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1* The scope of actors that they've pulled in for this is just astounding, from industry legends Creator/JimCummings and Creator/JuneForay to famous regulars like Creator/TaraStrong, Creator/DeeBradleyBaker, Creator/RobPaulsen, Creator/KariWahlgren, Creator/SteveBlum, Creator/BillyWest, Creator/TomKenny... we could go all day.* The film begins with a narration of Ezekiel 25:17 from who seems to be Creator/ChristopherLee, only to cut to footage of Creator/CoreyBurton in the recording studio doing his ''dead on'' Christopher Lee impersonation.* Bob Bergen explaining his incredible method for creating Porky Pig's stutter.-->''Count out the sounds. Eh. Eh buh. Eh buh beh. Eh buh beh eh boy. Okay? So it's four sounds in the word. Eh ch ch eh chair. Eh de de eh desk. Now, you wrinkle your nose, make it kinda nasal. And it's eh buh beh eh boy. For the third sound, you push it more. Eh buh '''beh''' eh boy. Eh ch '''ch''' eh chair. Eh de '''de''' eh desk. And then you have to put together full sentences. The ehbuh'''beh'''ehboy sat in the ehch'''ch'''ehchair next to the ehde'''de'''ehdesk. And nobody can do that, and that's why I have job security.''* Creator/KevinConroy was living in New York when the September 11th attacks occurred, and volunteered as a cook at a cafeteria near Ground Zero, serving rescue and recovery workers. Somebody recognized him, and another cook requested he come out and say something. [[ What did Conroy say?]] The [[MemeticMutation goddamned]] {{Franchise/Batman}}'s page quote, of course! He was reportedly deeply humbled and flattered by the response.


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