnation discards the Monkey King references in favor of playing up the fact that he has many similarities with Goku, but still differs in many ways from him.²*** They are both cast-offs from their homeworld. But while Goku was sent away to a weak planet as a means to protect him by his parents, Broly was sent away to a dangerous planet in hopes of him being killed because his fellow saiyans feared his power.²*** Their kind and gentle nature is also what made them an outcast to their race, but while Goku got that nature when he lost his memories (according to the original Dragon Ball manga), it's implied that Broly was that way his whole life.²*** They were both raised by a guardian alone in a desolate location, but while Goku's adoptive grandfather, Gohan, taught him good life lessons and how to be good person, Broly's father, Paragus, taught him how to be a fighter and a weapon for his personal use. Also Goku accidentally killed his grandfather during one of his Oozaru transformations while Broly [[spoiler:was led to believe he killed his father accidentally during his fight against Goku by Frieza who in turn killed him in order to get Broly to transform into a Super Saiyan]].²*** They both have NoSocialSkills, but while Goku is open and frank to people till the point of {{brutal| Honesty}}, Broly is a rather quiet individual who doesn't talk to people he isn't close to or doesn't trust.²*** Their time alone came to an end when they met a young girl who taught them how the modern world works by introducing them to stuff they never saw such as technology, but Bulma attacked Goku during their first meeting while Broly saved Cheelai from one of the giant spiders.²*** [[spoiler:They both unlocked the power of the Super Saiyan when Frieza killed a loved one, but while Goku's rage was more in the lines of TranquilFury, because he knew Frieza is the killer since it happened in front of him, while Broly's rage caused him to become a violent berserker that destroys everything in his path, because he didn't know who killed Paragus since it happened behind is back and for all he knew it could have been him.]]²** He also shares a few similarities with Gohan as well, as both wish to keep to themselves, share a distaste for fighting, and go off with the force of a nuclear blast when they’ve hit their breaking point. Although, they also differ in that while Gohan has control over his power, [[TranquilFury even when he’s enraged]], Broly [[UnstoppableRage has yet to learn control]], [[FriendOrFoe and is prone to attacking everyone that enters his line of sight when he’s in one of his fits of temper.]] ²** Like Frieza, both parties are considered "mutants" in their own race and as a result are a hell of a lot stronger than they ought to be. Also, both have never once trained "seriously" a day in their life due to never having a need to. However, Frieza allowed this arrogance to go to his head and received several humiliations when he ran into someone stronger than he is, forcing him to train to try and bridge the gap and unlocking more power as "Golden Frieza". Broly, on the other hand, only had his father to fall back on and already overtaking him at such a young age, Broly was never able to get any stronger besides learning basic fighting techniques. It was only thanks to Broly's inner talent, his unique genetics as a Legendary Super Saiyan and already abnormally high power through his Wrathful state that allowed him to stand up to Goku, Vegeta and Frieza even ''after'' all the training ''they'' went through.²* FormFittingWardrobe: While the Frieza force armor has always been form-fitting, his pants are tight enough to leave very little to the imagination. Especially when he transforms. This even applies to his chest armor once you look at it closely especially compared to other characters wearing it and it's even noticeable ''before'' he transforms.²* FriendlyRivalry: [[spoiler: The relationship he and Goku ends on following their battle.]]²* GoneHorriblyRight: [[spoiler:Frieza wanted Broly to become strong enough to defeat Goku by making him transform into a Super Saiyan through killing Paragus, just like how Goku transformed after he killed Krillin. Not only did it succeed in making Broly more powerful than ever, but he also became more powerful than Frieza himself. Broly also attacks Frieza out of rage and sadness, which would have led to his third death if it wasn't for Gogeta's interference.]]²* GoodCounterpart: While separated by canon, he comes across as this to his old counterpart. Both are highly powerful warriors, but while the old Broly was a {{sadist}}ic {{sociopath}} who destroyed an entire galaxy, relished in his cruelty, and did not have a single PetTheDog moment, the new Broly is a sensitive, friendly man who was manipulated by the real [[BigBadDuumvirate bad guys]].