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History YMMV / DoctorWhoS20E3MawdrynUndead

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* LesYay: The story is basically Nyssa and Tegan being married while trying to keep an eye on a bumbling, overgrown alien schoolboy (and Turlough). When not-actually-the-Doctor tries to order Nyssa to dematerialize without Tegan (again), she only argues for a minute... and then walks defiantly out of the TARDIS. The scene where Tegan goes for help is difficult to read as anything ''but'' a worried couple hovering over their injured kid and not knowing what to do, with Nyssa's fretting as she tells Tegan to be careful and to take the TARDIS communicator. For that matter, Tegan's very real fear when she realizes she just left her best friend alone with a stranger who probably isn't the Doctor, upon which she runs back to the TARDIS. The sheer ''relief'' in her voice when she finds Nyssa safe and waiting for them...

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