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1* At the end of the season-two finale, when Jefferson and Berto get free of their restraints and make a desperate attempt to stop Dread from using N-Tek's own equipment to blow Geneva off the map. It starts with...
2-->'''John Dread''': Max Steel is history, Geneva will soon be a parking lot, and I'm seconds away from toppling N-Tek. I'm king of the ''world.''
3-->'''Jefferson Smith:''' *Having snuck up behind him* You know what, Dread? The only thing bigger than your ego is your ''mouth.'' *Decks him*
4* Max battles Dragonelle hand-to-hand while both are space-walking on an orbiting KillSat Dragonelle is attempting to hijack. Dragonelle knows Max can beat her in a straight fight, so she whips out a techie-looking device that disables his magnetic boots and leaves him helpless...only for Kat, inside the station, to grab her with a manipulator arm and hold her without fuss.
5-->'''Dragonelle:''' [[BigNo Noooo!]]