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* AnthologyFilm: Three episodes were [[CombinationMovie combined into a single release]], named ''Film/ThreeDangerousLadies''.


* AnthologyFilm: Three episodes were [[CombinationMovie [[CompilationMovie combined into a single release]], named ''Film/ThreeDangerousLadies''.

Directed by: Creator/DonThompson\\


Directed by: Creator/DonThompson\\Creator/DonThompson

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A six-episode MiniSeries that originally aired in 1977 by the Creator/CanadianBroadcastingCorporation. Episodes aired in both Canada and the United Kingdom, filmed mostly by Creator/OntarioEducationalCommunicationsAuthority.

Six [[TheFilmOfTheBook short fiction stories were adapted into unrelated episodes]]. The stories were chosen from ScienceFiction, {{Mystery}}, and {{Horror}}, all written by master storytellers of their genre. Three episodes were recut to create a FilmAnthology called ''Three Dangerous Ladies''. Later on, ''Classics Dark and Dangerous'' was [[{{Novelization}} adapted into a print anthology]] by the same name.

* "Recap/SilverBlaze", airdate 20 January 1977
-->Written by: Creator/JulianBond\\
Based on the Short Story by: Creator/ArthurConanDoyle\\
Directed by: Creator/JohnDavies
* "Recap/TheRockingHorseWinner", airdate 27 January 1977
-->Written by: Creator/JulianBond\\
Based on the Short Story by: Creator/DHLawrence\\
Directed by: Creator/PeterMedak
* "Recap/TheIsland", airdate 3 February 1977
-->Written by: Creator/RobertFuest\\
Based on the Story by: Creator/LPHartley\\
Directed by: Creator/RobertFuest
* "Recap/MrsAmworth", airdate 10 February 1977
-->Written by: Creator/HughWhitemore\\
Based on the Short Story by: Creator/EFBenson\\
Directed by: Creator/AlvinRakoff
* "Recap/TheUglyLittleBoy", airdate 17 February 1977
-->Written by: Creator/DennisHutcheon\\
Based on the Short Story by: Creator/IsaacAsimov\\
Directed by: Creator/BarryMorse, Creator/DonThompson
* "{{Recap/Mannikin}}", airdate 24 February 1977
-->Based on the Short Story by: Creator/RobertBloch\\
Directed by: Creator/DonThompson\\
* ''Film/ThreeDangerousLadies'', 1977
-->AnthologyFilm created by editing together "Recap/TheIsland", "{{Recap/Mannikin}}", and "Recap/MrsAmworth".
!!This {{Anthology}} MiniSeries provides examples of:
* AnthologyFilm: Three episodes were [[CombinationMovie combined into a single release]], named ''Film/ThreeDangerousLadies''.
* CompilationMovie: ''Film/ThreeDangerousLadies'' is an AnthologyFilm made from the episodes "Recap/MrsAmworth", "Recap/TheMannikin", and "Recap/TheIsland".
* DramaticChaseOpening: In "Recap/SilverBlaze", before the opening credits, it's established that a stranger is attempting to gain access to the titular racehorse. When the stableboy gives chase with the guard dogs, the credits roll. The stranger is chased off the property and into the darkness before they can take the horse, but when the scene changes to Sherlock Holmes, the newspaper is full of information about the racehorse's disappearance.
* DutchAngle: In "Recap/TheRockingHorseWinner", the titular rocking horse is never shown with a direct camera perspective, always canted one way or another, and while Paul is riding it, the camera rolls left and right to imply the horse's rocking while showing establishing shots of the area.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In "Recap/TheRockingHorseWinner", the father is first established as a penny-pincher when he complains about the lights in their house being on when they arrive home late at night. The mother demonstrates her lack of faith in him by first saying that she prefers the lights to be on when they come home and then by saying that he isn't any good at making money. Their son has been quietly eavesdropping from the stairway, and leaving shows that their frequent arguing is shown to be stressing him out because [[HearingVoices he continues to hear them arguing about money]].
* ExtremeCloseUp: In "Recap/SilverBlaze", when Sherlock Holmes is learning about the disappearance of the titular Silver Blaze, he's reading a newspaper. The camera then provides an extreme close-up of the various pages to the newspaper articles about the loss of the horse and the murder of their trainer.
* HandshakeRefusal: In "Recap/SilverBlaze", after Sherlock Holmes has made a deal with a nearby stable master, they offer their hand to Holmes to seal the deal. Holmes, however, ignores the hand and turns to Dr Watson.
* HearingVoices: In "Recap/TheRockingHorseWinner", just before the opening credits, Paul has stopped eavesdropping on his parents, but even out of earshot, he continues to hear them arguing over money. It [[EstablishingCharacterMoment establishes how stressed they're making him]], and he screams to drown them out.
* HolyBurnsEvil: In "Recap/MrsAmsworth", the vampire can be frightened off merely by making the sign of the cross.
* {{Malaproper}}: In "Recap/TheRockingHorseWinner", Paul's father makes a deliberate mistake, replacing the word lucre ("money") for lucker ("more lucky"). Paul doesn't get it, even after the joke is explained to him.
* MyGrandsonMyself: In "Recap/MrsAmsworth", the titular woman has come back to a small English village because it's where her family has lived for centuries. Well, her ancestors, at least. [[spoiler:She's actually a vampire.]]
* {{Narrator}}: There was no narration for the six episodes, however the AnthologyFilm, "Recap/ThreeDangerousLadies", made from three of the episodes, has a voice-only narration added to introduce the film and to transition between each episode.
* {{Novelization}}: This MiniSeries is adapted into a print anthology by the same name, using a production photo from each of the stories on the cover.
* PublicDomainSoundtrack: In "Recap/MrsAmsworth", the titular woman is often heard humming the tune of "Greensleeves".

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