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History Trivia / CruisingWithRubenAndTheJets

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* PostReleaseRetitle: When Music/FrankZappa reissued ''Cruising with Ruben & the Jets'' on CD, he re-recorded many of the instrumental parts, which drew fan outcry for clashing with the {{Retraux}} DooWop sound of the original LP. Zappa Records relented and released the original version of the album on CD in 2010--but to avoid confusion with the remixed version, which was still in print, the original was retitled ''Greasy Love Songs''. ([[{{Irony}} So the original version got retitled, and the remixed version got the original title...]])

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* GenreAdultery: This album was considered an ununusual departure in Music/FrankZappa's oeuvre. It contains no pointed political {{Satire}}, no BawdySong material, no sudden musical experimentation, no clashing of different musical genres, but is just an honest, straight faced {{Homage}}/{{Pastiche}} to the {{Doowop}} bands he adored. For his fans this was a huge AudienceAlienatingPremise.


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