²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Several times throughout the movie, Broly's eyes glow from his sheer power, whether its gold due to his "Wrathful" form [[note]] One shot even had them glowing ''green'' as he observes Goku getting back up from his beating [[/note]] or red when he first transforms into a Super Saiyan.²* HairTriggerTemper: Not always present, but it’s there. Broly appears to have a very hard time controlling himself when something irritates or provokes him, and the mind-bending effects that result from the lack of refined control over his power along with his lack of social skills only make him all the more temperamental. It doesn’t take long in his fight with Goku and Vegeta before he starts having visible difficulty keeping his temper in check, and when he’s sucker-punched by Vegeta into the depths of a frozen lake, [[UnstoppableRage he loses his temper big time, activates his Wrathful form and really cuts loose.]]²* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: Not that he was truly evil to begin with, but he drops his antagonism following his defeat.]]²* {{Homage}}: [[spoiler:This incarnation of Broly isn’t referred to as the Legendary Super Saiyan, just like Kale wasn’t back then, they are treated as “unique” Saiyans with no deeper background on why just yet; but there is a shout out about the status the original Broly has when King Vegeta first sees Broly in his nursing pod, baby Broly’s power was so unusually high that the Scouter used to try and measure his strength blew up, one of King Vegeta’s aides wonders if Broly might just be that Saiyan of legend their race prides itself after, that comment enrages King Vegeta as he berates the aide, shouting that no other Saiyan should ever be more promising than his son Vegeta, refusing the possibility of Broly being any figure of legend]].²* HugeGuyTinyGirl: The Huge Guy to Cheelai's tiny girl.²* HulkingOut: Like every Saiyan, he has this, but his version is more notable in that his Wrathful form gets stronger and larger as he gets angrier. [[spoiler:Broly is gargantuan and his most powerful when he finally hits his limit in his Legendary Super Saiyan form, standing over 3 meters tall, roughly 9 feet.]] ²* ImplacableMan: Played with [[spoiler: Broly when he's in a right state of mind can be shocked, surprised etc. When he's lost his sanity, nothing deters him. He will keep coming as long as he can walk. Gogeta's skill meant that he got more solid hits when the two fought as Super Saiyans, but Broly literally shakes it off and keeps coming. Once they both power up to maximum, Gogeta is vastly stronger than he is and literally nothing Broly can throw at him slows him down. They directly clash punches with Broly sent flying and Gogeta unmoved. The fight would have been over a lot sooner except Broly ''would not stop coming''. It takes the combination of seeming exhaustion and almost being killed by Gogeta's Full-Force Kamehameha to snap him back to himself and just stop fighting.]]²* IncompletelyTrained: Broly is a skilled warrior who has been trained his whole life by his elite Saiyan father, at least in theory. In practice, Frieza notes that sparring sessions between the two are useless because the vast difference in power means Broly has never needed to improve his skills. Even his talent for quick improvement doesn't help in this regard; while his power level increases, his fighting style never progresses beyond flailing his arms and firing energy everywhere. [[spoiler:Goku hopes to fix this in the end by training and sparring with Broly.]]²* KickTheSonOfABitch: [[spoiler:After Frieza kills his father, Broly practically has a nuclear meltdown of grief and proceeds to pound the living hell out of him for a full ''hour''.]]²* LoveMartyr: A familial example. No matter how much Paragus mistreats him, Broly always defends and obeys his father.²* ManChild: PlayedForDrama; For forty years, he never had much in social skills due to being stranded on a planet while little to no hospitable lifeforms. His first instinct upon being offered a wrapped bar is to eat it whole rather than take the wrapper off.²* MadeOfIron: Just like the original, he can take a lot of punishment.²** He survives a massive blast from Super Saiyan God Vegeta in just his base form, and withstands [[spoiler:Gogeta's]] Ki Blast Barrage as a Super Saiyan before clashing beams with him. ²** As a Full-Powered Super Saiyan or Legendary Super Saiyan, he withstands and remains conscious against Super Saiyan Blue [[spoiler:Gogeta]] even after: 1) Being knocked out of a pocket dimension. 2) Being blasted by a consecutive ki volley. 3) Being blown up by the Soul Punisher. 4) Getting punched in the stomach with a Godly-ki-coated fist not once, not twice, but FOUR times (keep in mind that Vegito tried this as a last-ditch effort to destroy Merged Zamasu, and Vegeta was able to destroy Toppo's Hakai with just one of these punches). 