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* CreativeDifferences: Years after the end of Podtaku, Gigguk on WebVideo/TrashTaste finally explained the reason for the end of the podcast which boiled down to this and he stressed that the cast is still on good terms with each other. Gigguk stated that as the years went on, it became harder and harder to gather the original four members to do the podcast thus why J-Taku was made to ease the burden on the original members. But due to Tristan's commitment to his own youtube channel and Gigguk working his real life job at the time, Podtaku didn't really have any direction thus they took a seven month hiatus. When they returned, Tristan decided it was better to end it on a high note when he saw the views lower than before the hiatus as well as the the relationship between the members had changed too much from the start. Gigguk while hoping to continue the podcast, ultimately decided to accept Tristan's decision.

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