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** Greece: ''Chicago Hard''
** Portugal: ''Nico: On the Margins of the Law''
** Taiwan: ''Blood Master''

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* ActorInspiredElement: Creator/StevenSeagal personally selected every weapon seen in the film.
* CaliforniaDoubling: Due to film schedule constraints, the sequences at "Chicago Summer CES" (Consumer Electronic Show) were actually filmed at the November Comdex (Computer Dealer Expo) in Las Vegas. The film crew carried press credentials and pretended to be a news show filming about the products in the booth.
* CastTheExpert:
** Joseph F. Kosala (Lieutenant Strozah) is a real Chicago ex-cop. He's been in seven of Andrew Davis' movies. He was a technical advisor on this film.
** The sword-fighting sequence was staged using Creator/StevenSeagal's own martial arts students.
* CompletelyDifferentTitle: In Russia, the bootleg translation became ''Nico''. That's fine. But for some reason bootleggers titled the following Seagal's films as sequels: ''Nico 2'', ''Nico 3'', ''Nico 4''...
* DarkhorseCasting: There's a story that Creator/StevenSeagal was given the starring role due to a bet made by a studio executive that he could make anyone a star and cast his martial arts instructor.
* TheRedStapler: After the film opened, aikido experienced a boom worldwide. Creator/StevenSeagal's Los Angeles dojo was struggling before the movie. Afterward, it sold out all its classes.
* ThoseTwoActors: Joseph Kosala and Ron Dean were in this and five other films together, and often in the same scene. Not by coincidence, all six movies were Creator/AndrewDavis films.
* StarMakingRole: Creator/StevenSeagal.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Originally, the film was about corruption on the waterfront in San Francisco. When Andrew Davis and Creator/StevenSeagal changed the story, they moved the location to Chicago.
** Seagal chose the film from a pile of scripts Creator/WarnerBros had been saving for Creator/ClintEastwood. It was re-written to focus on Seagal's (alleged) real-life backstory. Many of his stories have never been confirmed, or are in dispute.
* WrittenByCastmember: Creator/StevenSeagal cowrote the script.

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