5) Being completely enveloped and blown up by a massive column of God Ki. He may not have been able to do damage to [[spoiler:Gogeta]], but just continuing to fight at all is a massive feat, especially given that [[spoiler:Gogeta]] is only the 6th person he's ever fought in his entire life. By comparison, Goku's 6th fight was a rematch against Yamcha.²* MetronomicManMashing: What Broly ends up doing to Super Saiyan God Goku as his "Wrathful" form reaches its peak. Broly is absolutely ''brutal'' once he gets a hold of Goku and starts slamming him against ''sheer ice'', cracking it with each impact. Goku's painful screams only adds to the horror.²** He does it again against Blue Goku, but this time, Goku has the endurance necessary to stand up to this move.²* MoralityPet: Cheelai and Lemo seem to be this to him, as he seems to exercise a greater than usual amount of self control over his volatile mood when they’re around. [[spoiler:Frieza is counting on this to try and reign Broly's temperament in, hoping to use him again when Frieza tries going after Goku and Vegeta]] ²* MundaneLuxury: A canteen of plain water was absolutely delicious to Broly. Justified since, as Cheelai and Lemo learn, Broly basically subsisted, for decades, on food that would make the contents of a dumpster seem palatable in comparison.²* {{Mutant}}: Broly is is considered a mutant among the Saiyan race, because of his unusually high power level and abilities. This status allows others to consider him to be the strongest mortal in his universe, even stronger than ''Beerus''.²* MyMasterRightOrWrong: Despite Cheelai asking Broly why he even listens to Paragus, as she doesn’t see someone who controls his son through a device, which electrifies the host, as a loving father in any way, Broly says he would never abandon Paragus, even if he is treated like a tool by his own father in the end it was all the family Broly had in the world, showing he still loved his father [[spoiler:as shown that his death was enough to turn him into a Super Saiyan]].²* MythologyGag:²** The cross-shaped scar on his left pectoral is in the same spot where his heart exploded from his previous incarnation's death in ''Broly: Second Coming''. He also has some scars on his abs where Goku struck and defeated him in his debut movie, the one on the upper left being exactly where Goku hit him. This one also shows a small SlasherSmile after beating down Goku. Paying homage to the old Broly counterpart. ²** Broly being able to tap into the power of the Oozaru is similar to the Super Saiyan 4 concept of ''Anime/DragonBallGT''. Broly even seems to take some design cues from that transformation, such as his wild hair, and gaining yellow eyes in his "Rage" form.²* NatureVersusNurture: Basically what would happen if Broly was '''not''' traumatized by being skewered by a dagger through his heart on the day he was born along with surviving the destruction of planet Vegeta and lived a relatively more peaceful life instead of one of traveling the universe and destroying many planets or a whole galaxy.²* NiceGuy: He is a gentle, peaceful Saiyan man who doesn't want to fight, [[spoiler:though if its a friendly sparring match like Goku is proposing, he won't mind at all.]]²* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: ²** [[spoiler:Subjects Frieza to this for a full hour. Even in Golden form, the latter couldn't do much beyond take a beating]].²** [[spoiler:He's later on the receiving end of this by Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.]]²* NonMaliciousMonster: Broly himself is not a bad guy, it's just that he's been conditioned to be his dad's attack dog.²* NotWorthKilling: [[spoiler: When Broly is finished with Frieza after pounding him into roadkill for at least an hour straight, he leaves him alive and instead heads off to attack Whis.]]²* NoSell: As Broly goes through his transformations, he is able to shrug off whatever attack characters throw at him, notably: (1) powering through Super Saiyan Vegeta's blows and taking a punch to the face in his "Wrathful" form from ''God Vegeta'' without moving (2) turning God Goku's God Bind against the warrior and later crushing God Goku's ki blast with one hand (3) fighting off and winning effortlessly against Blue Goku, Blue Vegeta and Golden Frieza in his Super Saiyan form (4) only having his head moved ''slightly'' to the side against Super Saiyan [[spoiler:Gogeta's]] punch in his Legendary Super Saiyan form before retaliating with his own punch that made the [[spoiler:fused]] warrior ''stagger'' and is [[BlownAcrossTheRoom kicked away a good distance]] for extra measure. Broly's time with this trope only ends when [[spoiler:Gogeta turns Blue]] and then has this trope reversed on ''him''. ²* NoSocialSkills: As a result of only growing up in with his father on a frontier planet without any other sentient being. His social abilities are very stunted. [[spoiler:He may start to grow out of this as he hangs out more with Cheelai, Lemo and later, Goku.]]