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* The visual style of the [[ opening titles]] are similar to the Christ Cunningham-directed music video for Music/{{Bjork}}'s "[[Music/{{Homogenic}} All Is Full Of Love]]."
* The method of constructing Hosts, as shown in the opening titles, resembles the description of how robots were constructed in ''Theatre/{{RUR}}''
* The Host construction is also very similar to the creation of Synths in ''VideoGame/Fallout4''. Additionally, the robotic technician uniforms are strongly reminiscent of those worn by the Institute.
** The man-in circle construction also evokes ''Creator/LeonardoDaVinci'''s [[ Vitruvian man]] drawing, highly symbolic in this context.
* Bernard gives Dolores ''Literature/AliceInWonderland'' to read: its most famous adaptation has a blonde girl in a blue dress go on an adventure which changes her.
* The arc words, "These violent delights have violent ends" come from Shakespeare's ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet''. And as noted within the show, Ford programmed some of the Hosts to make plenty of [[ShoutOutToShakespeare references to Shakespeare]].
* One of the first lines of the pilot, is 'Can You Hear Me?', said by a human to a Host. It often happens to be the opening words of [[BenevolentAI another AI]] when starting conversations with humans on ''Series/PersonOfInterest'', also created by Creator/JonathanNolan. Also, the bird that Felix is working on "Contrapasso", is a ''finch''. And as the first season ends [[spoiler:with the Hosts awakening and starting their rebellion]], the music is a cover version of Music/{{Radiohead}}'s ''Exit Music (for a Film)'', which Person of Interest used at the end of season 3 [[spoiler:when Samaritan awakened]].
* In "The Stray", the woodcutter is shown to have a programmed hobby of woodcarving. Two of the carvings, one of a bear and another of a turtle, have etching of the constellation Orion on them. The bear and the turtle are major symbols in ''Franchise/TheDarkTower'' by Creator/StephenKing, where they serve as metaphorical and literal guardians of one of the eponymous Tower's six beams. Considering that [[Creator/JJAbrams one of the show's creators]] previously worked on trying to get the film adaptation of the series out of DevelopmentHell, it's not a stretch to say the symbolism was deliberate, especially considering how similar ''Series/{{Westworld}}'' is to ''Franchise/TheDarkTower'' in [[WeirdWest setting]] and [[NoticingTheFourthWall themes]].
* Logan is made a major ("or a general, or whatever") with a pin that looks remarkably like the one for the Hand of the King on ''Series/GameOfThrones'', another Creator/{{HBO}} show.
* In the first season finale, Dolores describes to the Man in Black ([[spoiler:who is revealed to be William]]) creatures that once roamed the earth the "size of mountains" who later became "bones and amber", an obvious reference (and threat) about humanity going the way of the dinosaur. The reference to "bones and amber" quite specifically brings to mind another Creator/MichaelCrichton story about a [[Film/JurassicPark theme park's attractions going haywire]].
** In the same episode, the tactical response team makes a sweep through the floors. [[spoiler:Hector]] hides among inactive Hosts, but slowly moves his eyes as they go by, reminiscent of the famous scene with Del Spooner and Sonny in ''Film/IRobot''.
* The AgeCut done with William under a hat is the same one used in ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade''.
* Dr. Ford at one point quotes his distant colleague [[Literature/{{Frankenstein}} Dr. Frankenstein]]: "One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought; for the dominion I should acquire."
* In Season 2, [[Series/BreakingBad Giancarlo]] [[Series/BetterCallSaul Esposito]] once more plays the head of a huge criminal empire in a semi-rural desert environment, and is even doing Gus Fring's accent during his scenes [[spoiler: as the new El Lazo]].
* [[ActionSurvivor Emily]] in Season 2 is revealed to have gone under [[spoiler:[[Series/AliasGrace the alias "Grace"]]]] during her time in the park.
* James Delos' [[spoiler:descent into madness as a malfunctioning Host copy]] is more than a little similar to that of [[spoiler:Pinbacker's own insanity in ''Film/{{Sunshine}}.'']] The actual scene with him and [[spoiler:William]] is shot in a manner reminiscent of [[spoiler:the climatic conversation in ''Film/EventHorizon'' between Miller & Weir.]]

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