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1* Sam's way of dealing with the Japanese high-roller. Instead of your typical mob methods he offers the whale a free flight home, except the plane has "problems", the connecting flights are all 'booked up' and Billy Sherbert 'apologetically' comps him another night's stay at the Tangiers, where he keeps playing and blows all of his winnings and $1,000,000 more back to Sam. As Sam lampshades, "Keep them playing and keep them coming back". BatmanGambit at its finest.* Ace and his security guards using a cattle prod, a circular saw, and a hammer to break up a blackjack cheating team.-->'''Sam''': All right, I'm gonna give you a choice. You can either have the money and the hammer or you can walk out of here. You can't have both. What do you want?-->'''Winner''': I just wanna get outta here.-->'''Sam''': And don't forget to tell your friends what happens if they fuck up around here. You understand?-->'''Winner''': I'm sorry. I made a bad mistake.-->'''Ace''': You're fucking right you made a bad mistake. 'Cause if you come back here, if we catch either one of you, we're gonna break your fucking heads and you won't walk out of here. You see that fucking saw? We're gonna use it. We don't fuck around in this place. You got it? Get outta here.* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: ** Nicky losing his marbles at blackjack to the tune of "Ain't got no home" by Frogman Henry.** House Of The Rising Sun watching everyone die from association including Nicky.* Amy standing up to Lester, protesting against [[ItMakesSenseInContext dyeing her hair]] and despite repeatedly threatened and yelled at, she doesn't lose her cool and keeps taunting him. Most kids in this kind of situation in movies would be crying or begging to go home, but Amy is pretty tough!* Nicky's interrogation of Tony Dogs is not only one of this film's signature scenes, but iconic in the hearts of filmgoers because of how crazily over the top it is overall. Nicky not only compels him to cooperate, but he also berates him for defending the local lowlife. This scene is awesome for not only crossing the line, but for [[CrossesTheLineTwice crossing it, cutting its head off]], and [[UpToEleven using its skull for a planter.]]* The WhamLine of Nicky's narration at the end of the movie, where he's trying to work back into the mob's good graces by making peace with Frank [[spoiler:only to have Frank [[BreakingTheFourthWall interrupt the narration]] with a bat to Nicky's knee. It's a moment that breaks the flow of the movie - that hypnotic overlap of stream-of-conscious dialog that kept audiences paying attention - and signals how Nicky's no longer in control of anything as he and his brother are dragged to their deaths.]] A virtuoso move by Scorsese.----


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