²* OhCrap: The first time Paragus brings out the remote for Broly's shock collar, he gets a look of mortal terror and desperately tries to tear the collar off. Obviously he doesn't succeed. Later when he’s [[spoiler: being crushed by Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta and is about to be at the receiving end of a powerful Kamehameha, Broly screams in utter, undiluted terror as it comes roaring towards him, convinced that he was going to die. While thankfully he was yanked out of the way by Shenron and returned to planet Vampa before it hit him, his near-death experience also managed to scare him so much that the shock snapped him out of his AxCrazy UnstoppableRage and gave him enough of his sanity back to finally calm himself down.]]²* OlderThanTheyLook: As a Saiyan, Broly ages at a different rate to humans. While he looks younger than either Goku or Vegeta, he was born about the same time as Vegeta and five years before Goku. This puts him at roughly 41 or 48 years of age. Vegeta is older than he is, however, thanks to spending several years in the hyperbolic time chamber. The idea that Broly could pass as a man in his twenties is further reinforced by the fact that, as a result of his isolated upbringing and traumatic youth, his ''mental'' age is a fair bit younger as well.²* OneWingedAngel: Unlike Broly's "Wrathful" state, his Super Saiyan form is Broly's latent power unleashed, allowing him to overpower mortals who have tapped into the realm of gods. As a Legendary Super Saiyan, only Super Saiyan Blue [[spoiler:Gogeta]] could stop him [[note]] Goku implies that Beerus is no match for Broly and since Whis is neutral, he will only attack if he's attacked. [[/note]] and that was only because Broly didn't have full control over his form at the time. If Broly had reign of his emotions, perfect energy control [[note]] Like Full Powered Super Saiyan Goku during the Cell Games. [[/note]] and more martial arts techniques to add to his repertoire, even [[spoiler:Blue Gogeta]] would start seeing trouble... ²* PersonOfMassDestruction: When he’s set off he’s just as ridiculous as his original incarnation, smashing open giant craters in the ground and dislodging massive ice sheets in his fight with Goku, eventually escalating to blowing up the entire icecap and reactivating the slumbering volcanic mountain range underneath it. [[spoiler: When he reaches Super Saiyan, he periodically carpet-bombs the entire region and ''temporarily breaks the fabric of reality itself''.]]²* PeltsOfTheBarbarian: The constant in this Broly's design, he has a fur piece adorned in his waist at all times. The pelt also has some backstory; [[spoiler:he made it from the ear of a native animal he called "Baa" and befriended, who was attacked by Paragus]].²* PowerCopying: His intuition is high enough that he can emulate techniques used against him, but his temper causes him to default back to his own tactics.²* PowerEchoes: Broly's transformations turn his screams into bellowing, echoing primal roars. This is most notable in the movie's climatic scene when Broly powers up one final time against [[spoiler:Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.]]²* TheQuietOne: Due to his upbringing on an inhospitable planet living only with his father, Broly is a quiet fellow. By the time he starts to fight with Goku and Vegeta, he doesn't say anything beyond his screaming until the very end of the film. [[ImpliedTrope It's actually implied]] that he only speaks with people that he trusts, meaning his father, Cheelai and Lemo. He doesn't say anything to Frieza, Goku, or Vegeta during the movie. [[spoiler:This may end up changing towards Goku, who comes to Broly as a friend after their match and treats him with respect and kindness, qualities that Broly cherishes.]]²* ReluctantPsycho: Broly doesn’t want to hurt anyone, even if his lapses in temper tend to put everyone around him at risk. When a Frieza Force meathead harasses and physically assaults Cheelai and Lemo, Broly gets in the guy’s face, [[TranquilFury visibly seething and barely keeping himself in check]], and tries to warn him to stop. The guy [[BullyingADragon not only refuses but tries to deck him as well.]] [[CurbStompBattle It goes about as]] [[UnstoppableRage well as you think.]] It also shows in his fight with Vegeta, as when he starts hitting a major roadblock in the form of Super Saiyan God, he visibly starts clutching his body and face while trembling with rage, [[OhCrap aware that he’s about to lose his marbles]] and [[FightingFromTheInside trying to rein himself back in before he does]], but thanks to Vegeta, he goes insane and spends the next