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Apr 12th 2014 at 6:05:23 AM •••

"In the Star Trek: Insurrection review, Plinkett points out Picard's massive hypocrisy simply by playing clips of him giving a speech to Wesley on why Wesley's actions in one of The Next Generation episodes was wrong over clips of Picard doing the exact same thing in Insurrection. "

I really need to contest this one, since Plinkett, like a lot of people, is missing a big point here - in "Journey's End", Picard was dealing with a colony of Federation citizens on a planet that the Federation no longer had a claim on (and technically didn't to begin with, as was pointed out). In Insurrection, he's dealing with a non-Federation civilisation who have occupied a planet within Federation territory since long before the Federation even existed.

What Plinkett calls Picard's "hypocrisy" is really just Picard making a distinction between eviction and mass-kidnapping/invasion, etc. In short, I'm failing to see any awesomeness in this argument.

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