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1!!Chapter 1: 께** Just like Sota from canon, Selesia carries Emu in the air. ''Unlike'' [[NonActionGuy Sota]], she doesn't need to land on the ground to protect her passenger. Why? Because said passenger ''is knocking out cutlass swords from the air with his hammer'' sent by their persuader. 께** When the Military Uniform Princess [[EvilGloating laughs and mocks]] Ex-Aid's Level 1 form, [[ShutUpHannibal the latter simply]] '''breaks through''' her infamous [[FanNickname Donut Steel]]! The genuine OhCrap MUP gives at that moment is her realization that she's in ''[[HarderThanHard [=ReCREATORS=]: Critical Mode]]''. 께** Credit where credit is due: the MUP manages to NoSell Ex-Aid's powered up [[DivingKick Rider Kick]] all while being a SmugSmiler throughout the whole attack. 께!!Chapter 2:께** Kamen Rider Snipe takes on [[SuperPowerLottery Alicetaria February]] the night she takes her creator, an attempt [[BigDamnHeroes he manages to foil]], resulting in said fight...''which ends in her retreating!''*** There's also what happened exactly right before Alicetaria disappears: when enraged by the knowledge that Snipe knows her story but has done nothing to help, she uses '''[[SummonMagic Gotz Von Berlichingen]]''' to bring him down. Snipe's response? Go into Jet Combat Level 3 and [[StuffBlowingUp blow up]] the BadassArmy ''into kingdom come!''--> '''Snipe:''' [[BadassBoast If you're going to aim it all at me꿚HEN LEAD IS ALL YOU'RE GOING TO GET!]]께** Brave DualWielding the Gashacon Sword and Gashacon Breaker to put down Aranbura once and for all.--> '''''[[FinishingMove TADDLE DRAGO KNIGHT CRITICAL FINISH!]]'''''께!!Chapter 3:께** The entire 2 on 2 battle with Snipe and Brave taking on Aliceteria and Blitz Talker. With creative tactics and the usage of the Drago Knight Hunter Z and Night of Safari Gashats, the battle swung in favour of the Doctor Riders, forcing the [[RealityWarper MUP]] to personally intervene and save her allies.


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