ten minutes trying to cave Goku and Vegeta’s heads in with his bare hands. [[spoiler: However, despite his resulting fury, when he ''does'' have someone at his mercy, he doesn’t seem particularly interested in actually killing them. When he has Super Saiyan God Goku beaten down, instead of trying to finish him off, he instead chooses to vent his anger in the form of a SkywardScream, and only resumes his assault when Goku gets back on his feet and continues the fight. And even when he goes Super Saiyan and attacks Frieza there seems to be moments where he’s internally struggling with himself, and despite his devastating NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on him, he doesn’t actually kill him, and instead flits off to pursue Whis after Frieza can no longer fight.]]²* RageBreakingPoint: Although he was already plenty angry beforehand, after [[spoiler:Paragus is killed by Frieza, Broly ''has a full on nuclear meltdown''.]]²* RedEyesTakeWarning: His eyes briefly become red as he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time, in an allusion to the Oozaru transformation, which usually sported these types of eyes.²* ReimaginingTheArtifact: The Ozaru element of Saiyans largely disappeared after the end of the Saiyan Saga in ''Z''. While Broly doesn't become an Oozaru in ''Anime/DragonBallSuperBroly'', he's stated to have a unique genetic mutation that lets him tap into the power of an Oozaru in his base form, which comes into play for his "Rage" form.²* TheRival: [[spoiler:Goku adds him to his extensive list of rivals at the end of the movie.]]²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Zigzagged. [[spoiler: After Frieza kills Paragus in a successful attempt to trigger his Super Saiyan transformation, Broly falls into a ''[[AxCrazy mind-shattering]]'' UnstoppableRage, and pretty much tears Frieza apart for ''a full hour'' before Gogeta shows up. That being said, the "revenge" angle is purely for the audience's understanding, as Broly has no clue that Frieza's the one who killed Paragus -- he's just literally attacking anything that moves.]]²* SecondaryColorNemesis: Broly's SicklyGreenGlow and green transformation, combined with his Frieza Force armor with green undertones and purple pants makes him one of those, clashing with Goku's orange and blue clothes and blue transformation.²* SanitySlippage: As Broly taps into and goes deeper into his "Wrathful" state, his sanity starts to fray and he starts to have trouble comprehending instructions from his father along with progressively becoming more violent. When he reaches Super Saiyan [[spoiler: thanks to the death of Paragus]] his mindset has boiled down to ”Kill everything that moves”. He’s so far off his rocker in his UnstoppableRage by this point that [[spoiler: the only way he was subdued non-fatally was his fear of dying at the hands of Gogeta and a near-death experience scaring him back to a more stable frame of mind.]]²* ScreamingWarrior: Over the course of the fight with Goku, Vegeta Frieza, Whis and [[spoiler:Gogeta]], Broly barely speaks a word; all he can do is scream in rage. This ends up being a logical reason as Broly is said to have tapped into the power of a raging Oozaru and due to that factor he has the primal roar of said power. As a Super Saiyan, all dialogue is thrown out the window, as pure rage and despair is driving his actions at that point in the movie.²* SelfMadeOrphan: [[spoiler:Averted, instead of him being the one to kill his father, Paragus, like his original counterpart. Paragus is instead killed by Frieza to make Broly transform into a Super Saiyan while Frieza lied and made Broly believe, he was the one who killed his father by accident during his fight against Goku]].²* ShedArmorGainSpeed: Once his armor is broken, his agility briefly spikes, but by then [[spoiler:it's too late to matter much against Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta]].²* ShockCollar: The necklace he has on his neck is this instead of a HypnoTrinket like the original. It's activated by remote control and Paragus himself has created it in order to control Broly's rage. The collar was later rendered worthless by Cheelai who stole the remote from Paragus and destroyed it after seeing how the shocks hurt Broly. The collar is destroyed for good as Broly taps into more power in his "Wrathful" state, snapping under the pressure of Broly's increasing muscle mass.²* ShrinkingViolet: Though he's more mentally preserved and [[TheQuietOne more quiet]] than Kale, who fits the archetype better, Broly rarely talks to anyone with the only exceptions being his father, Cheelai, and Leemo. ²* SparedByTheAdaptation: [[spoiler:Unlike his original incarnation, he actually survives throughout the whole movie, with Goku even moving to make friends with him.]]