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History YMMV / PoisoningApple

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* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Rotbart's character differs a lot from his debut story ''[[ Tales as old as time should've been retired years ago]]''. Rotbart is resentful of his fate and doesn't want to be a villain but goes along with it. He loves and resents Raven for being a Rebel and he's very morose. ''FanFic/{{Poisoning Apple}}'s'' Rotbart, also resents his fate but he's very self-confident and a prankster. The difference between the two is the fate of Rotbart's father. In ''[[ Tales as old as time should've been retired years ago]]'' Rotbart's father died in his ''Theatre/SwanLake'' fate of drowning and Rotbart was raised with Raven in their mother's castle. While in ''FanFic/PoisoningApple'', [[KarmaHoudini Rotbart's father escaped punishment]] and is still turning maidens into swans. Rotbart would visit Raven at their mother's castle.

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