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1Since calling the entire movie a long CMOA would be a tad cheating...* Let's start off with the intro shall we? An amnesiac man wakes up in the desert with a fancy wrist band and no clue how he got there. [[BountyHunter Bounty hunters]] come along and order him to start walkin'. The man [[CurbStompBattle ends all of them without a problem]] and leaves. Badass doesn't begin to cover that.** Even more so in that it's played as a straight Western, which influenced Creator/RogerEbert and others to wish aliens weren't involved.* After spending the entire movie as a wuss who can't shoot straight, Doc takes a HUGE level in badass during the climatic battle when he shoots an alien in the head from a fair distance. This troper's theater erupted into cheers and applause when that happened.** The same thing happened when Emmet STABBED that alien in the heart at This troper's theater.* Jake, ArmCannon, alien fighter. No contest. That look he gives to Dolerhyde was icing on the badass cake.* Ella [[spoiler: regenerating after her "dead" body is thrown onto the fire]] at the Indian camp.* "We were flying."* "That wasn't very nice." *GroinAttack* ** Followed up by Jake NUKING the Irishman with the ArmCannon[[BuffySpeak -thing.]]** "I warned you not to call her a whore."** Seriously, can we really just say that Jake is a walking CMOA and be done with it?* Jake's recruiting his old gang, "call to arms" style.--> '''Jake''': You got a choice. You can drink your last few hours away on a beach, ''which by the way is not a bad idea''. Or, you could follow me one last time. * An Apache with a bone club not only kills, but pretty much explodes the head of, an armored alien who can take a whole bunch of bullets without breaking stride--well, without breaking Weird Gallop-Shamble.* Also, the bandit attacking an alien with a bowie knife wrapped in dynamite.* Dolerhyde saving the Apache chief, taking down an alien with a spear and delivering the CoupDeGrace.** What makes it ''really'' cool is the fact that just before the battle, Dolerhyde started yelling at the chief that a spear would be totally useless against the aliens. Needless to say, the irony was not lost on Mr. Dolerhyde.* Dolerhyde and Jake's second altercation after the aliens arrive, they begin arguing and Dolerhyde hits Jake in the stomach with the back of his rifle. Only for Jake to no sell it and punch Dolerhyde in the jaw, which Dolerhyde also no sells. Awesome.* On a meta level, the co-starring of both Creator/DanielCraig and Creator/HarrisonFord in the same movie. It's easy to wonder how the movie doesn't explode from the sheer awesomeness of it all.


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