²* SpearCounterpart: He's technically this for Kale, since this version of the character debuted after her and may in fact be her Universe 7 counterpart.²* SuperForm: He has three of them shown in the movie.²** His unique "Wrathful" form, which pays homage to the Super Saiyan 4 transformation from GT. [[note]] Both forms use the power of the Oozaru, both increase the user's height and muscle mass, both have spiky jet black hair, and both have golden glowing eyes. [[/note]] According to Paragus, it's Broly tapping into the power of an Oozaru in his base form, but as a drawback, it's just as hard to control as the Oozaru form. In exchange for Broly's decreasing sanity, his power spikes so much that he's able to overpower both God Goku and God Vegeta, manhandling the former through grapples.²** His standard Super Saiyan form, with the tell-tale golden hair. Unlike the previous incarnation's version, his sclerae have already been lost from the rage and sadness Broly feels over [[spoiler:his father's death]] which caused him to turn into that form in the first place, implying that Broly is berserk. In this form, he's stronger than Blue Goku, Blue Vegeta ''and'' Golden Frieza, with all three fighters unable to put a dent in Broly. His stamina is also insane, as he shows no sign of slowing down or getting tired, even after fighting Golden Frieza for an ''entire hour''.²** And of course, his Full Power Super Saiyan transformation or the Legendary Super Saiyan. He's ''massive'', expanding so rapidly his armor shatters, his hair gains its signature green tint, and, like the Super Saiyan form, lacks sclerae. [[spoiler: These return when he regains his senses]]. This form is Broly at his strongest, overwhelming even Super Saiyan [[spoiler:Gogeta, forcing the fused warrior to turn Blue, in order to regain and keep the advantage.]] It's implied that if time kept on passing, even [[spoiler:Blue Gogeta would run into trouble, due to Broly slowly catching up in power and the Blue transformation burning through the fusion technique at an accelerated rate. Gogeta had to end the fight quickly.]]²* SuperPoweredEvilSide: Whenever Broly transforms into a more powerful form, he tends to lose control over his power and become a being of mass destruction that attacks and destroys everything in his path.²* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Broly's eyes turn yellow when his power increases in his "Wrathful" state, alongside bulking up considerably, due to him tapping into the power of an Oozaru in his base form. This stays with him even in his Legendary Super Saiyan form.²* SuperPowerLottery: A huge winner even when compared to other gifted beings in the ''Dragon Ball'' universe. Broly has all the Saiyan advantages of having an AdaptiveAbility, SuperToughness, PowerCopying (he can copy techniques by sight alone), and CameBackStrong, but all of his advantages are beyond normal Saiyan abilities because he's a mutant prodigy. His power grows to its maximum potential in every form he uses at an accelerated rate (his power doesn't just keep going up but instead he's able to gain the fullest possible potential in each form he uses), he can use the Oozaru's power while in humanoid form, and his Super Saiyan form is even more efficient than a normal Saiyan's. The only down side is that he can't properly control his tremendous power which causes him to go berserk. FridgeHorror kicks in when you realize that if he's able to use the Oozaru power and Super Saiyan power together, he'd end up a foaming at the mouth beast (rage mode already makes him TheBerserker and the first time a Saiyan goes super, even the gentle Goku said he could barely contain his roiling emotions, so put the two together and you've got a force of nature running amok) with his power amplified by 500X! (Oozaru increases power by 10X and Super Saiyan increase it by 50X. 10 X 50 = OhCrap)²** To elaborate how lucky and powerful Broly is, in his debut movie alone, he was able to (1) fight and keep up with Vegeta in his ''base form'', with only basic fighting techniques [[note]] This is Vegeta post-Tournament of Power [[/note]] (2) overpower both God Goku and God Vegeta in his "Wrathful" state, insinuating that 10x Broly's power, which is without "Godly" ki, is ''that'' strong, even allowing him to briefly stand up to Blue for a while (3) his Super Saiyan form, which he ''just'' attained, allows him to [[CurbStompBattle manhandle]] Blue Goku ''and'' Blue Vegeta at the same time [[note]] Broly's ki in the form of two small energy balls was able to ''cancel'' out Goku and Vegeta's trademark techniques when they fire them at him at full force. [[/note]] (5) make Frieza his ''bitch'' for a full hour, despite the tyrant being in ''his Mastered Golden Form'' (6) stand up to Super Saiyan [[spoiler:Gogeta]] despite the warrior's experience and multiplied power (7) and ''finally'' overtake [[spoiler:Gogeta himself]] briefly when he transforms into his Legendary Super Saiyan form, even gaining the durability necessary to stand up to [[spoiler:Blue Gogeta]] for a while. Add in the fact that Goku is willing to train Broly to hone his great power, and you might have a being that will give ''Jiren'' a run for his money.