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[[caption-width:207:I swear, this is me in real life. ]]
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!!{{David Attenborough}}: ''"The newt is a small amphibious creature that dwells in aquatic environments. It utilises its lizard-like body to navigate both water and land with ease. Hee-ah we can see it feeding on insects and small worms...''"

Remember, you can be anybody on the internet.


!'''Works I've Created:'''

* {{Webcomic/NewtonTheNewt}}

!'''Tropes I've Created:'''

* OutOfGenreExperience
* RunningTimeInTheTitle
* FunnyCharacterBoringActor. People seem to like this one.
* SpokenWordInMusic, better known as TalkieBits
* MostlyNarmless, with the description written mainly by {{Tropers/MasoTey}} and [=quedonX=] and a number of other tropers. Thank you for your support.
* StockAnimalName, with help from Tropers/DarkSasami and Tropers/RandomSurfer.
* TeachMeHowToFight.
* ParodyOfEvolution.
* [[SlidingScale/HomePage Sliding Scale Wiki]], based on {{Tropers/Blueeyedrat}}'s [[ forum game.]]
* ''TalesDesignedToThrizzle''

!'''Reviews I've Done:'''
* ''[[ Mr Punch]]'' by NeilGaiman.
* ''[[ Tallahassee]]'' by TheMountainGoats.

!'''Cool Stuff I Like:'''

* ''DoctorWho''
* ''{{House}}''
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}''
* ''{{Lost}}''
* ''{{Firefly}}''
* ''[[TwentyFour 24]]''
* ''LookAroundYou''

* ''TheHoundOfTheBaskervilles''
* ''TheDiamondAge''
* ''CalvinAndHobbes''
* ''AnansiBoys''
* NeilGaiman's ''TheSandman''
* ''{{Watchmen}}''
* ''The HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'' series up to and including ''{{AndAnotherThing}}''
* ''{{Snow Crash}}'' by Neal Stephenson
* ''Spin'' by Robert Charles Wilson
* TerryPratchett's ''{{Discworld}}''
* D.J. [=MacHale's=] ''{{The Pendragon Adventure}}''
* And other books that are not in recent memory

* {{The Beatles}}
* BarenakedLadies
* GreenDay
* TheMountainGoats
* [[WeirdAlYankovic "Weird Al" Yankovic]]


[[folder: {{Radio}}]]
* {{CBC}}
** ''The Vinyl Cafe'' with Stuart [=McLean=]
** ''Definitely Not The Opera'' with Sook Yin Lee
** ''Q'' with Jian Gnomechi
** ''Go!'' with Brent Bambury.
** ''Wire Tap'' with Jonathan Goldstein

[[folder: WebComics]]
* ''{{Dinosaur Comics}}''
* ''{{xkcd}}''
* ''SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal''

[[folder: NewspaperComics]]
* Monty
* {{Pearls Before Swine}}
* {{Get Fuzzy}}
* {{Foxtrot}}

[[folder: WebOriginal]]
* ''{{Homestar Runner}}''

[[folder:Tropes I Like]]
* RecycledInSpace
* PrettyCoolGuy
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* SayMyName

!There are also '''Uncool Things I Do Not Like''' which I will not discuss here.


'''Note:''' Not to be confused with [[NedsNewt Ned's Newt]].

Added DiffLines:

* ''TheHoundOfTheBaskervilles''
* ''TheDiamondAge''

!Here's what tropers have to [[strike:say]] vandalize about Newton The Newt:

* {{Webcomic}}/NewtonTheNewt


* {{Webcomic}}/NewtonTheNewt

* TroperWorks/NewtonTheNewt


* TroperWorks/NewtonTheNewt


* ''TalesDesignedToThrizzle''

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