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History YMMV / Greyfriars

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* {{Anvilicious}}: Sometimes to the Nth degree.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Billy Bunter started life as a minor character and ended up in the title role.
* FairForItsDay: For mass-market childrens' stories of the very early 20th century, both the narrative and protagonists were unusually firm in rejecting racism. Of course, this all comes with a big, big helping of ValuesDissonance. Observe:
-->'''Harry Wharton''' (to Fisher T. Fish in a 1910 issue): "But while we're on the subject of Inky, we may as well have it out. Inky isn't a nigger - he's an Indian, which is as unlike a negro as an American is. And if he were a nigger, we should like him just as much, and he would be just as good a sort. And we don't share your ridiculous prejudice against coloured people, and if a nigger ever comes to Greyfriars, and you put on any airs about it, we'll jump on you. Is that quite clear?"

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