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Sort of. Broly lives off of giant insects and their eggs on Vampa. While Cheelai finds it disgusting, she describes the interior of the legs as sour. ²* TragicKeepsake: The green fur on his belt [[spoiler: is actually part of his first friend: a dog-like creature Broly called ''Bah'' that Paragus scared one day and was never seen again. He kept it to never forget him.]]²* TragicVillain: [[spoiler:He was exiled and manipulated by his father to be used as a weapon. In fact, the only reason he qualifies as a villain is because he is forced to be one.]]²* TranquilFury: While usually he defaults to a hardcore UnstoppableRage when he’s provoked, there’s a brief moment where when Cheelai and Lemo are being harassed (and in the latter’s case physically assaulted) by a rowdy Frieza Force soldier, an ''extremely pissed'' Broly, against his father’s orders, intersperses himself between the guy and Cheelai and Lemo, and after the soldier asks if he has a problem, responds in a dark, threatening, yet restrained tone, while leveling a seething DeathGlare at the guy “I do.” The idiot doesn’t listen and almost gets strangled for his troubles.²* TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: [[spoiler:Just like Goku he became a Super Saiyan after losing a loved one (in his case his father, Paragus) to Frieza. Not helping the matters is that he doesn't know that Frieza killed him and was led to believe he may have killed his father accidentally]].²* UndyingLoyalty: A rather tragic example, Broly won't defy the orders of his father, Paragus, despite how abusive he is to him and how he only sees him as a tool since he's the only family he has. [[spoiler:After Paragus' death, Broly has transferred his loyalty to people who treat him with respect and kindness, like Cheelai and Lemo. Later, Goku may be on his way to earning Broly's loyalty as well.]]²* UnstoppableRage: When Paragus gives the order, he goes ''completely out of his mind'', and he just gets worse as he progresses through his transformations. After [[spoiler:Frieza kills Paragus to stoke Broly's rage further, he goes from berserk to ''outright apocalyptic''.]]²* VillainProtagonist: Broly is an AntiVillain variant; The movie is more about him learning to adjust to his new circumstances and he gets far more screen time and development than Goku or Vegeta.²* WhenHeSmiles: Broly has a very gentle, sweet smile that emphasizes his child-like and innocent nature. [[spoiler: As his reaction to Goku training and sparring with him shows, Broly looks downright serene and happy at the prospect of Goku visiting him and maybe one day becoming his friend.]] ²* WipeTheFloorWithYou: Broly ends his manhandling against God Goku by slamming him face first against a wall of ice and dragging him a good distance before tossing him away. Goku nearly passes out and dies from the pain alone.²* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler:It all comes down to this. Throughout the entire movie, Broly is just a tool for Paragus’ revenge. Once Paragus is killed by Frieza to force the same loss and pain Goku felt when he first transformed into a Super Saiyan, Broly loses all semblance of sanity and lashes out at ''everyone'' within his field of view. Unlike the original Broly who became free to act on his verified evil nature, this Broly just becomes a lost dog who keeps fighting out of blind rage, not because he wants to]].²* TheWorfEffect: [[spoiler: As powerful as he is, Broly is subjected to this by Whis. Even though Whis doesn't really do much fighting, and mainly dodges his attacks, it's clear his strength is not up to par with the Angel due to lacking a refined fighting style like Goku and Vegeta do, on top of Whis just being more powerful. Fortunately for Broly, Whis is just buying time, interested in seeing how things will play out.]]²* WorldsStrongestMan: [[spoiler:He is technically the most powerful being in Universe 7 (besides [[AllPowerfulBystander Whis]], who likely isn't a Universe 7 native and Gogeta, who exists for at most half an hour at a time) greatly eclipsing Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. Goku thinks he's likely stronger than ''Beerus'' and several official sources suggest or directly state he's perhaps stronger than '''Jiren'''. Whether or not he's stronger than Goku in his Mastered Ultra Instinct state has yet to be seen, and it's entirely possible that he would be following additional training.]]²[[/folder]]²----


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