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1* Shredder vs. Splinter. All the way.-->'''Splinter:''' [[BadassBoast I have defeated you everywhere, Shredder! I can defeat you ''nowhere'' as well!]]* The Turtles trapping [[BigBadDuumvirate Shredder and Krang]] in Dimension X for good in "Turtle Trek", and later doing the same to [[KnightOfCerebus Lord Dregg]] in "[[GrandFinale Divide and Conquer]]".* Irma [[TookALevelInBadass taking a level in badass]] in "Shredder Triumphant!", complete with ''Franchise/{{Rambo}}'' ShoutOut for good measure.* Shredder defeating two gangsters at the beginning of "Return of the Shredder!" Considering this happened around the time of his ''massive'' VillainDecay it definitely counts.-->'''Shredder''': Now, what were you saying about ''money?''-->'''Mugger:''' We were sayin'...if you don't have any, take ours!* The Turtles' first battle with the Foot. The instant they realize that their foes are robots, the theme music kicks in and they go to town on them.* When the Turtles first enter the technodrome, they face a room filled with robots. After a debate on how they can win, they charge and utterly decimate them as the main theme plays.* The Shredder revealing that he never bluffs. [[ You know what I'm talking about.]]* Before that, Shredder and Krang come up with a plan that finally lets them get ahead of the turtles: They trap April and one of the four in an airtight bank vault, so that while the remaining turtles are trying to rescue their trapped friends, Bebop and Rocksteady are able to get ahold of a power source they were needing. It's one of the few times that Shredder and Krang are able to successfully trick the turtles and get exactly what they needed.* In the episode "Son of Return of the Fly II", the Turtles are all tied into death traps by Baxter Stockman, using hard light ropes to keep them in place. Leonardo pulls a small knife from his wrist strap and starts cutting. As the traps are all about to go off, Raphael asks Donatello if he can get out. Donatello tells him that only the most skilled ninja master could escape the ropes. Cue Leonardo leaping from his death trap with sword drawn, freeing his brothers as the theme song plays. What completes it is Donatello's pleasant "Oh, hi Leonardo."* The turtles first scene in the show; they save April from street punk assassins while remaining hidden in the shadows.* The episode where the Technodrome invades New York and Krang plans to draw the whole earth into Dimension X...the Turtles get around the forcefield when Donatello "borrows" an army vehicle, blasts his way underground, and shoots a missile directly UNDER the Technodrome. The missile carries off the giant mobile fortress and sends it through the portal first...where Krang's Stone Warriors, ready to attack the planet, start firing as soon as they see something coming through. The Technodrome is utterly decimated by artillery fire and crash-lands in Dimension X, trapping the bad guys there. The aftermath is even better as the forever-persecuted Turtles finally get a hero's reception from the citizens of New York for their efforts.* Master Splinter kicking Shredder's ass in "Blast from the Past"...with ''Film/TheThreeStooges'' gags.* The Turtles' CurbStompBattle against the Rock Warriors in "Turtle Trek".* Leonardo gets one in "Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X". The turtles are in a flying car and find the weather machine that's causing havoc. Leonardo ''leaps out of the car and slices it in half with his katana''. Had they not had a flying car, he would have died saving the city.-->'''Raphael''': Everybody complains about the weather, but you actually did something about it.* In one episode, a mugger approaches the turtles.-->'''Mugger''': Gimme your money.-->'''Leonardo''': I've got a better idea. ''(pulls out his katana)'' Give me your knife.-->'''Mugger''': It's yours. ''(Runs off)''


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