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!!The manga
''Ouroboros'' is about two men who have dedicated a lifetime to revenge since childhood. Moments like these are inevitable.

* The first mystery detailed in the manga involves a little girl’s parents being killed in order to keep some secret hidden, with the only thing Ryuzaki and Danno being able to do for the poor girl is make sure her parents’ murders are avenged.
* The villain of the arc going from chapter 21 to chapter 27 is revealed to have been a woman that Danno had a relationship with seven years prior. After being forced to go on the lamb after committing a murder Imafuku Kazumi subjected herself to several cosmetic surgeries until she looked nothing like [[HollywoodHomely she used to]]. When she reunited with Tatsuya seven years later, hoping to restart her relationship with him, he rejected her because he was disgusted by her rejecting her past. [[DrivenToSuicide In the end she uses the last bit of one of her cosmetic ingredients to kill herself]]. The last panel of chapter 27 shows Tatsuya mourning her death remembering her by her real face.

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