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Quentin Leo Cook, better known as Norman Cook, and even better known as Fatboy Slim was born on July 31st 1963, and is considered one of the most familiar faces in the British electronic music scene. Originally got fame during the mid 1960's as the Bass Player for Indie band "The Housemartins" and scored plenty of hits including "Caravan of Love" and "Happy Hour".

Despite being a DJ since the late 1970's, it took till the late 1960's for Cook to finally be noticed as a DJ with his sucessful project "Beats International", which scored the 1990 #1 single "Dub Be Good To Me", which was a cover of the SOS Band's "Just Be Good To Me" with the bass line of The Clash's "Guns Of Brixton", which eventually led to him being sued, and later befriending the Clash.

During the 1990's he recorded music under many different names including Pizzaman, Mighty Dub Katz, Fried Funk Food, Cheeky Boy and many more, with also having a Jazz-Funk/Acid Jazz outfit called Freakpower, which spawned the hit "Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out" thanks to it's use on a Levis advert.

His most sucessful work has been his Big Beat alias of Fatboy Slim, which he continues to use to this day, which has awarded him critical acclaim. If you have watched many a commercial, you are bound to have heard his music.

!!Fatboy Slim provides examples of:

* AmenBreak: The song "Michael Jackson"
* AlbumTitleDrop: Weapon Of Choice from the album "Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars".
* CoverVersion: The Joker by the Steve Miller Band
* Crowning Music of Awesome: Quite a few of his tunes, but most notibaly "Right Here, Right Now" from his second album, You've Come A long Way baby"
* ClusterFBomb: The two-some that is "Fucking In Heaven" from his second album "You've Come A Long Way Baby" and "Star 69" from his third album "Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars". Also, the rare B-side "The River Card" has quite a few.
* EarWorm: A Lot, especially his use of repetitive catchy hooks, repetitive catchy hooks,catchy hooks,catchy hooks, c-c-c-c-c--catchy hooks!
* EpicSong: Song For Shelter
* TheFaceless: Originally this was the case, because Norman went on as Fatboy Slim because of conflicting record contracts.
* LoopedLyrics: And how!
* MostAnnoyingSound: That siren-esque noise in the middle of "The Rockafeller Skank"
* NewSoundAlbum: Not his own material, but his DJ Sets have shifted from playing the Big Beat genre (plus others) to being a Mostly House DJ since 2000/1
* NightmareFuel: The end of the video for "Wonderful Night", where Rapper Lateef turns into a werewolf!
* NotableMusicVideos: Most notibaly "Praise You", featuring some So bad, it's good street dancers, and "Weapon Of Choice" featuring Christopher Walken dancing in a hotel lobby.
* RecordProducer
* SampledUp
* Sampling: His ususal sample philosophy is to take obscure records and make them into hits . . and it works!!!!
* SpeedyTechnoRemake


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