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A series of video games by {{Creator/Nival}}. Includes three {{Role Playing Game}}s and one {{MMORPG}}.

The four games all take place in the same fantasy setting. Long ago, [[CataclysmBackstory a magical cataclysm]] caused by the reckless experiments of the Great Mages shattered the planet into numerous "islands" -- the titular allods -- which now float in an ethereal substance known as "the astral". Each allod has its own Great Mage, who prevents it from being consumed by the astral and has near-limitless powers within the allod.

The rival human empires of Kania and Hadagan -- embodiments of corrupt Western-style democracy and Eastern despotism, respectively -- have survived the cataclysm and now use numerous portals between the allods to govern their territories. By the time of ''Videogame/AllodsOnline'', these states make alliances with other races and morph respectively into [[TheAlliance the League]] and [[TheEmpire the Empire]].

Strangely, the first three games were given completely different titles in English than in the original Russian.

The games are:
* ''Rage of Mages'' (original: Аллоды: Печать Тайны, ''Allods: The Seal of Mystery'')
* ''Rage of Mages II: Necromancer'' (original: Аллоды II: Повелитель душ, ''Allods II: The Lord of Souls'')
* ''Videogame/EvilIslands: Curse of the Lost Souls'' (original: Проклятые земли, ''Cursed Lands'')
* ''Videogame/AllodsOnline''

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