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1!! Shows With Their Own Pages:[[index]]* ''Awesome/MisterPlinkettReviews''* ''Awesome/BestOfTheWorst''* ''Awesome/HalfInTheBag''[[/index]]!!re:View:* Josh and Jay's reviews of cult films ''Film/{{Eraserhead}}'', ''Film/TrueStories'', and ''Film/{{Martin}}'', showing a true love of both films and indie filmmaking. The latter was accompanied by a tribute to Creator/GeorgeARomero.!!Scientist Man:* [[ Scientist Man Analyzes ''Ghostbusters'']] does a breakdown of all [=YouTube=] comments on ''Film/Ghostbusters2016'' and discovered that, of all the people who watched the trailer, only '''0.08%''' of them left a negative comment pertaining to the GenderFlip of the cast. It vindicates most of the movie's detractors (who resented being smeared as misogynists for simply thinking the movie didn't look very good) ''and'' its supporters (by showing just how marginally tiny the number of woman-bashers actually was).----


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