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** Creator/WesleySnipes' son Jelani has a cameo.

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* CastTheRunnerUp: Creator/SpikeLee originally offered Creator/WesleySnipes the role of Bleek Gilliam. Snipes recalled that he rang him up at his grandmother's house to offer him the part. Snipes said, "What about [[Creator/DenzelWashington Denzel?]] Lee called back half an hour later and said he'd been cast as Shadow Henderson.

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* ActingForTwo: In addition to playing one of the bookie's enforcers, Creator/SamuelLJackson reprises his role (voice only) as radio D.J. Señor Love Daddy from ''Film/DoTheRightThing''.
* InMemoriam: The film was dedicated to actor and comedian Robin Harris, who died after the film was completed.
* RealLifeRelative:
** Joie Lee is Creator/SpikeLee's sister. At the wedding, her character is given away by a character played by their father, Bill Lee.
** Creator/JohnTurturro (Moe Flatbush) and Nicholas Turturro (Josh Flatbush) are brothers in real-life.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/HalleBerry was considered to play Clarke Bentancourt, but turned it down after she found out the character had sex scenes.

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