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1* From Abnormal Summit, Yuta (albeit playfully) calling out the men discussing which country has the most beautiful women for only caring about looks.≤* Mark and Taeyong are often called SM's best rappers (although that is definitely a matter of opinion).≤* [[ Taeil's high & long notes.]]≤* Ten's performance on the first episode of Hit the Stage, seen [[ here]].≤* [[ The 0701 practice video.]]≤* The fact that Chenle debuted after only 3 months of training under SM. His previous singing experiences were just that good.≤* The lyrics to Mad City.≤** "Could this be possible? / Am I that powerful? / Guess thatís why rumors / around the world are saying that / Mark is absolutely fully capable."≤** "Stop caring about other people's thoughts, this is originally you / Whatever anybody says I'm gonna do gotta go / By the time you get your head straight I'm gone I'm done."≤** "Why are they doubting TY?"≤* [[ The NCT/SMRookies showcase.]]≤* Winwin's handstand flip in the Firetruck choreo. He does it without hands in the original choreo, too!≤* ''#[=JOHNNY=]'' trended worldwide on Twitter after his teasers were released.≤* In a matter of not even a month since its release ''"Limitless"'' outsold yearly sales of their previous [=EP=], ''"127"''.≤* [[ All the people]] who showed up for NCT's performance in Thailand.≤* ''NCT DREAM'' to be the first unit to win at a music show. ''Three times!''≤* Ten's [[ '''Dream In A Dream''' MV]]≤** ''#[=DreamInADream=]'' trended worldwide on Twitter after the release of the Music Video. ≤** The song stayed #1 on iTunes in Thailand for over 3 weeks, made it to US Daily Top and #Vibes playlist.≤* Fanchant during Dream Concert in 2017. [[ They are a rookie group!]]≤* Their ''"Cherry Bomb"'' Comeback Showcase tickets were sold out in a matter of seconds. For a total of 1000 tickets applied over 100 000 requests! ≤* ''NCT 127'' becomes the first K-Pop group to be selected as Apple Musicís ''"New Artist of the Week"''


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