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The ''[Noun] of Pen and Paper'' series are video game [=RPGs=] about controlling a group of people playing a tabletop RPG, started by Creator/BeholdStudios.

Its entries are:

# ''VideoGame/KnightsOfPenAndPaper'' (2013, published by Creator/ParadoxInteractive)
# ''VideoGame/KnightsOfPenAndPaper2'' (2015, made by Creator/KyyStudios and published by Creator/ParadoxInteractive)
# ''VideoGame/GalaxyOfPenAndPaper'' (2017)
!!The series and multiple entries in it uses these tropes:
* CatchingSomeZs: In ''VideoGame/KnightsOfPenAndPaper'' and ''VideoGame/KnightsOfPenAndPaper2'': Sleeping in an inn is represented by an icon of bed and a Z beside it.
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: The pattern is "[Noun] of Pen and Paper".
* NumberedSequels: The sequel in the "Knights of Pen and Paper" series is ''VideoGame/KnightsOfPenAndPaper2''.

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