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[[WMG: All the entries in [[Headscratchers/HomePage Headscratchers]] are the DyingDream of a recursive metaphor]]
* Seriously, guys.

[[WMG: People at the JBM aren't really bugged with the possible {{plot hole}}s and inconsistencies]]
In reality, they are amazed with the FixFic and WMG goldmine they found, and are just showing it off.

[[WMG: Things that bug you are caused by actual bugs.]]
''Arthropodus Tropeis'': This tiny insect start out as a little larva that burrows down one of your hair follicles as you sleep, where the larva feeds on your sweat and dead skin for nourishment. During this time it secretes painkillers to keep you from noticing. Once its hard, protective shell and gnawing jaws are fully formed, it proceeds to bore through the skull and into the brain cavity, crawling along the cerebral cortex and burrowing into the folds of the occipital lobe. There it fuses with the optic nerves, taking in nourishment from nearby blood vessels as it proceeds to secrete other chemicals that cause extreme discomfort towards auditory and visual stimuli, such as a book or TV show. The reason it does this is so it forces one to complain about it on TV Tropes- any site will do, but with TV Tropes' blaring white background, its a perfect light source for all the eggs that it's laid inside your eyes (oh, forgot to mention that it lays eggs inside your eyes. They look like little grains of rice).

And here's the kicker: the Just Bugs Me icon? It looks exactly like that.
* [[ParanoiaFuel That-]] [[EyeScream It-]] [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Curse you, sir or madam. Curse you!]] [[NightmareFuel Need]] BrainBleach.
* On the other hand, I find that awesome.
* And the only known cure for it is reading the Darth Wiki, and then going back to the regular wiki. The temporary inability to read is caused by the eggs exploding due to overexposure.
** This is so JustForFun/MadeOfWin. Not because I find this theory particularly appealing ([[BrainBleach I don't]]) but because it so awesomely homages all the crawly, buggy UrbanLegends that have unhealthy fascination with insects and the like inhabiting living human bodies.

[[WMG: The people who say they're bugged by Asperger's [=WMGs=] aren't Aspies.]]
At least, not officially (as in, a psychiatrist has never given them a professional diagnosis). Self-diagnoses of Asperger's syndrome are all over the Internet, and it would be [[TooDumbToLive really fucking stupid]] to not think that at least a few self-proclaimed "Aspie" tropers, well, ''aren't''; they just want to be offended by something (and excuse not using the MST3KMantra as DoesNotUnderstandSarcasm, ''which'', I'd like to point out, is NOT an ironclad symptom of Asperger's; in fact, people with Asperger's can be very snarky. See: Dan Aykroyd.). Also keep in mind: Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability. Just because you ''say'' you've been professionally diagnosed doesn't mean anyone else has to believe it; see "self-diagnoses of Asperger's" above.

[[WMG: JBM was built solely to fuel WildMassGuessing.]]

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